Amy Winehouse’s face explained by science

As part of her pact with Satan, Amy Winehouse got beat some more by the ugly stick this weekend. Her spokesperson confirmed to the media she’s been diagnosed with impetigo which is not only contagious but makes you look like, well, Amy Winehouse. Here’s the Mayo Clinic’s definition for all you amateur doctors out there:

Impetigo starts as a red sore that quickly ruptures, oozes for a few days and then forms a yellowish-brown crust that looks like honey or brown sugar. The disease is highly contagious, and scratching or touching the sores is likely to spread the infection to other parts of the body as well as to other people.

Okay, so now Amy Winehouse is even more awesome to be around. Not only do you get to see, and presumably smell her, but your skin starts oozing brown sugar. Sweet! Somebody invite this chick to my house on the ASAP. I’m making a whole bunch of oatmeal and finally can use my own face as a condiment. Dreams do come true! *tear*

Photos: Splash News