Amy Winehouse’s doctors encouraged her to perform (What could go wrong?)

July 1st, 2008 // 53 Comments

After trying to elbow the entire audience in the face at Glastonbury, Amy Winehouse was immediately helicoptered to The London Clinic which she promptly checked out of within 24 hours. Doctors had initially thought allowing Amy to perform would have a positive effect, but, clearly, they lack the knowledge and insight of her crackhead friend who was able to break it down to The Sun:

“We feared a taste of the outside would remind her what she’s missing and it would be hard to get her back into life at the clinic. That’s exactly what’s happened.
“She told Mitch, ‘I’m climbing the walls in here. I need to get out’. She said if he didn’t help her get out she’d walk out. He realised he had to let her leave, otherwise he’d have no control over where she goes and what she gets up to.”

Allowing Amy Winehouse to perform in public as a form of rehabilitation is probably the most retarded medical advice I’ve heard in my life. And this is coming from a guy who tried to get rid of the clap using jumper cables.

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  1. lol

    and you’re proud to be from the south, rube? silly yank

  2. Sharon

    She’s has to be the ugliest person alive!

  3. Ennui

    Keep in mind, remember when Winehouse ‘fessed up during that Rolling Stone interview, to doing heroin in rehab? Why are you guys surprised about doctors allowing her to perform, these geniuses were probably bought off by Amy’s record company.

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