Amy Winehouse’s doctors encouraged her to perform (What could go wrong?)

July 1st, 2008 // 53 Comments

After trying to elbow the entire audience in the face at Glastonbury, Amy Winehouse was immediately helicoptered to The London Clinic which she promptly checked out of within 24 hours. Doctors had initially thought allowing Amy to perform would have a positive effect, but, clearly, they lack the knowledge and insight of her crackhead friend who was able to break it down to The Sun:

“We feared a taste of the outside would remind her what she’s missing and it would be hard to get her back into life at the clinic. That’s exactly what’s happened.
“She told Mitch, ‘I’m climbing the walls in here. I need to get out’. She said if he didn’t help her get out she’d walk out. He realised he had to let her leave, otherwise he’d have no control over where she goes and what she gets up to.”

Allowing Amy Winehouse to perform in public as a form of rehabilitation is probably the most retarded medical advice I’ve heard in my life. And this is coming from a guy who tried to get rid of the clap using jumper cables.

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  1. surlywench

    I’m actually starting to think Amy is pretty cool.

  2. I’d actually do her. Probably put a bag on her face and mine to, in case hers fell off.

  3. Where is Doctor Kovorkian when you need him?

  4. Oh look, my troll is up early this morning (#2). How lucky all of us are! And here most people were hoping you somehow found a life overnight and would post as yourself for once. Though, your post is almost humorous, nice try.

  5. Amy is ugly

    Do all Brits dress like that? Seriously… not even making fun… do they? Enough of them defend this trashy looking chick… How could she think that outfit looks good enough to go out in public in? I don’t understand… I’m going to the Gap.

  6. Jack Sparrow

    Looks like she is wearing a diaper…

  7. Look my trolls are arguing amongst themselves, how funny. Nice try (#2-#4).

    When will she drop off the face of the earth? I puke in my mouth everytime I see her. Looks like she is wearing cousin It as a hat.

  8. copycat

    @4 – your troll might have been funny if someone didn’t make that exact same bag comment on here 2 days ago…. and it wasn’t that funny the first time.

  9. copycat

    @4 – your troll might have been funny if someone else didn’t make that exact same bag comment on here 2 days ago… and it wasn’t that funny the first time.

    looks like he steals things other than just names.

  10. copycat

    i hate when it double posts like that.

  11. Harry Ballzack

    Indeed – What could go wrong ……………..

  12. surlywench

    #6 -

    I think that’s what I like about her:. She doesn’t give a shit about dressing or acting or behaving a certain way to please the consumer masses and media. It’s refreshing in a country where plastic surgery and sucking up to the camera rule the entertainment industry.

  13. Beatles Fan

    It is not looking good for Amy with her rehabilitation. I hope she kicks the drugs. It is sad to see talent go to waste. She should stick to wearing short skirts because all guys prefer short skirts over shorts. I am Las Vegas right now attending The Fest for Beatles at The Mirage. They play Beatles music 24-7 at The Mirage and I love it. I look forward to going back to England soon.

  14. Hmmmm

    I’m surprised at how unbruised her legs are, considering, she probably walks into more shit than a toddler.

    And, um is she wearing a diaper? Well it makes her look like she has an ass.
    (Ha! I said something nice. In yo face suckas!)

  15. Karma

    She actually looks a little better here. A few days in the hospital and she’s put on a little weight and lost that deathly palour. I even applaud her efforts to dress up (execution wasn’t perfect).

  16. English Bob

    Hey No.5 do all the Brit Bashing you want, but remember yours is the nation that gave the world Montag and Pratt !!! What is it they do again that you Yanks love them so much ???

  17. Deacon Jones

    Those legs with heels almost look fuckable…almost

  18. Richard McBeef

    13 – Really?!?! You’re in Vegas?? Right now!!?? OMG!!!!111

    Fuck you – nobody gives shit. Get your scurvy ass the fuck out of our country, goddamn limey.

  19. Megan

    Is she wearing shorts under shorts? It does look like a diaper. Why does she wear a bra with a shirt that looks like it has a bra in it? And why do her bras always hang the fuck out? The fact that she still exists confuses me.

  20. Praying for Amy's OD

    Awww let the hyped whore do what she wants. The sooner she dies the better off the world will be. She really is a foul disease-ridden waste of oxygen and has a dark heart – the baby mouse video shows she’s cruel and so does her violence towards other humans as she regards herself as their superior although she will gladly take their money.

    Please Amy, do a nice giant series of binges this next week to make up for what you missed out on, you goddamn filthy whore.

    Have a nice day idiots.

  21. mimi

    Praying for Amy.

  22. Sportsdvlsafag

    Hey sports douchetard. Did you already get your morning rub-out session finished with your pictures of Spenser Pratt naked? You are such a retard with all of your posts about your pathetic Web site that no one could give a rats ass about. Stop plugging your web site and go eat a fat c@ck. I hope you die of aids scum bag.

  23. SoCalSteve

    I’m gavomiting

  24. English Bob

    Awwww, no. 20 now that was funny…. ‘she’s cruel and so does her violence towards other humans’…..THAT coming from a Yank, you guys crack me up…….

  25. #22 – Troll, thank you for you kind comments. However, it is not me posting my website, I stated that I do not plug any websites on here. It’s douche Trolls like you that take my name and pretend to be me. I guess I called the wrong person a douche/Troll to many times…..but they probably deserved it.

  26. I’m sure even a casting director of a very, VERY cheap B-porn movie don’t wat you in his film!!

  27. She has awesome legs, in the drug induced anorexia/ tattooed floppy titted crack whore kind of way…

    What? “Titted” is too a word..

  28. intermission

    now shes orange too? wtf man

    as weird as she maybe i cant get enough of her!

  29. Thanks troll #25 for telling that douche bag what I would have if I had logged on sooner!

  30. Lailaah

    damn, why in the world you all are so mean, and always have negative things to say about all???

  31. ldsqtbea

    god i love her shoes !!!

  32. Amy Winehouse is so sexy despite her illnesses, skinny build, tattoos, horse like face……..

    Or am I just a horny crazy type of girl?

  33. Johnenne

    What a shame.

    So much talent wasted on a druggie. I hope she’ll get better. :/

  34. Die Amy and take Enlish (ahhh haa haa) Bob with you

    Don’t call me a “Yank” bitch, I come from the south asshole. Pussy rotten teeth Brit dick sucker. You only exist because of USA. The krauts had you whipped in both world wars until for all the mysterious criminal reasons that run this world, we (against the will and judgement of the people, but hey fuck the common man this is not his country) saved your worthless asses.
    Amy is nothing other than a media creation and since she is Jewish, she will live on until she dies.

    I read on MSN the other day that “Amy Winehouse shocks fans at Douchberry (wherever in Gayland)”. Shocks? Wow that must have been some performance what did she do shoot God out of her smelly cunt?

  35. Shaky Bake

    someone call Dr. Who… anyway check out this new paris hilton video at minimovie dot com!

  36. IgottabeMeee

    Ooooo man, you’ve been PWND!

  37. if you can't say something nice...

    I like her shoes… maybe they’ll put them on ebay when she dies next week.

  38. Name the Talent

    Someone tell me what the talent is she is supposed to have? Singing? Big fucking deal. Who cares.
    First off, it is the most useless endeavor imaginable,
    Second, she can’t sing. She never holds a note still. Istead, she warps it and garbels it and when she does try to sing normally her voice is weak.

  39. Bla

    She is wearing diapers now?

  40. my comment

    Amy is a breath of fresh air among all these nobodies in bikinis.

  41. Janine

    Seriously, is she wearing adult diapers??????????????

  42. Amy smells and is Ugly though

    Fresh Air? Are you kidding? She is vile and wretched and by the way a junkie.
    And you are a loser.

  43. cookie monsta

    wow, tits and nice shoes … who is this another guy dressed up as her ??

  44. Coventry Native

    #35, clearly you failed history class but your comment about Amy living until she dies because she is Jewish is unacceptable, please log off and move to Idaho as quick as you can, thanks

  45. Sugar Tits

    Dibs on the bitch’s shoes when she kicks it.

    Kidding. I love Amy. I hope she gets herself the help she needs, though I do covet those heels.

  46. Amy Tucker

    I love Amy and have for years… but why is she wearing a diaper with heels?

  47. Sunday

    Amazing…I seemed to see she had a personal account on the wealthy dating club RICHLOVING.COM for hot guys and girls to hook up for Hot Love and Sexy Dating. Her blog was updated very often. Lots of guys joined in her friend circle there.

  48. lol

    @richard mcbeef

    fuck you! jealous because he/she has moremoney than you and is better educated? pathetic redneck piece of shit.

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