Amy Winehouse’s breasts explained

Amy Winehouse’s surprising amount of boobage has finally been explained. Amy was at a party over the weekend with her new man Blake Wood and apparently left some clues behind, according to Page Six:

“She left a pair of boob enhancers – like chicken cutlet things to push up your boobs – and some hair extensions in the toilet,” our spy said. Later, Winehouse and Wood went to his apartment with a group of people who “were all getting drunk – except for them.”

Wow. I’m never going to eat poultry again. That being said, I did eat something last night that is totally not agreeing with me. So bear with me today. There’s an epic battle ala Lord of the Rings going on in my stomach. I was just in the bathroom and I’m pretty sure I saw a dwarf with a battle axe.

Photo: Bauer-Griffin