Amy Winehouse’s Big Day Out!

November 6th, 2008 // 84 Comments

Amy Winehouse hasn’t been out in public much lately, and last night served as a quiet reminder why her father Mitch presumably locks her in the basement with a box of saltines. Anyway, while her husband Blake was released from jail and immediately carted to rehab, Amy decided it’d be fun to have a relaxing evening going motherfucking apeshit bananas – with a side of crazy sauce. The Daily Mail reports:

She appeared to be in an agitated state, lunging at a photographer stationed outside her home shouting: ‘Who’s first? Who wants some?’.
She refused to comment on her husband’s release.
A couple of hours later her father Mitch turned up at her flat and not long after a pizza delivery arrived.
After they had eaten no-nonsense Mitch shepherded his subdued daughter to his cab.
The singer appeared to have showered and to have changed her clothes after her father’s arrival.
However, she was back to her erratic ways later in the evening, sucking on a male friend’s knuckle before later passing out in the back of a cab.

I can only assume Amy’s friend said something about “cracking” his knuckles and, well, you do the math. In the meantime, I’m pretty sure I could drill a hole in my skull, pour grain alcohol into my frontal lobe and still be a bajillion times more coherent than Amy Winehouse on a good day. In fact, if someone had to choose one of us to get them to a hospital in an emergency, I’d be driving them through a cornfield in reverse so fast Amy’s head would spin. Or is it my head would spin? Either way I’m puking in the cup holder. Whee!


  1. coffeebean

    Nice “change” all you fuckhead liberals, the DOW dropped ANOTHER 450 points today.

  2. scabbeus

    I see Khaposi’s Sarcoma, the clap and a little Herp all rollled into one!

  3. Boost

    Who the FUCK is Amy Winehouse?

    And why the FUCK do you all care about what she does?

    STOP watching TV people, go plant a tree or something, damn.

  4. scabbeus

    I see Khaposi’s Sarcoma, the clap and a little Herp all rollled into one!

  5. Her poor drug dealer! can you imagine if she wants to trade hits for blowjobs?

  6. Ms. CFO


    Blame it on 8 years with the Bush Administration you uniformed imbecile. I lost my business because no bank will give me a line of credit because banks are not lending right now due to the Wall Street/Mortgage mess during the Bush Administration.

  7. cracks-me-up

    Lol “Crack” his knuckles!!

  8. I hope Amy gets the help she needs for her drug problem before it is too late. Amy is a talented jazz/blues singer with a soulful voice. It looks like she is starting to get the crack head scabs on her face from lack of nutrients.

  9. elmo

    # 9
    ha ha ha tuff shit. . .

  10. Turd Ferguson

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. As I noticed her nasty hairy arms I was wondering just how big and messy her bush is.

  11. dork

    Wow, thanks a lot Superficial!!!!

    I’m going to sleep well tonight with that scary image burnt into my brain.

    This is why I believe there is no God.

    How could he create something as asscrack ugly as this?

  12. Ms. CFO


    I will survive and only 5 percent of Americans make the big bucks like me. I plan on buying mortgages and selling them and also I have a new company to start with interested investors.

  13. Coffee Bean Is Retarded

    Coffebean you fucking idiot. BUSH IS STILL IN OFFICE FUCKTARD.

  14. Sandi

    This chick is a train wreck. The thing is though that Janis Joplin was a junkie too. Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrissey – they just didn’t have the paparazzi to document the decent. Amy will OD one day too and we get to watch. Sad.

  15. havoc

    The fifth photo is the best! LMFAO!!!!

    She’s morphed into some old Italian character actor….

    Dead by Xmas. I called it.


  16. URPlumCrazy!

    scabbeus you are an idiot! Bush is still president.

    Amy is the walking dead, that girl needs help, fast.

  17. Deacon Jones

    FISH – Karina from DWS just had a nip slip

  18. U-R-PlumCrazy!

    coffeebean you rightwing fucking idiot! It was your party that made the country this way, oh by the way retard BUSH IS STILL PRESIDENT!

    Back to Amy, she is a sad waste of talent. She is the walking dead, if she doesn’t get help soon she is going to die
    What a waste of talent!

  19. veggi

    #2- Sarah, is that you?? You don’t even know what the DOW is, do ya naow..

  20. U-R-PlumCrazy!

    Sorry #19 was to be for coffeebean not scabbeus!!! SORRY!!!!
    Hey speaking of coffeebean I need for coffee!!!

  21. kitty

    so sad she looks like a crazed ape

  22. Superevil

    Just fuckin die already.

  23. Funny how the article following this one speaks of how nuts Britney is. Amy gives master classes in crazy and Brit isn’t in the same league.

  24. duhdoyeder

    #2 – yeah, well, a president-elect can’t change anything until after inauguration day, right? Meanwhile, the market responds to the recession that Bush will hand off to Obama, just like his dad did to Clinton:

    “”Everything is so dismal right now, It’s just an endless flow of bad news and no one wants to buy,” said Dave Rovelli, managing director of U.S. equity trading at Canaccord Adams.

    Rovelli said that the steady stream of bad economic reports and weak corporate earnings and forecasts was taking its toll. In particular, the number of companies announcing layoffs was unnerving investors, especially ahead of Friday’s big monthly jobs report.

    October retail sales from the nation’s chain stores were mostly abysmal, with some discounters such as Wal-Mart Stores escaping the fray. The housing market collapse, credit crunch and strained labor market have all taken their toll on consumers’ wallets. Even the recent retreat in oil and gas prices has not had much of a positive impact on consumer spending.

    “People are realizing that the recession is going to drag on until at least the end of 2009,” he said. “

  25. Libracadabra

    @20 why trade a nip slip in the air for a butt crack and cheek scab in the bush?

  26. Jordan Catalano

    Will someone just punch this stupid bitch in the face already? I’m willing to pony up a bounty–who’s with me?

  27. netstarman

    I guess that’s what happens when you date Obama . You end up looking like that.

  28. Sport

    Wow what a looker.

  29. #30 hopefully someone doesnt try to fathom what you just babbled, they may lose a couple of IQ points in the process…

  30. Atrides

    #13: NOW I feel like throwing up
    #27: Why do you bother? Stupid people revel in their ignorance.

    As for Amy… fuck her.

  31. Dina

    She’s starting to resemble Blake.

  32. Pixie

    This woman never ceases to amaze me. How is she even still alive?

  33. I Love Obama!


    Obama is not only intellegent but he is an attractive tall fit man and exercises regularly. Obama is definitely easy on the eyes!

  34. Ugh


    Easy on the eyes if Alfred E. Newman is your type.

  35. I hate Obama!

    don’t worry Superficial readers, the man’s knuckle was amputated in time.

  36. 1moreidiotintheworld

    She is practically a caricature of herself….. you couldn’t make her more fucked up looking if you tried…. not even with CGI effects.

  37. ILO


    You are hillarious! I have always loved Mad magazines and books!

  38. I don’t really understand her appeal or why she is famous. She’s had one hit song in the states but for some reason the paps snap her everytime she goes to rehab. I feel bad for her, but I feel worse that the paps are trying to make money off her problems.

  39. kelley

    Jesus, will someone take this thing out back and shoot it ? Please, enough already with this useless skank.

  40. p0nk

    shouldn’t quasimodo be on a leash?

  41. Popi

    Is that a Chupacabra?

  42. The girl’s nuts, that’s the only thing she is famous for.

  43. Wendy

    BOOST – if you are asking people why they care, to go plant a tree or something, well you must care enough to come on here on post LOL!

    Amy is such a looser! She is a skanky crack whore!

  44. Wendy

    BOOST – if you are asking people why they care, to go plant a tree or something, well you must care enough to come on here on post LOL!

    Amy is such a loser! She is a skanky crack whore!

  45. Wendy

    Ms C. Hey dumbass. The real reason banks will not give you a line of credit is because your CREDIT SUCKS LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop blaming the economy and the president on that you loser!

  46. Balls McCoy

    fuck obama and fuck amy winehouse. and those fucking slipper shoes have got to go, step on a fucking piece of shit…oh and amy too.

  47. michelle

    seriously why is this chick famous? i know she sings but i don’t think i’ve ever heard her. she looks tore up 24/7 (definitely the drugs). does she even look in the mirror? i don’t even look that bad on laundry day.

    now that her husband is out of a prison, i’m sure there will be a little amy winehouse on the way unless all the drugs cause her an abortion.

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