Amy Winehouse’s Big Day Out!

Amy Winehouse hasn’t been out in public much lately, and last night served as a quiet reminder why her father Mitch presumably locks her in the basement with a box of saltines. Anyway, while her husband Blake was released from jail and immediately carted to rehab, Amy decided it’d be fun to have a relaxing evening going motherfucking apeshit bananas – with a side of crazy sauce. The Daily Mail reports:

She appeared to be in an agitated state, lunging at a photographer stationed outside her home shouting: ‘Who’s first? Who wants some?’.
She refused to comment on her husband’s release.
A couple of hours later her father Mitch turned up at her flat and not long after a pizza delivery arrived.
After they had eaten no-nonsense Mitch shepherded his subdued daughter to his cab.
The singer appeared to have showered and to have changed her clothes after her father’s arrival.
However, she was back to her erratic ways later in the evening, sucking on a male friend’s knuckle before later passing out in the back of a cab.

I can only assume Amy’s friend said something about “cracking” his knuckles and, well, you do the math. In the meantime, I’m pretty sure I could drill a hole in my skull, pour grain alcohol into my frontal lobe and still be a bajillion times more coherent than Amy Winehouse on a good day. In fact, if someone had to choose one of us to get them to a hospital in an emergency, I’d be driving them through a cornfield in reverse so fast Amy’s head would spin. Or is it my head would spin? Either way I’m puking in the cup holder. Whee!