Amy Winehouse, you playful minx, you

There’s an unspoken rule around here that, if I see something nasty, guess what? You guys have to see it too. Heart you! Here’s Amy Winehouse being playful for some paps outside her door. They apparently caught her off guard as she opened the door in her bra – then they stuck around! I didn’t know the blind were into celebrity photography? Anyway, Amy decided to play cute for the photogs and I imagine the conversation went something along these lines (Warning: Horrible attempt at British accent approaching):

“Ello, ello? You caught me in my knickers, plum right you did. Let me gets me shirt on. Alright much better. Fancy a rogering with me bean pie right fancy kitty kat with the magazine? Aye, looks like rain, bloomin’ blokeys peanut butter with the Lucky Charms me done seen right’o with the telly. Crack san’wich, guv’nah?”

Of course, I’m giving Amy the benefit of the doubt. She probably just chewed on a lamp post then jumped back inside through a closed window.

Photos: Splash News