Amy Winehouse, you playful minx, you

April 29th, 2008 // 81 Comments

There’s an unspoken rule around here that, if I see something nasty, guess what? You guys have to see it too. Heart you! Here’s Amy Winehouse being playful for some paps outside her door. They apparently caught her off guard as she opened the door in her bra – then they stuck around! I didn’t know the blind were into celebrity photography? Anyway, Amy decided to play cute for the photogs and I imagine the conversation went something along these lines (Warning: Horrible attempt at British accent approaching):

“Ello, ello? You caught me in my knickers, plum right you did. Let me gets me shirt on. Alright much better. Fancy a rogering with me bean pie right fancy kitty kat with the magazine? Aye, looks like rain, bloomin’ blokeys peanut butter with the Lucky Charms me done seen right’o with the telly. Crack san’wich, guv’nah?”

Of course, I’m giving Amy the benefit of the doubt. She probably just chewed on a lamp post then jumped back inside through a closed window.

Photos: Splash News

  1. ph7


  2. sg

    is she pregnant?

  3. Sandy Bottoms

    pregnant with emotion.

  4. Come-Honor-Face

    she is a disgusting life form

  5. George Washington

    No more shit from the Euros about ANYTHING here in the States.
    You guys have this dipshit to answer for.
    Nickers and blokes for all…

  6. woodhorse

    Photos/stories of her remind me of Rock Hudson-Doris Day movies as interpreted by Satan on acid.

  7. yuristache

    Can we start a petition never to have Amy Winehouse on this site again? My eyes have spontaneously bled six times from the sight of her cocaine-addicted beehive.

  8. I'd

    hit that!

  9. oldmommaporn

    shez gorgeous rotten teeth and all

  10. norton

    I think we’ve had enough of this skank.

    And to think, she’s one of the richest people in England.

  11. Possibly the ugliest woman on the entire planet!

    Oh, #1 – still a loser.

  12. ph7

    Can’t wait to see her centerfold spread in MethBoy magazine.

  13. tylor

    amy crackhouse in general just reminds me of bett midler, when she was in the movie Rose.


    that part where she’s drinking and singing and going “sex, drugs, and rock and roll!”

  14. crater face

    she’s like rizzo from grease on crack

  15. eh

    fish i am sending you my doctors bill, you can not just spring these on us where are the little stars covering this train wreck and the not safe for anytime warning ????????

    you have a heart of stone fish

  16. Vince Lombardi

    This is Iggy Pop. This is Iggy Pop with tits. Any questions?

  17. tylor, again

    BTW, she’s not preggerz.
    that’s a french fries baby

  18. What did I just TELL YOU??????? I’m trying to eat my lunch here…although it is Burger King, so probably puking it back up is not such a bad idea..

  19. Grunion

    Almost ALMOST enough to get me to stop abusing drugs


  20. timster

    Every time I see this hosebag I throw up in my mouth a little bit. This chick is just N A S T Y.

    I’ll sign that petition…..hell, I’ll eat my keyboard if it means never having to look at this thing again…….there should be laws…

  21. jrz

    that’s a tiny-assed bra.
    Man, is she fucked up.

  22. deacon jones

    Looks like her liver is already starting to engorge, she’s got 2-3 years left.

    Good point people, where are all the U.S. bashers now thanking god they dont have to deal with Heidi Montag??????

  23. #19 Haha!!!

    It would take much more for me..

  24. Daniel

    That hair just blows my mind


    Still think she looks like Janice from Friends..

  26. ham

    lmao!! that shit cracked me up…”Aye, looks like rain, bloomin’ blokeys peanut butter with the Lucky Charms me done seen right’o with the telly. Crack san’wich, guv’nah?”

    oh shit, my side still hurts…

  27. 25, So agree, OH MY GOD!!

    But Superfish guy, Lucky Charms are Americans making fun of us Irish. How did that end up being English?!

  28. NickiChick

    OOf …Amy Winehouse in a bikini top??

    Why, yes, Virginia, Santa Claus DOES exist.

  29. Danielle

    Actually, the gold “bra” she is wearing is a swimsuit. That’s okay, Superficial writer, I’m sure you don’t see that many bras on women on real life women.. ever.

  30. chachou

    I think she’s hot.

  31. The Cockney Geezeress

    FUCK ME SENSELESS WITH A BROKEN BOTTLE – I am SO embarrassed to be British.

  32. The Cockney Geezeress

    FUCK ME SENSELESS WITH A BROKEN BOTTLE – I am SO embarrassed to be British.

  33. The Cockney Geezeress

    FUCK ME SENSELESS WITH A BROKEN BOTTLE – I am SO embarrassed to be British.

  34. #31-33 Wow, you Brits DO talk funny!!

  35. X

    Is she constipated from all the crack? Whats with the bloat?

  36. fo rizzle

    well, she looks healthier than what she has…but she’s gaining weight in all of the wrong places.

    that’s what happens when you live off of mcdonalds and cigarettes.

  37. tight lipped smiler

    She looks like a sick wormy puppy.

  38. justifiable

    Good news is, when she OD’s she’ll have a head start on decomposition with that belly bloat. Kind of nice to see her get ahead of things for once.

  39. Auntie Kryst

    Is Winehouse designing a line of kids clothes too??

  40. Amy Whorehouse

    Will someone please kick this chain-smoking Jew cunt in the head?

  41. Oscar The Slouch

    Damn! I want to put a baby in that right now!

  42. Sapphire

    Is she pregnant or is that a tumor growing in her stomach? If neither, how is it possible someone be so disgustingly thin but yet fat at the same time?

  43. Gemma

    Superfish, your British accent is fucking AMAZING.

    But yeah, Amy Winehouse is my anti-drug.

  44. A2M

    This is really one of the worst looking people I have ever seen, and I’m including Hogans daughter.

  45. bvma

    you know Amy Winehouse is one of these grotesque beings you can just look at when you have a boner in a very unpleasant situation and want to get rid of it. its so good, seriously…it must be the reason god made her! i look at her and my little man gets all freaked out n hides for what its worth. its alright…she is gone. lets look at some pics of Leah Dizon instead…yeaah there we go

  46. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    You know she’s skanky when Courtney Love’s cooch critters and Paris Hilton’s crabs won’t go near her. Even the herpes virus is saying “what the fuck! I’m not touching that shit”.

  47. carx

    is her hair removable?

  48. Cheese

    Come on, don’t you know. She’s starring in the Nottingham Hillbillies. Pete Doherty is going to play Jethro

  49. Gawd, no

    OMG, it’s gravid!

    Who would do such a thing!????????????

  50. Lucy

    I see her tummy is bloating out nicely.
    She’s looking more and more like those poor starving African babies everyday!

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