UPDATE: Amy Winehouse wants to save a bar

Amy Winehouse recently lent her efforts to preserve The George Tavern a historic pub in London. Apparently an apartment development is planned that would ruin the bar’s 360-degree natural light. When approached by landlady Pauline Forster, Amy came up with the idea to sell T-shirts that say “Save The George.” She hasn’t been able to help lately since, well, she’s in rehab. That sort of puts a damper on the ol’ drinking. People reports:

“She’s not well, so nobody’s allowed to contact her,” Forster said. “I spoke to her on the phone twice before she went into rehab, and I’ve spoken to her father a couple of times. He told me I could write her a letter, so I sent a handwritten one and popped a t-shirt in the post.”

You know what’s always a smart move? And, really, you can’t miss with this one: Sending an alcohol-related T-shirt to a friend in rehab. I bet there was a card inside that reads: “Hope to see you soon! Drinks on me!” That’s just good manners.

NOTE: These are pictures of Amy taking a walk this morning outside of her rehab facility. She actually looks decrackified. That being said, how cold is it in England right now? I’m pretty much convinced Amy Winehouse would wear a mini-skirt while dog-sledding through the Antarctic.

UPDATE: During Amy’s walk she apparently renewed her visa because, according to Us Magazine, she’s going to the Grammys! Now we’ll get to see what a drug-free Amy Winehouse performance looks like. Will we understand her lyrics and what sober items will she pull out of her beehive? I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Gameboy.

Photos: Pacific Coast News