Amy Winehouse: Re-devoted wife, lifeguard, group sex enthusiast

January 18th, 2009 // 31 Comments

Amy Winehouse’s schizophrenia has kicked back in, and she’s no longer trashing husband Blake Fielder-Civil who filed for divorce after she very publicly had a relationship with “actor” Josh Bowman in St. Lucia. Amy’s still on the island where The Sun caught up with her for an interview. Here’s the crazy Amy spewed when she wasn’t busy trying to figure out how much bourbon equals one crack rock:

On Blake filing for divorce:
“I still love my Blake. I won’t let him divorce me. He’s still in jail but the moment he comes out I’ll be there waiting for him. I love him because he’s just like me. Blake is the male version of me. We’re perfect for each other. I don’t want to go back home to England. I want to wait for Blake here.”

On Josh Bowman:
She said her recent widely publicised fling with rugby hunk holidaymaker Josh Bowman, 21, was just “having some fun” and she “wants Blake and nobody else. Josh was lovely. But it was a holiday thing. I’ve got my Blake.

On banging other dudes:
“While Blake is in jail I’m still gonna have a good time — he can’t do much about it. But once he comes out we’ll be together again. There’s some nice lads here, I am just having fun. I don’t want anybody else because I’ve got my Blake.”

On quitting drugs but still drinking her face off:
“I am not doing drugs and am doing lots of fitness. I’ve started writing songs. I feel great — apart from today. I feel like s**t after a late one last night.”

On rescuing a woman on the beach:
“I thought she was going to drown. All of a sudden she just fell off the boat and was thrown by the sea on to some rocks. I ran down and grabbed her and helped her back to the beach but she was covered in scratches. I might get myself a job as a lifeguard here!”

On constantly hitting up guests for threesomes:
The male guest, who asked not to be named, told me: “As soon as we arrived at the resort Amy was all over my girlfriend. She was telling her, ‘You’re gorgeous. I’d love to **** you. Bring your boyfriend, he can watch’. She was quite clear what she wanted, she was saying, ‘You two can spend the night in my room’. If she had been at all good looking we might have done it.”

Jesus. How do you not stay married to that? You know who would love this story? Children. Get me Disney on the line. Tell them this time I have winner, and it’s way better than my last pitch about the stripper who stole my wallet then got eaten by a reggae-singing bear. – - Okay, almost better.

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  1. Balack Obama

    I’d fuck her, if you could cut her head off

  2. mimi

    #1 – Amy says OK if she can cut your dick off.

  3. Balack Obama

    Well, if her lifeless, headless body can cut my dick off after I cut her head off, then it’s a date!

  4. authorego

    Pic #1: the beast that slouches towards Bethlehem.

  5. devilsrain

    Its got to be pretty bad when youre rescued by amy winehouse

  6. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks the shit out of Amy Winehouse’s ass and gets high from it

  7. MikeMoneyV1

    They tried to make me suck her shit and I said no no no…

  8. britney's weave

    so… she’s got her blake or something?

  9. la b?rak?n bu kar?y? haber yapmay? ya

  10. Styxchix

    As my father would say ‘she is a critter’. Photos the other day of her drunk and on all fours crawling around the resort restaurant trying to steal drinks off other tables is a really class act….who wouldn’t want to join something like that for a threesome? The thought makes my skin crawl…..! Reported she also pulled another woman’s dress off, exposing her to everyone. Nice.

  11. Benwa

    I hope the resort kicks her stupid ass out for her behavior. It’s not like she’ll ever be a truly big name again. Just LOOK at her for god’s sake.



  13. kate

    Do u know she tries to register on ***seekingsugarmomma. c om***, but has been refused for some reasons. I do not think it’s hard to join that site. Britney has her profile there.

  14. Amy Winehouse


  15. Dr McNasty

    “Blake,” in this instance, is a euphemism for crack-cocaine.

    “Crack-cocaine is the male version of me.”
    “I want to wait for crack-cocaine here.”
    “I don’t want anybody else because I’ve got my crack-cocaine.”

  16. Amazed

    Really now, what is wrong with our world that a dirty untalented pig like this gets by with being an obnoxious, violent perverted drunken maniac and does not go to jail? Why is Bernie Madoff not in jail? Who are these people that they can’t be touched and yet, are so vile and disobedient and violent in their multitudes? Are we their slaves?

  17. smartarse

    I’m surprised the woman she “rescued” didn’t ask to be thrown back at sea after an encounter with her.
    Just kidding. Hopefully she’ll sober up and stay out of trouble.

  18. LondonBabe

    I’m sure the Jewish community curse this ‘drug taking’ embarrassment.

  19. You wanna bet if there is a chanche of dying of TUBERCULOSE?

  20. sapphire eyes

    That has got to be one of the ugliest bikinis I have ever seen. If anyone should wear a one piece bathing suit, it’s this crazy bitch.

    Nothing says “stand by your man” like an island fling and considering a threesome.

    Her parents must be so proud of this beast they raised.

  21. 1moreidiotintheworld

    LOOK!!!!!! It’s one of those hideous sea-creatures coming ashore!!! Just like in those Godzilla movies!!! This evil beast will flap her arms up and down and let the nauseatingly putrid odor of her hairy pits kill thousands of helpless citizens in their tracks!!! Then she will spread her legs and blast the entire city with a giant wet pussy-fart that will melt all the buildings into the ground!!!! The glowing green pool of primordial STD germs left behind will evolve into new alien, superior lifeforms that will spread across the planet killing the rest of humankind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Ummm...yeah...

    OMG Fish you fucking fag! Stop fucking posting about these fucking useless trainwrecks!
    I cannot believe that ANYONE in thier right mind would actually fuck that hideous creature.
    She looks like she’s infected with lots of shit…Yuck! Obviously Fish wants to fuck her and Paris cause he’s always posting about them…it’s too bad you’re a fag Fish, cause then you could fuck Paris and Amy and all three of you could die afterward from all the vd you caught.!
    Fucking pathetic!

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  24. Captain Sloppy

    I would rather drown than have her save me.

  25. mee

    #16 yeah, we’re their slaves. Ordinary peeps are not allowed to party like rockstars. That’s why we’re taught when we’re children that “Life is not fair.”

  26. JungleRed

    “the moment he comes out I’ll be there waiting for him”

    Great! I’ll bet right about now Blake’s looking to shank a guard so he can stay in jail.

  27. Viewed from another angle

    Is it just me or is she looking more and more like the “artist formally known as Prince” everyday?

  28. phineas q.

    you know who would love this story? Randal with children.

  29. ugly

    Because I’m not that ugly…

  30. Anyone posting after me suck the shit out of Amy Winehouse and gets big ass on it.

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