Amy Winehouse knows how to frighten prowlers

December 3rd, 2007 // 252 Comments

Amy Winehouse was spotted early this morning wandering around her apartment in nothing but jeans and a bra. She had spent the night partying with friends, but when Amy got home she seemed a bit out of it, according to a source for The Sun:

“Amy came out and started stumbling around. She popped her head over the fence like she was looking for something. It was freezing and she had no shoes and just a red bra. She was mumbling something incomprehensible. It wasn’t the behaviour of someone in the right state of mind.”

But a spokesperson for Amy Winehouse claims it’s all just a misunderstanding:

“Amy had been asleep and heard a noise. She went outside to investigate. She didn’t realise the time.”

I wonder if Amy Winehouse’s publicist is at the point where she just gives random excuses for Amy’s behavior. Why did your client ride a giraffe into a police station? She forgot to turn her oven off. Why did a bulldozer drop a pile of cocaine into Amy Winehouse’s mouth outside of a church? Uh, Babe Ruth. Why did Amy punch a pregnant woman at her last show? Tuna fish sandwich, I dunno. It’s because of the drugs, you bloody idiot! Why are you still calling me? I was replaced with a box of Cocoa Puffs last week. There was even a press conference. It was five full minutes of Amy dumping cereal on a stray cat which, I’ll admit, was by far the sanest thing I’ve seen her do.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. Texas Tranny

    Nice bra.

  2. Cate

    Is she serious?

  3. DD's

    She’s a fucking freak. Look at all those stupid tatoos on her body. Anyone that gets tatoos is a dumb-ass redneck that should be killed.

  4. Superevil

    Just OD already.


    Tranny, Tranny, your face is a mess…

  6. RichPort

    Dear Brits talking shit before, regarding “hot” Bristish chicks,

    I present Exhibit A.

  7. 23apples

    I KNEW IT!!! “She” is actually a man!!!

  8. C

    I didn’t take her as one to get a belly button ring… she has a scar to prove it though. Go figure.

  9. Erica

    That’s terrifying.

  10. Wow! On the plus side, she isn’t wearing much face makeup!?

  11. G Man

    Hey is that you Pauly Shore..

  12. fergernauster

    She has stretch marks on her boobies.


    Just… WOW.

  13. Malffy Hernandes

    I never thought I’d say this but PUT THE MAKEUP BACK ON!!!

  14. D. Richards (Whore.)

    Good god! What the fuck am I looking at? Male, female? Whatever it is, it’s not sexual. Just this fucking thing. I think it’s human. Is that a human-being? It must be. Seriously, is it? Human?

    P.S. “Tats” make you cool! Real cool.

  15. She really is messed up! Try outs for the Michael Jackson “Thriller” video were decades ago!?

  16. Danklin24

    od damn this girl is sexy. Move over Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Amy Winehouse is a stone cold FOX! Look at those womanly curves and those fantastic breasts. Buildings have fallen due to this woman passing construction sites and workers getting distracted by her beauty. I just cant help myself. Must go spank monkey now.

  17. holla@meh

    shes a mess. scary looking. cracked out. and is in desperate need of REHAB! “now amy, dont say no, no no.”

  18. That looks like a dude with little boobs.

  19. #1hater

    gosh, she’s purty….

  20. missj

    I went from picture to picture thinking that the writer of the site put up the worst one just to make it more dramatic. I think i’m like 0 for 127 now.

    The rest of them are worse. Someone needs to help her. NOW. The thought of her looking over a fence mumbling stuff like a zombie cracks me the hell up though. and terrifies me all at once

  21. MindRiot

    I cant wait for her 15 minutes to finally expire.

  22. Ew, I have that same bra..

  23. fifi

    My God, someone please help her or something she looks in a right state. I feel kind of sorry for her. Hope she sorts herself out.

  24. tbojangles

    im in love with th fact that she has a rosary mangled in her bra strap, classy.

  25. Texas Tranny

    I’m sure it looks better on you.

  26. @22 FRIST, but your boobs are not that small and your face is not that ugly and you don’t look like a scank..

  27. Texas Tranny

    I have the matching panties.

  28. Hey Cowgirl, Thriller was 25 years ago. Time flyes when you get old!!

  29. Darnell

    She looks hotter here than with all the make-up. She needs to drop that douche Blake and get a new man. He’s no good for her.

  30. lalaland

    #3 oh really, and why so? that was just dumb

    where’s her bee hive to hide the coke??

  31. Hey FRIST you and TT and mix and match!!

  32. Mike

    #22, Jimbo says, “@22 FRIST, but your boobs are not that small and your face is not that ugly and you don’t look like a scank..”

    I think your boobs are just perfect and very very nice. And you are beautiful, even though he thinks, you are not that ugly.

    I would do you in a hear beat FRIST.

    By the way can I see you in that red bra FRIST?

  33. DaBomb

    I must masturbate every time I see this woman. I so badly want to make sweet love to her. I bet she’s one fantastic fuck, trow you every way but off. I just jizzed all over myself.

  34. my comment

    She’s cool.

  35. Hey Mike, I bet you have a better chance of seeing TT in that bra and matching panties than you do FRIST..

  36. kking

    People should not even pay attentions to this loser. She is worthless

  37. sevenandaswitchblade

    I wonder what Anne Heche, Robert Downey Jr. & Margot Kidder would think if they saw these pics…

    “Ah, the good ol’ days. When being batshit meant you didn’t have to worry about stupid stuff like mental stability, being responsible for anything or even basic hygiene. Keep it up for as long as you can Amy, you gloriously dizzy bitch. Keep livin’ the dream!”

  38. Texas Tranny

    Hey Jimbo,
    What are you saying???????


    Of course………, I’ve never hid the fact that I’ll drop trou, faster than Shitney eats a double cheese burger.

  39. Hey, did anyone notice the fact that she does not have that HIDEOUS beehive???

    And Mike’s right, what do you mean jimbo “not that ugly”?

  40. How have you been TT? You have not been around much lately. I am glad you did not take that the wrong way..

  41. Pixie

    Does anyone ever question the fact that “Yes,She WAS being prowled?” I mean, come on guys,do photographers hang out outside YOUR house at the wee hours of the morning? Maybe she was out of it, but it doesn’t account for the fact that dudes with cameras are chilling in front of her own home 24/7 on the off chance that they get a good photo for the tabloids.

  42. lalaland

    #39 read my comment on #30

  43. Sorry FRIST, It came out wrong. You are HOT!!! and you have mail..

  44. havoc

    Good God……

    I hear she’s up for a part in the next Shawn of the Dead movie.


  45. #42 sorry, guess I was in lalaland..

    Checking mail now

  46. Texas Tranny

    Hey Jimbo,
    I’ve been working and not fucking-off lately.

    Don’t take this the wrong way……………, but i don’t give a shit what anybody says to me or about me on this site.

  47. Jeff


  48. lalaland

    #45 i don’t think i gave you permission to come in, but thats okay.

  49. Pixie Pearl

    #3….. guess that makes ME a dumb-ass redneck. Too bad I’m way cooler that you.

  50. Good one, lalaland.

    #41 I was thinking that too. Wondering who the crap was there taking those photos. That’s just creepy.

    Jimbo, I wrote you back..

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