Amy Winehouse knows how to frighten prowlers

Amy Winehouse was spotted early this morning wandering around her apartment in nothing but jeans and a bra. She had spent the night partying with friends, but when Amy got home she seemed a bit out of it, according to a source for The Sun:

“Amy came out and started stumbling around. She popped her head over the fence like she was looking for something. It was freezing and she had no shoes and just a red bra. She was mumbling something incomprehensible. It wasn’t the behaviour of someone in the right state of mind.”

But a spokesperson for Amy Winehouse claims it’s all just a misunderstanding:

“Amy had been asleep and heard a noise. She went outside to investigate. She didn’t realise the time.”

I wonder if Amy Winehouse’s publicist is at the point where she just gives random excuses for Amy’s behavior. Why did your client ride a giraffe into a police station? She forgot to turn her oven off. Why did a bulldozer drop a pile of cocaine into Amy Winehouse’s mouth outside of a church? Uh, Babe Ruth. Why did Amy punch a pregnant woman at her last show? Tuna fish sandwich, I dunno. It’s because of the drugs, you bloody idiot! Why are you still calling me? I was replaced with a box of Cocoa Puffs last week. There was even a press conference. It was five full minutes of Amy dumping cereal on a stray cat which, I’ll admit, was by far the sanest thing I’ve seen her do.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin