Amy Winehouse visits husband in prison


Amy Winehouse visited her husband Blake Fielder-Civil for the first time today. Blake is in prison on charges of witness tampering. Amy was looking “visibly distraught” during the visit, according to the Daily Mail:

The strain appears to be taking its toll on the Rehab singer, who was teary eyed as she stopped into a store near the jail to pick up some supplies for her man.

Amy, who wore a checked red shirt, jeans and scuffed ballet flats, was spotted buying a 20-pack of cigarettes and some of his favourite snacks.

Question: How the hell can you make a comment that Amy Winehouse looks visibly distraught? As opposed to what? Looking visibly cracked out? Visibly drunk off her ass? Visibly suicidally thin? I mean, check out the shots of her picking up some smokes for her husband. She goes from looking like the gray clouds of England burn her skin to petting a dude’s coat. How do you distinguish distraught on that face? I’ve seen homeless guys trying to have sex with garbage cans who have their shit more pulled together than Amy.