Amy Winehouse topless photos (Not a good idea if you’re eating.)

December 22nd, 2008 // 149 Comments

I don’t know what possessed me to post these pics of Amy Winehouse topless in the Caribbean, but I’m pretty sure I need at least two exorcists and a visit from Mel Gibson. Mostly so he can slap me around and call me “Sugartits” until I agree to never do this again. In the meantime, it appears my testicles have retreated back into my body. Anyone seen my crowbar?

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions. I hope your affairs are in order.


  1. Case

    @50 Tim Curry had a MUCH better voice.

    How d’you do, I see you’ve met my faithful handyman
    He’s just a little brought down because when you knocked
    He thought you were the candyman.
    Don’t get strung out by the way that I look,
    Don’t judge a book by its cover
    I’m not much of a man by the light of day,
    But by night I’m one hell of a lover

    I’m just a Sweet Transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania.

  2. ghsb


  3. doomhammer

    Great tits and nipples. the rest is ugggggg.

    But girls, let this be a lesson to you. A nice set of tits is really all it takes to have guys totally want to bang you. We truly are that simple. Well, unless your really fat, then tits dont count. Unless your rich. Then you can be fat, but you still need tits. Its actually not quite so simple afterall.

  4. ManiacFive

    You know i wasnt expecting her tits to be that, perky. they’re pretty good in fact. I can only assume she is using them to smuggle crack.

    The prison tattoos and general crack whorishness is still a big no from me though

  5. mimi

    She look better naked than dressed up!

  6. mimi

    She look better naked than dressed up!

  7. Wow who knew!!! Nice pair of tits, but still wouldnt hit it…ive seen pics of this chic looking nice before she spiral into the crack world…

  8. jlylec

    my friend paul would hit it

  9. jack

    Mimi, I wish the lord would answer my prayers and take your fucking life. Cunt.

  10. big teeth

    Ahh yes, that’s just wonderf*HOORKK*.. I mean that’s a great pho*HRRAACK*.. Oh, excuse me.. I can’t seem to stop gagging*HUUURCK*.. It’ll pass I’m sure…

  11. Mike

    @7 Pete:

    It’s not that we like “pre-pubescent” skinny. It’s that we don’t like cow ugly.

  12. Mike

    One hell of a step-up from Lisa Rinna, but still in the sub-basement.

  13. Paul

    I can’t believe that I’m saying this but…her tits are actually quite nice. She looks like she’s gaining some weight and some sun, and the mere fact that she’s in water without fizzing up like an Alka Seltzer says something. Maybe she’s getting her shit straight for once. Give her a chance.

  14. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  15. Mike

    If I didn’t know her history, I’d actually think she was doable! She’s got a decent lookin body in these shots.

  16. Vince Lombardi

    Patti Smyth would hit it.

  17. yuristache

    I know that I will regret this later, but Amy should seriously consider always appearing nude in public. I swear that this is the healthiest and most normal she has ever looked … well, at least since becoming a coke-crazed psychopath.

  18. the REAL mimi

    49. mimi -

    It is astonishing to me that anyone would pretend to be mimi!?

    I’M NOT EVEN mimi you stupid b!tch! Besides ALL I ever say is…

    Praying for Amy.

    But THANK YOU for praying TOO!! You SEE how much it helped!?

  19. shokroklove

    i will always want to make sweet lesbian love with that woman. she looks sooo fine here.

  20. Hor

    I dunno. I expected worse. Horse face, but I’ve seen worse bodies…

  21. NotBlonde

    She’s got great tits because they’re fake. And I’m not being a jealous whiny fat bitch about it because I think her body is getting in better shape and I’m very glad that she’s finally with her family and they are trying to help her and all. But she has fake boobies. You can tell just looking at her nipples.

  22. The REAL REAL mimi

    68. the REAL mimi

    I can’t believe anyone would pretend to be the REAL mimi!?

    Like anything on this site is real, let alone mimi….

    I pray for mimi. Not that it will help, but it makes me sound good.


  23. Balls McCoy

    When did Paul Stanley get a sex change?

  24. question

    I dont get it, we’ve seen her in plenty braless pics in wifebeaters and shit and she always looked really small or flat. What is this? She got implants? Gained weight? She’s pregnant? I hope to god she’s not preggers!

  25. Fati

    shut up idiot. her tits are nice. the rest of her is digusting but the tits are nice. this is what a NATURAL breast looks like, you bonehead! but I guess it’s not good enough when you are so used to squeezing pouches of silicon. stupid fug.

  26. sva1994

    Well, her tits really are okay-looking, surprisingly, given how awful the rest of her looks, specifically her face. And at least it looks like she’s put on some weight, so maybe her rehab is working.

  27. Ravynn

    At least she finally got a bath.

  28. San

    Dude, she’s hot…seriously. And can’t believe I’m saying this lol Least she is natural=)

  29. simplicity

    Is she wearing hospital bands?

  30. George W Bush

    You think I dodged that filthy Iraqi’s shoes quick? Let me tell you somethin’! I’d move a hell of a lot faster than that if I saw those two hairless baboon tits comin’ at me!!!!

  31. Ron

    I did not see her on the Millionaire website, but I now know why seafood makes me deathly ill.

  32. 1moreidiotintheworld

    And God shakes his head in despair as He wonders how He will ever get that smell off his fish………….. What gives with people thinking her tits are just this side of perfection??? PLEASE!!! Compared to the majority of other more attractive women Amy Whorehouse has absolutely nothing more than a floppy pair of monkey titties……..

  33. Alan

    Damn, she looks like Slash’s ugly kid sister.

  34. Alan

    Damn, she looks like Slash’s ugly kid sister.

  35. I wonder: THIS IS THE END?

  36. Fisch

    Holy shit it looks like me /w tits!

  37. mimi

    72. The REAL REAL mimi

    Dude… you can’t be me, mimi… you’re a DUDE!

    But thanks for praying for me… and say a nice word for Amy too!


  38. jrfrombigd

    That crack head has a serious case of Jew Face. Her tits aren’t bad, but I don’t think I would fuck her with Coin Farrells dick.

  39. BadHead

    She used to be so beautiful,hopefully she will get back to that.

    This is a major step in the right direction,she always had big boobs. her tits are nice

  40. Jacques Cousteau

    A whale overdosed 20 nautical miles away when Amy peed in the water.

    I am reminded of The man-of-war fish.

    The fish is striped with blackish-blue blemishes covering its body, and the caudal fin is extremely forked. Its length is up to 39 cm.

    Notable for living within the deadly tentacles of the Portuguese man o’ war, the man-of-war fish is generally found in open sea or close to the siphonophore Portuguese man o’ war, after which it is named. It is found in all tropical and subtropical oceans of the world.


  41. Gunnar

    Looks like a national geographic special on has been crack heads.
    I will think of this if I ever need to stop myself from busting a nut.

  42. friendlyfires

    T H E R E

    I S

    N O

    G O D

  43. friendlyfires

    My penis! My penis! It just broke off and ran away! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Oh no! Where are my balls? Where are my balls? Where are my balls? Gaaaaahhhh! What am I gonna’ pork Christina Ricci with tonight, a baby elephant? Damn you, Fish Al, damn you all to hell!

  44. Mariana

    Hey, what about all those stretch marks on her pancake tits? She must have got some implants while ‘in hospital’ because theres no way such stretchmarked, sagged out, pancake tits could suddenly have that much perk to them. And besides, she’s still got those stretch marks all over her and prolly the scabs on her ass too.

    But isn’t saltwater supposed to be good for diseased skin? Or the little fishies that nibble away all the dead bits of flesh?

  45. fonzeyfu

    I hate to say it but that’s the best I’ve seen Druggy Winehouse looking for a while. Least she’s not sickly emaciated in that shot. WTF with the hair though.

  46. theWizzy

    Maybe it’s just the haze the zoom lens created, or the fact that I’m staring at the screen blurry-eyed from bed to late and work too early, but her tits actually look pretty good. I feel like I’m hovering above myself just watching my fingers at the key board, because I shouldn’t be saying this at all, but look at ‘em. The tits, alone, look excellent.

  47. theWizzy

    Maybe it’s just the haze the zoom lens created, or the fact that I’m staring at the screen blurry-eyed from bed to late and work too early, but her tits actually look pretty good. I feel like I’m hovering above myself just watching my fingers at the key board, because I shouldn’t be saying this at all, but look at ‘em. The tits, alone, look excellent.

  48. At least her rack, much like mimi’s addiction to fried foods covered in fudge with gummy bear sprinkles, is real.

  49. jt

    she is gaining weight and her rack looks alright in some shots

    Wish she had lost the bottom too

    maybe later

  50. Sprmcandy

    They are perky !

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