Amy Winehouse topless photos (Not a good idea if you’re eating.)

December 22nd, 2008 // 149 Comments

I don’t know what possessed me to post these pics of Amy Winehouse topless in the Caribbean, but I’m pretty sure I need at least two exorcists and a visit from Mel Gibson. Mostly so he can slap me around and call me “Sugartits” until I agree to never do this again. In the meantime, it appears my testicles have retreated back into my body. Anyone seen my crowbar?

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions. I hope your affairs are in order.


  1. bryant

    oh dear god I shit myself

  2. yep

    I’d hit it

  3. dew


  4. It's Me Fuckers!!

    her tits are almost worth looking at. The thing is I just can’t get past the rest of her.

  5. pete

    She looks natural. And very hot.

    Simpering critics who love boy-skinny prepubescent girls who have plastic surgery 4 times a year probably won’t like Amy.

  6. kipsy

    I agree with #4. she’s got nice ones.

  7. Code Monkey

    I don’t know what’s more fucked up. The pic, me looking at the pic or the vomit that’s on my keyboard.

  8. Mcfeely Smackup

    The rehab hospital bracelets are a nice touch.

    The chick has an amazing voice, but damn…no amount of anything is going to make her body attractive.

  9. chickdowntown

    Well, if dead fish start washing up on the shore of that beach, we’ll know why!

  10. Emilie

    Better then I would have expected….

  11. The Deceiver

    I’d so hit that.

    Though I’d bag it twice and make her wear the weave.

  12. Randal

    She’s still too feminine looking for me.

  13. allie

    she looks like she’s at a lot healthier weight than she was just a few months ago

  14. JJ

    They’re big enough to press together and give her a “pearl necklace.”



  16. jyhons

    Nice pair of tits, actually. To bad they ended up on her.

  17. Rick

    Get rid of all those tattoos, and this is about as hot as any of the female commenters would look at the beach topless.

    That’s the truth and you all know it.

  18. joanna

    shes hot

  19. Bill Clinton

    I just threw up in my mouth….

  20. NastyBedazzler

    Man I expected WAAAAAAAAAY worse, but those were dangerously close to being okay with me.

  21. ci

    That’s bad… you know.., a Jew naked..

  22. dork

    She’s got some nice firm looking tits! Just give me a paper bag and an industrial strength condom and I’d stick it in that nasty butt crack.

  23. Danklin24

    Fuckin’ A. i was having a fantastic day because i just saw Eliza Dusku topless on another blog site and now i come see this and my whole fucking day is ruined, not to mention im blind. Thanks. Who in their right mind wants to see this??? I’d sooner throw sulfuric acid on my eyes than want to see this.

  24. Bill Clinton

    Wait a second… what happened to all of that ridiculous hair she usually sports??

  25. Nor Cal

    her tits are pretty nice~ i love her music. i hope she gets healthy and turns smokin hot and gives it to her ex fucker who couldn’t stick around for the “bad” part of the vow he swore to in marriage. this is still a very younge girl. she could turn it all around and put out another amazing frikkin album -listen to:

    you should be stronger than me
    some unholy war

    these are iconic songs from the most amazing voice in music! i just wish she could get her shit together!

  26. Miss Kitty

    My eyes are de-sensitized to this crap now but i have to say she looks so much better with some weight on her now. Just a shame that her barnacle encrusted vagina will always be rancid… otherwise she would have a fine chance at life!

  27. Lea

    the thing i don’t uderstand is , why the hell is she topless ?!

  28. jeffj

    Honestly, I expected a lot worse. She looks pretty damn good. She should never wear clothes.

  29. Divole

    She looks normal at these pics. A bit healthier here.

  30. steve

    “i was having a fantastic day because i just saw Eliza Dusku topless on another blog site”

    Me too. I mean, I saw the pics. Didn’t have fantastic day – I didn’t think it was possible to see boring topless pics, but ED really pulled it off.

  31. Big Al

    Her body really aint bad – it is those f’d up tatoos and face that kill it for me…

  32. Rose Tattoo

    She needs more tattoos, a lot more. She needs to get a suit of them, and then walking around cussing like a sailor. Then she would be cute.

  33. Amy's got nice Boobie Doobies

    I’m quite impressed. Her rack looks quite pretty!!!
    She has also put on some weight which is a good thing to see. I hope 2009 brings us back the very sexy Amy that she used to be. I hope she cleans up…. she aint that bad. She just needs to stop taking the drugs.

    Go Amy!!

  34. britney's weave

    all of you complaining that you are now blind or cleaning vomit out of your computer keyboard… you knew you had a two-click buffer and you still couldn’t stop yourselves? LOL

  35. C'mon Fish...

    “exorcisms”, not exorcists!!

  36. renton

    The tits are nice, but the rest — NO! NO! NO!

  37. Jrz

    If the Count from Sesame Street and Joey Ramone ever had a baby girl….it’d look like her.

  38. Jrz

    If the Count from Sesame Street and Joey Ramone ever had a baby…it’d look like her

  39. grateful dead

    still perky after all those drugs…..



  40. Cathy

    “Get rid of all those tattoos, and this is about as hot as any of the female commenters would look at the beach topless.”

    Partially true. I think she has an ugly face, much less attractive than the average woman. But the body, as seen here, is probably right at the average for American women her age. And much, much better than the average English woman’s body.

  41. LD

    On the bright side, she seems to be gaining weight and actually looks clean (as in took a shower)….and I agree with 40….dead ringer.

  42. KJC

    i didn’t even need to click thru and i threw up into my mouth. she looks like the fucking krakken from clash of the titans. either that or dr. frankenfruter from rocky horror.

  43. Deacon Jones

    @23 Agreed. I smell a lawsuit

    @42 Depends which part of America you’re in. And on a side not, is it me or do Irish women have big booty butts? Like, Jamiacan track start butts. One of you UK people confirm this please.

  44. Oh. My. God. WHY? WHY? KHAN!!!!!!!!!

  45. Case

    Where is a Canadian with a club when you need one!?

  46. Big Poppa Stump

    Olive Oyl prancing around on a beach with her “floppies” out. Was it really necessary to show us what blinded Popeye in one eye?

  47. mimi

    Amy is looking healthy. I have been praying for her for so long I think the Lord has hohestly answered my prayers.

    Pray constantly for Amy

  48. michelle.

    Am I the only person who thinks she looks A LOT like Frank N Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

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