Amy Winehouse taken to hospital after collapsing at home

June 16th, 2008 // 64 Comments

Amy Winehouse collapsed in her home today while “doing admin” (Read: A high-top sneaker stuffed with blow.) when she suffered a fainting spell and was caught by her assistant. She quickly recovered and is resting at a private hospital for precautionary measures, according to BBC News:

Her manager’s assistant was able to stop her falling and Winehouse’s father, Mitch, escorted her to hospital “as a precaution”, the spokesman said.
Doctors are unsure as to the cause of the incident and the star may be kept in hospital overnight for observation.
The 24-year-old had been signing autographs for Canadian fans who had been waiting outside her house all day, her spokesman said.

“Doctors are unsure as to the cause of the incident.” Really? Because I’m pretty sure it was a shitload of drugs. I don’t have a Ph.D., but I think I’ve got this one figured out. So how bout letting me give surgery a crack? True, I’ve got really shaky hands from drinking too much coffee, but I don’t think that should stop us. Wait, hold on, I’m blacking out from the narcolepsy. …. And we’re back. Scalpel!

NOTE: The above pic is Amy waiting for the ambulance to show up while her Canadian fan screams with joy and, I’ll assume, debilitating alcoholism.

Photos: Splash News

  1. bernie

    What?! But she’s seemed so together!

  2. Chupacabra

    Holy shit, has she bathed?

  3. Deacon Jones

    That girl in Pic 2 looks like she’s reacting to giving a hand job for the first time

  4. Kirk

    wait…she’s 24?!?

    She looks like she is about 40, but in truth a year younger than me?

    what do we learn here kids? That if you smoke crack, you will age to an old crone almost instantly.

  5. deacon jones

    Well, don’t you guys agree? Isn’t this most womens reaction? Maybe I should try enlargment pills and a shower to get that smegma off.

  6. havoc

    By fainting, do they mean “O.D.’d”?


  7. PunkA

    She looks like the Crypt Keepers new lady already. Just let her go, and let them be together now. She is death warmed over and plain nasty.

  8. Jiff

    #6 bitches!

  9. seth

    No way! Who could have seen this coming?

  10. “Doctors are unsure as to the cause”

    Socialized medicine at its best.

    Vote for the n i g g e r and this is what you’ll be forced to use for medical care.

  11. Debilitating alcoholism? I’m not sure what that means, but if it causes people to scream for joy at Amy Crackhouse, maybe I will slow down on my drinking a bit..

  12. Cash

    The weight of that damned god awful wig finally snapped her crack-weakened frame like a toothpick. Saw that one coming.

  13. #10….go back to your hole, it’s funny you trolled me at the exact same time I was commenting though. Your timing is…..well pretty stupid actually..

  14. Deacon Jones

    Damn it. I was hoping for a better reaction to #3.

    @ #5

    You forgot to capitalize.

  15. Randal

    This is a horrible way to start posting this week. Even the dark clouds outside pale in comparison to this event in Amy’s life.

    I hope you have a quick recovery and are back on the healthy road in quick order. Praying for you and your family.


  16. XxYyZz

    “#10….go back to your hole, it’s funny you trolled me at the exact same time I was commenting though. Your timing is…..well pretty stupid actually..’

    Anyone who is so proud of their internet name/secret alter-ego that they get all crybabyish and whiney when someone dares to troll them, well, these are the sorts of people who should be fed to hungry leeches.

    FRIST, no one honestly cares whether it’s you or your “troll”. You are highly unimportant. Also, your troll is usually funnier than you. But please, post more comments because all of your fans are waiting to hear your witty quips!

  17. havoc

    Is she dead yet?


  18. #10 – In all fairness, there are 1.5 white people and .5 black people running for President.

  19. Damn. Amy’s looking a lot like a horse-faced Gollum nowadays. Drugs certainly don’t make you pretty

  20. Actually #16 – you have it backwards. Anyone who’s life is so pathetic they have to troll someone is a complete and utter douche bag. Those types of people are even worse than some of the idiotic celebs that get bashed on this site. If my life is ever so pathetic I have to pretend to be someone else – then shoot me (or, force me to look at another god-awful pic of Amy Crackhouse naked again. Damn you Fish!)

  21. Sue

    #10 – try to be more precise; something like “half sandnigger”

  22. XxYyZz

    Sorry FRIST, I am just an ass face and have to hide behind some made up screen name. If I had a pair of balls, I would have used my real name so you would know who I am. Again sorry, my mommy made me a big pussy..

  23. XxYyZz

    Sorry FRIST- I’m just cranky because my herpes are flaring up.

  24. I thought I would take a moment to describe myself to all of the fine Superficial readers. I am a kind and soft spoken kind of a gal. My ass is really stretched out from years of 2 litre pepsi bottles but I am proud to say I do still have some feeling down there. My breasts were small but then I had them enlarged to a very ripe 38dd and all of the boys have a grand old time playing with them. Did I forget to mention I am also:
    A really big cock sucker?
    I love to play with my uncle Ned?
    I am on the national registry for sex offenders?
    I like it when you do that special pepsi thing to me?
    I only charge $14 an hour?
    I can throw in my sister for an extra $5
    Keep tuned to this web site for many many more Jimbo facts to come.

  25. steve

    #20 – Yeah, hen-pecking people in every thread for writing “first”, that’s just a bundle of originality and humor. If my life is ever that pathetic, please call me “sportsdvl” and talk to me about your teh ghey sports fantasy league.

  26. Amy's Anus





  27. I like the fighting more than this lame death watch. In fact, you’re all pussies unfit for even a whiff of Danielle’s snatch stench.

    That’s right ladies, the gloves have hit the ice…

  28. oh, the witty repartee

    FRIST: Who wants to get drunk?

    Jimbo: I do! What are we drinking?

    veggi: I’m still hung over, so yeah, let’s drink!


  29. @24 You’re so funny you douche bag troll.

  30. ghost of TS


    Not just “douche” but also “bag”!

    Oh no you di’nt!


  31. Auntie Kryst

    Grunion, is there anything you can do about that crazy canuck in pic 2??

  32. Just don’t say “first”!!!

    I’m sad that Michael Strahan retired. I always picked him for my fantasy team. IN his football pants he has the bestest bulge EVA and his front tooth gap is nothing if not a sexual come-on! Imma splooge jus thinkin bout it!!!

  33. Dr. Phil

    I’m going to guess it’s eastern equine encephalitis. I mean, is that a horseface or what?

  34. p0nk

    apparently Frist has rebuffed somebody’s internet advances.

  35. #28 that’s not at all how it goes ok maybe it is stop being an asshole though cause you suck cookiemonster’s balls..

  36. #32 – SCORE!

    *chest bump*

    *mutual fondling*


  37. mike

    Frist doesn’t rebuff anybody’s advances. Hence the bastard daughter.

  38. Ted from LA

    Kids, let’s stop the fighting.

    It’s too bad we treat our horses (Barbaro and Eight Belles) better than our people.

  39. Pete Doherty

    Bugger off, Mommy Ted. Like #27 said, the only excitement here is the fighting. The stories suck Amy’s arm-cut pus.

  40. mike

    Although, I guess I don’t have much room to talk. I am trying to create my own Centaurus.

  41. moderator

    ^^^^^ = Frist trolling.

  42. NY Ted

    Yep…that’s what happens when you have a crack pipe permanently glued to your lips…!

  43. Meyeraustin

    Jeezus, bitch, just die already.

  44. Amy

    You’re kidding me, you guys talk about drinking as if it’s a big deal? Jesus, somebody give me a fuckin speedball, I just met the lamest grown-up teenagers ever.

  45. #44 Let’s hang out.

  46. Feces Collector (I like the corn)

    I am so going to celebrate when this whore dies.
    And yeah, the trolls here are more entertaining than the irregular regulars (losers).

  47. Mike Hawk

    Fruit Bat

  48. mimi

    Praying for Amy.

  49. Harry Ballzack

    @24 Jimbo – I’d pay you $5 bucks to watch you throw your sister in there -
    that’s gotta hurt :p

  50. spiritkittykat

    Riiiight…”private hospital” for “cautionary” measures…otherwise known as…rehab! Again!
    Why won’t his ‘thing’ just DIE!
    Or is she already dead? I can’t tell. I really can’t tell.

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