Amy Winehouse’s reign of terror hits the freeway

May 12th, 2008 // 92 Comments

Amy Winehouse got stuck in a traffic jam over the weekend and decided to wander out of her car. So, not only were these people at a freaking stand still, they had to look at a half-naked bridge troll. Ha! England’s cool. The Daily Mail reports:

Not content to sit patiently in her car, the Rehab singer roamed the motorway, giving drivers more than they bargained for as she went from car to car in an effort to scrounge a lighter for her cigarette to pass the time.
At one point she pulled up her purple vest to bare her midriff as she did a spot of sun baking while leaning on the bonnet of a car.

During all this commotion, one of Amy’s fans approached her for an autograph and the look on Amy’s face is just priceless. There’s no way that’s not a look that says “Holy crap, I’m not invisible?! Now would be a good time to throw my feces.”

Thanks to Karen who would’ve chucked a Hobbit at Amy to preserve the peace.

EDIT: Added pics of Amy running around with her shirt off at her destination. Hold on, my penis just sent me an e-mail. It reads “I quit.” Quit what? Not getting touched by girls! HA HA! BURN! I’m freaking incredible.


  1. Mercutio


    She needs rehab and needs to eat, poor woman.

  2. Chuck

    Why the fuck are we stuck with this zombie crack whore? At least Britney at one time was yummy to look at? Noone likes a crackwhore stop covering her.

  3. It's me Fuckers

    holy fuck she is fugly

  4. britney's weave

    this is great and all, but tmz has pics of megan fox topless (censored). can we get those uncensored here, mr. fish?

  5. Captain-Insano

    Is there a more vile and disgusting looking being on this entire planet. Its like a cosmic convergance of ugly. Bad teeth, monkey mouth, awful hive hair, knobby knees, elbows you could stab someone with, bad skin, horrible tattoos, various self inflicted cuts…..Ugh.

  6. I would love to lick up and down her left arm.

  7. marfmonkey

    Is she starting to cut herself or what?

  8. Do_FreeBird

    This is no longer very funny.

    Look at her left arm in the first picture. Multiple cuts, most deep enough so that they should have some kind of dressing on them, they also look like they’re fresh/scratched and still bleeding.

    Also a dark red circular mark that is no doubt a cigerette tip being pressed against her skin.

    She’s very sick. Someone who is close to her HAS to intervene. If not them, I’m sure the british have some means of involuntary evaluation/treatment.

    And I bet there are ass holes right now typing that their first like it’s the most important thing they have going. That’s almost a pathetic as these pics of Winehouse.

  9. dude_on_a_wire

    I think we’ve hit the wall on Amy sightings. The shock factor isn’t what it once was – I’m waiting for a crack whore organization to publicly distance themselves with a presser any day now.

  10. Mercutio

    to Comment no. 4 “agree11″

    Stop telling us about your stupid fucking site by way of hiding it in relevant material.

    I could bet that Amy wouldn’t be on Wealthy because she’s so far lost in herself that I doubt she sits at a computer.

    So go tell someone who’s interested, try the City or something, fool.

  11. The ugliest creature on the face of the planet (Sorry Tina Turner – you have been dethroned).

    Oh, #1 – yep – still a loser.

  12. @7 You are one sick troll!!

  13. mike

    I bet she fucks like a psychotic monkey (like Frist when she has PMS, which seems like 99.99% of the time).

  14. Auntie Kryst

    What no car lighter?? This crackhead just begs for attention, her 15 minutes are up.

  15. Mercutio

    9. Do_FreeBird –

    The fact that you took the time to write about who claims “First” on here says more about you than the people that actually write it.

  16. veggi

    so…which tattoo is covering over her Auschwitz number?

  17. sla

    Somebody give her a sandwich.

  18. colin

    i know why there was a traffic jam, look at the cars! they’re all on the wrong side of the road! duhhhhhhhhhhh!

  19. Jumpin_J

    Damn it, Fish, you just made me hurl over my morning’s presentation to the board. My future’s screwed. Game over, man. Game over!

  20. NastyBedazzler

    hmmmm, yeah she’s lookin’ real good.

  21. mike

    My goat fucks like a psychotic monkey. I have to hold on to her her horns and she drags me all around the barn. It is all I can do to last 8 seconds.

  22. Ted from LA

    Those scratches on her arm are from mushroom hunting. Nothing more.

  23. mike

    And by “goat” of course I mean Frist.

  24. Randal

    If she could lose another 30 to 50 pounds, I’d marry this vision of lovliness.

    The cutting marks on her arm means she loves me that deeply in return. I love you Amy and that gorgeous face, but you drop that butter before I munch your muffin.


  25. Julian

    Whenever I see this chick she reminds me of a cocked up Elvira. That in itself is both a turn on and a disappointment. . . Just like your dad! ooohh snap! I just totally burned you. I said your said turns me on but disappoints me in bed. haha, you got burned. . . .wait. . . . I mean your mom

  26. Good god, she is looking lovelier with each passing day!

  27. veggi

    @17- good morning moron..

    Whats his ass sure would be happy to see that her self hairdye job worked out so well..

  28. jack

    Come on Amy, if you are in fact cutting yourself, press down just a wee bit harder. Come on Amy Wamy, I know you can do it, yes I do, boo boo boo…

  29. max


  30. ph7

    Hey, she’s got a flat stomach.

  31. Grunion

    Great way to start of the week.

    On the bright side there are topless Megan Fox pictures over at Dlisted.

    Don’t say I never did nothing for ya

  32. John Castellan

    I would hit that, that’s for sure.

  33. Bman

    Amy is HOT ! ,,,,, Hot from her Infection
    I want her!,,,,,,,,,,,gone
    I would do her…..I mean “do her” like I would take a .45 and shoot her in the fuckin head if she was ever close enough to touch me…..better 20 years in jail then whatever crotch eating disease she would give me.

  34. K

    Mmmm, sorry Mercutio. I’ve got to back up “Do freebird” on this one. It’s one thing to post a comment. But if your day revolves around whether you’re the first one to post, all so you revel purely in the fact that you’re first? That’s pretty damn sad.

  35. HuckyDucky

    Not funny any more. Tragic.

  36. mcbeef

    fucking nasty.

    and fat too.

  37. Vince Lombardi

    Here’s an idea: Someone mail these photos to Lily Munster Light and see if she actually recognizes herself. Maybe she’ll get so scared, she’ll actually do something about the way she looks.


  38. crabby old guy

    Maybe Perry Como and Doris Day weren’t so bad, after all.

  39. Fumus

    I love Amy! She rules. Her life must be awesome. Her days are like…wakeup, wait sorry, that’s not right…still awake from last night’s coke binge, the sun’s up…must be morning, smoke crack rocks, woops those aren’t crack rocks it’s just some chunks of dry wall from that hole in the wall from when I punched it last night wasted.

  40. james

    gosh would you please stop posting pics of her, this makes me vomit all over my laptop!

  41. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    She’s such an attention seeker, coyly peeking at the paps for a photo op. If coverage of this freak stopped then maybe she’d get the help she desperately needs. Yeah yeah I know by even commenting I am feeding in to it.

  42. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    She’s such an attention seeker, coyly peeking at the paps for a photo op. If coverage of this freak stopped then maybe she’d get the help she desperately needs. Yeah yeah I know by even commenting I am feeding in to it.

  43. havoc

    Yeah, for real, stop with the Amy photos.

    I personally don’t care if the bitch draws another breath…….


  44. She looks like the dude from “Into the Wild” at the very end..

  45. mike

    Some guy did what to you where?

  46. sharpeidude

    Why is this fucking skag newsworthy?

  47. She’s just researching for her upcoming role on Trainspotting 2.

  48. I can indeed imagine when you’re relaxed driving your and this THING shows up, THE PEDAL GOES RIGHT AWAY TO THE METAL!!

  49. the rat’s nest hair, the teeth (or lack of), the bloating malnutrition belly…so hot!

  50. Superevil

    This is bullshit, if she was any kind of addict worth her salt she’d be dead by now, what a fucking pussy.

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