Amy Winehouse’s reign of terror hits the freeway

Amy Winehouse got stuck in a traffic jam over the weekend and decided to wander out of her car. So, not only were these people at a freaking stand still, they had to look at a half-naked bridge troll. Ha! England’s cool. The Daily Mail reports:

Not content to sit patiently in her car, the Rehab singer roamed the motorway, giving drivers more than they bargained for as she went from car to car in an effort to scrounge a lighter for her cigarette to pass the time.
At one point she pulled up her purple vest to bare her midriff as she did a spot of sun baking while leaning on the bonnet of a car.

During all this commotion, one of Amy’s fans approached her for an autograph and the look on Amy’s face is just priceless. There’s no way that’s not a look that says “Holy crap, I’m not invisible?! Now would be a good time to throw my feces.”

Thanks to Karen who would’ve chucked a Hobbit at Amy to preserve the peace.

EDIT: Added pics of Amy running around with her shirt off at her destination. Hold on, my penis just sent me an e-mail. It reads “I quit.” Quit what? Not getting touched by girls! HA HA! BURN! I’m freaking incredible.