Amy Winehouse still walks among the living

August 15th, 2008 // 93 Comments

A surprisingly immune to overdose Amy Winehouse went on her daily drinking binge last night and in the process managed to assault an innocent bystander. Apparently an older woman was concerned for Amy’s health and stopped to talk to her. Fearing that her drugs might be in danger, Amy’s survival instincts kicked in, according to The Sun:

Amy lashed out at the middle-aged woman – giving her a hard slap and screaming: “Let f***ing go of me, d***head.”
As she walked away, Amy carried on shouting at her victim, calling her a “f***ing bitch”.

Amy then quickly scaled a fire escape where she attempted to breast feed a bag of crack. British authorities are calling it “the most heinous act of terror since that time Amy peed on a fire hydrant.”

Thanks to Helena who reminds everyone that Amy Winehouse won’t enter your house unless you invite her in. Also, she can’t cross bodies of water so, HA, England! In your face!


  1. Natedog

    She needs a bath.

  2. Barak Obama

    I’d rather look at Selma Blair in a bikini than this freak.

    Vote democrat if you think you need to pay more taxes.

  3. Cash

    I wonder how much worse she looks without the wig? For her to wear something that hideous and consider it an improvement over her normal looks, she must be god awful ugly with regular hair.

  4. Obvious


  5. Venom

    She looks semi-fuckable here…….

  6. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    What happened to her face?

    Nice boobs though.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Well,,,,she does look tanner since she bought the tanning booth, I guess I can give her that.

    Pic 6 she DOES look like a fucking zombie

  8. meska

    woot cant wait till she finally dies…THEN the party can start

  9. steve

    The Day-walker must be vanquished!

  10. JPRichardson

    She doesn’t look like a vampire or zombi. Those guys are cool and classy. She looks more like an agonizing clochard who just woke up from under the bridge where she lives, after drinking two bottles of cheap booze and eating the remains of a dead dog.

    That’s how she looks.

  11. norton

    She looks incredibly healthy. Unshaven legs, leather skin, blotchy face, black fingernails from the pipe, and bruised knuckles.

    This folks, is what you get when you mix a low class scumbag and money.

  12. HelioMobile

    She looks like a Tranny.

  13. Ed Castillo

    I’d do lines off her chest.

  14. Mike

    Call me a freak, but out of sheer curiousity, I’d hit it. I might cut my penis off afterwards, that is, if I get to it before it just falls off!

  15. Becky

    in pic 3 – is that a little bag of white powder stuffed in her bra?? or just stuffing??

  16. rough daddy

    does she bathe? i dont even want to think of what her creamy twinky smells like….

  17. dirt chicken

    Ugh. That is the most disgusting, vile piece of trash that I have ever laid eyes on. Excuse me while I go puke …

  18. holyfuck

    Anyone who hangs out with this chick is a shitbag by association.

  19. Vince Lombardi

    ZOMBIE ALERT! Where’s Simon Pegg when you need him!?

  20. Lola

    Shit I saw the fucking video of her slapping the woman… What the hell is going on with people allowing this bitch do basically assault them? I mean i understand being mad at someone for touching you but this woman meant no harm at all…. And that slap was hard as shit… If Amy Crackhouse was human and had feelings in her hands, she would have felt her hand tingling from slapping that woman.
    Enough is enough. Someone needs to run over this piece of shit and just kill her already. It’s obvious her parents are milking her of her money because they can’t take the time out to sit their daughter down and beat some sense into her. Look at her… She looks like a piece of trash that should be in the morgue or in a gutter dead… UGH

  21. LaraCroftsmole

    god the fake tits even on whinehouse now. She is such a disgrace makes me embarrassed to be a Londoner.

  22. mimi

    I am praying really hard for this goddess of soul and song and all you people do is make things worse. Why? What good does it do? Does it make you feel any better or satisfy some sick perversion?
    For my sake please stop it.

  23. Lola

    Mimi, I think everyone has prayed for Amy… She’s really talented but she’s a sick sick woman. The time to feel bad for her is done with… Now all I can think about are those poor innocent people she continues to verbally and physically assault. She’s a famous person and if she didn’t want the fame, she shoulda taken her azz to rehab. It’s sad such a talented woman with a wonderful voice can basically kill herself in front of the world and nothing seems to be done.

  24. mimi

    Fuck you and all of you Lola or Lowlife whatever. Why don’t you douche your whore hole in a vat of acid ???
    I’m done.
    Amy is God.

  25. Ted from LA

    Praying for mimi and Amy. They both scare me a lot.

  26. gio

    @22 I disagree! Amy is not that great. Sharon Jones who sings with Amy’s band, is a far better singer than Winehouse. It’s just that Sharon’s 50, black, and doesn’t have the Ronettes beehive and the whole Billie Holiday self-destructo backstory to promote the act. Winehouse is just OK. Listen to Baby Washinton if you can find it. That’s who Amy tries to imitate, with debatable success.

    Amy will never be able to sustain her voice. Think “Janis Joplin”. If JJ had not died so tragically young, she most likely would also have had a short career because she’d almost completely destroyed her vocal chords by guzzling Southern Comfort , smoking and shooting smack.

  27. iamcaptainmorgan

    Anyone remember the ad with the “This is drugs…this is your brain on drugs.” ad with the egg and the frying pan? I hear they are updating that with putting Amy’s face on the egg. But they can’t use a gas stove…the egg is flamable even with her emblazened image upon it (the booze and drugs are that powerful).

    Young ladies, this woman is a great example of what NOT to aspire to.

  28. First time I have seen track marks, I always suspected. The problem with doing speedballs, besides the dying thing, is that you can’t feel it when you miss or transfix the vein.

  29. Kathi

    GOD!! I think I just threw up in my mouth!! And she is famous….why? I think I should get an office pool going as to how soon she will die from an overdose or lung disease…or whatever else she has….big bucks to be had!!

  30. Camel Toe

    The ugliest bitch on planet Earth. Period. It must not breed.

  31. The Regulator

    I don’t think her skin color is just the result of a fake tan…looks like fake tan mixed with jaundice because her liver is failing. Dumb bitch.

  32. grotesque

    # 5 what the fuck is wrong with you?!

    This thing has NO TALENT and looks fucking disgusting..

  33. Crux the Magic Dragon

    From the looks of things, Mitch still hasn’t found who spiked Amy’s drink!!!! Stop spiking her drink, you meanie!

    Gio, you rawk.

  34. netstarman

    She looks like a turd that needs a second courtesy flush. Every time she slaps someones a crack dealer looses his wings. I wonder if there’s a mantra for Amy “Man Jaw” Wino.

  35. amywhat?

    I just want to know why her hands are ALWAYS filthy dirty…..can someone explain?

  36. Dick Hurtz

    This thing needs to fall off the planet! if you assholes would stop taking pictures and writing articles about her we’d never have to see this ugly creature amongst us…fuck she’s gross this site is awesome except when you all put this shit on here where no one could give two shits

  37. 0bservant

    Congratulations Amy – You’re still retarded

  38. Jesus fucking Christ! Even I wouldn’t tap that, and believe me when I say that the number of young, other-than-supersized, women that I wouldn’t fuck is extraordinarily small. Even McCain remembers how to count that high, if you catch him right after a nap.

  39. oshkoshb'goshdamngosh

    She’s the single most beautiful elegant woman on this planet.
    Oops, did I say elegant? I meant elephant.

    Elephant paw.

  40. Javid

    1.) I think there’s a rock in her right nostril.
    2.) Who the fuck would wanna hold her hand.

  41. H

    I think if we could just cut off her entire head and replace it with someone else’s head, someone with a normal face/hair, she would be pretty attractive.

  42. J

    if you watch the video, the woman clearly grabbed her arm and held onto it as amy was walking by her; that woman had no right to touch her in the first place. Amy needs to get better body guards – i’m not saying i’d react the way she did, but i certainly wouldn’t want a stranger grabbing hold of my arm trying to get me to stop and listen to whatever the hell she thought was so important to say.

  43. kevtha

    c’mon guys, she’s come a long way from the amy winehouse only a year ago. look at her progress, rehab did wonders…

  44. Beastman AIDS


  45. windy

    Winehouse??What a talent and horrible girl! Especially, eyes’ make up is ugly. Anyway, I enjoy her voice~~~ And I am so glad she posted some normal photos at a celebrity site where she looks not bad.

  46. Narcissist

    What’s with all the nasty ballerina shoes?

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  48. christopher walken

    just fucking die already..sheesh. is there any other reason that this zombie still has a pulse other than all the drugs running thru her veins?
    the problem with these no-talent “celebs” is people with absolutely no taste in music buy her shit and give her drug money to keep on keeping on…its amazing that the homeless community hasnt taken her in as one of their own..she already has the clothes and “bag-lady” wig.

  49. Bob Barker

    Kill her. Now.

  50. HURRY UP NOW!!
    Or you need a little help from my friends?

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