Amy Winehouse still revered by children

May 28th, 2008 // 41 Comments

Apparently, Amy Winehouse will open her door and autograph random objects for children. In this case, a copy of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for the GameCube. Awesome. So not only are this kid’s parents stupid enough to let him near Impetigo Face, but they won’t even spring for a Wii. When he grows a third arm after this encounter, they’ll be sorry. In the meantime, tell me that’s not a precious face. It practically screams “Mummy, I can feel me eyes burning!” Which, coincidentally, is what happened moments later. Ha ha! Kids are hilarious.


  1. doosh


  2. Ted from LA

    This is the first time I’ve ever said this about a woman, but I would not want to play with her bongos.

  3. Reg Dunlop

    Please Lord…make it die

  4. @3 – She can’t die. Crack actually makes her life longer.

  5. Sergo

    That game was awesome!

  6. c45j

    who is this bitch?

  7. dooood

    #6 She won dancing with the stars

  8. Fumus

    Amy Winehouse >>>>>>>>> Kim Kardashian + Paris Hilton + Lindsay Lohan

    @ 6? Seriously have you read this website before, if so, then you’re joking, in which case, I don’t get it.

    Fish!! Picture is not a small child that the lead singer of UK based Pop rock act Keane; Tom Chaplin!

    Seen in that picture on your far right!

  9. Randal

    Well, it’s a real shame Amy’s been in the media for all the wrong reasons instead of her musical talent, which brought her to the spotlight in the first place.

    Yet, one cannot turn a blind eye to the kind woman she is and always has been when it comes to giving. Here, she’s certainly had her golden throne lifted even higher as she autographs the Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, an addictive game that was released well before Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

    Good work Amy! It’s nice to see you in the spotlight doing good again.


  10. Fumus

    Amy Winehouse >>>>>>>>> Kim Kardashian + Paris Hilton + Lindsay Lohan

    @ 6? Seriously have you read this website before, if so, then you’re joking, in which case, I don’t get it.

    Fish!! Picture is not a small child that the lead singer of UK based Pop rock act Keane; Tom Chaplin!

    Seen in that picture on your far right!

  11. Deaf and Repulsive

    There are actually those who find this worthless screeching cunt talented. I ask, what is the talent?
    Please tell me so I can understand.
    I honestly believe the industry can expose a wriggling turd and promote such that morons will actually love it.
    This whore is the daughter of sorts of the connected ruling class and they love her as their own and she is put in our faces and simpletons take it all in. Dry.

  12. snarky

    fat little fucker. wait, thats mean, I shouldn’t be mean to little kiddies; aw fuck it! thats what he gets for hanging around winewhore

  13. Amber

    Aw. It’s so cute how he’s posing with Amy’s autograph in his hands… and her pot plant above his head… and her cigarette butt at his feet.

    His mother is a twat.

  14. eeeeewwww. the horror!!

  15. President Bill Clinton

    Seeing that skank bitch makes me want to gouge out my eyes with a rusty nail.

  16. Auntie Kryst

    Limey skank did too much restoration work on her gingerbread house, and now has to use musical instruments as kiddie bait..

  17. shanipie

    I think She has treecher collins syndrome

  18. Someone should tell her Halloween is long over..

  19. BunnyButt

    Uh, since when do bongos have electrical cords?

  20. Guy

    I doubt that kid listens to Amy Winehouse, I’m just waiting for the bongos to pop up on ebay.

  21. Guy


    By the way, fuck you. She may look like a skank but you can’t deny that she can sing. She does have talent regardless of what she looks like.

  22. Lulu

    Can you imagine the shock she would cause if she emerged from her flat with clean skin and a nice white Chanel pantsuit? I wish she would class up, because I have to admit she is my favorite singer, hands down.

  23. Xtra Xtra

    My goodness, what the hell happened her her hands! Her hands are swollen and filled with cuts, now her face is pock-marked. I’d wish Amy Jade would leave them drugs alone…..sigh.

  24. Xanthia

    That has got to be the nastiest damn carpet I have ever seen!!! GOD! Just looking at it could cause diseases to mutate!!

  25. legionairres disease

    Live long and prosper Mr. Spock.

  26. britney's weave

    her facial expressions could keep me entertained for days.

  27. Sam Brown

    Does she ever cover that disgusting gut up? Maybe some kind soul should give her one of those berka/burka/burqa things.

  28. Casey

    Oh dear God, is she pregnant? I wouldn’t have thought it was possible.

  29. dude

    The kid promptly went home and listed the signed bongos on ebay, as well as one of his bugars. The signed bongos went for 88 cents, the bugar fetched an enviable $18.

  30. georgio

    That bitch sure got jewed out of a brain. The executives must have jewed down her salary from a dollar to a penny. Get of our lives you ugly face stoned piece of shit.

  31. NY Ted

    This witch is still alive? What a fucking pity!

  32. AliCat

    Thats a fun game.

  33. LouLou

    That is definitely a pot leaf above the kid’s head.

    Like Amy Winehouse?

  34. Barely Stearn

    This gal is in need of a serious – and I mean SERIOUS! – REINVENTION! The thing that guarantees “forward momentum” is a 1-2 year disappearing act wherein they go to Africa or Asia and adopt a kid and then return with a new ‘do and a new set of tats’ and a new producer! F me! Who the hell is managing this one’s career?!

    Oh – and by the way: 34!!!!!!!!! Yeah bitches!

  35. Barely Stearn

    P.S. – “…if you never go away, you can never be missed…”

  36. Sam

    Mmmm, not her fan. I saw her profile on “S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m ” last week. “She is already in relationship with a young billionaire on our site”, according to the officials of that site.

  37. travis

    you guys…i would fuck the shit out of amy winehouse. i’d fuck her crackspider pussy like no tomorrow and give her butterfly kisses during. she is so sexy to me just from being desensitized as hell. omigod you guys.

  38. poot

    travis has gross taste in women. when i clicked on the impetigo link, i became instantly nauseated. honestly, i really am trying to eat my lunch.

  39. Bill

    Why does she always have a hairy octopus on her head?

  40. amber

    It’s a shame the state she is in. I watched a sort of documentary on her life, she really is or at least was an interesting and vibrant person of sorts. She has always been different but until as of late in a good way. IMO.

    The BOY in the picture I am pretty sure he is an actor I have seen his face on ER as a patient and a couple other things.

  41. freak speely

    She’s something out of a William Hogarth morality picture now. Got the face of a Victorian England prostitute filthy with STD scars.

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