Amy Winehouse still flaunting her new tits

November 11th, 2009 // 69 Comments

Amy Winehouse flailed her fake breasts around some more last night making this the first documented case where a woman’s augmented chest failed to distract me from her face. On that note, if you heard what sounded like two tractor-trailers smashing into each other, that was my penis plowing through traffic in a fit of tears. Sorry about that.


  1. Dang

    Ugly ass bitch.

  2. Ella


  3. Dang

    Someone call animal control.

  4. KRS-One

    I just threw up in my mouth. And first!

  5. KRS-One

    I just threw up in my mouth. And first!

  6. jv

    what is with the fake freckles?!??

  7. It's Me Fuckers

    wtf is all over her nose? Did she have ‘freckles’ before?

  8. Jenkins nuts

    What is the deal with the wrinkles on the breasts. Is it because the implants are new or her skin is too thin or what?? I am thinking about getting a set, but they all look so different.

  9. KRS-One

    No no no no no. I never get to be first.

  10. It's Me Fuckers

    the new tits are nice though. Almost takes away from her pointy face. She looks like she has been pulled through a tube by her nose. And the rest squeezed through behind… her eye makeup just accentuates it.

  11. handyr

    What a Beast!

  12. Dr. Richard McBeef

    She should have gotten a third one bolted on to draw attention away from her ugly face.

  13. DragonKatt

    In picture 10, she actually looks pretty! I thought she was past the point where no angle would look good…The makeup is still a fail though.

    And those ‘wrinkles’ are stretch marks. Even people without fake boobs have them. I know I have my share of (faded) ones. That’s the problem with growing to a 34DD too quickly. =/

  14. stupidass

    ahahahaha she has her entire shirt pulled down under her tits. holy shit. i’ve seen chicks flaunt their tits plenty, but at least it was done kind of suggestively. this looks like i dared a girl to show me her bra at the college kegger. fuck…people are stupid.

  15. Arnold soundboard

    …and I’m still fine with it.

  16. yank and wank rhyme for a reason

    has she drawn freckles on? She looks fuking ridiculous the tits and the face – EPIC FAIL WHINEHOUSE

  17. yank and wank rhyme for a reason

    has she drawn freckles on? She looks fuking ridiculous the tits and the face – EPIC FAIL WHINEHOUSE

  18. juniper

    i love this chick. i would so eat her.

  19. Turd the third

    I have a couple of fish in my aquariam (Gouramis) that have almsost the same face as Winebitch…..

  20. kris

    Man o man she sure is ugly! Those fake freckles look so stupid, does she think she will be setting a trend? GROSS!

  21. tessa

    She’s GOOD at makeup!! :D

  22. yuki


  23. leid-girl

    what is even more trailer trash is those stretch marks on her boobs from the implants. Yeah, so fucking attractive. Its really sad to think she is so proud of them.

    ANd no, those painted on freckles do not distract us from her honker and fish like face.

    IN fact……..she resembles our Hawaiian state fish……..trigger fish!!

  24. #8 – They’re stretch marks on her new ones. Some continuous application of shea butter might alleviate that if she gets on em quick. But clearly she wants everyone to know she’s got new knockers so maybe anything that points out that fact is something she wants.

  25. Grand Dragon

    Ugly jew

  26. Why did I look

    A true disgrace that a pig like this was ever offered to the consumers as a talent. No range or power to the voice and she sings of nothing. She is nothing more than a burned out pile of garbage now but I am sure she has billions of certainly well earned money for her worthless whorishness.
    Who the fuck set this lowlife up in the first place and why why why?


    I just can’t believe this chick takes herself serious. One day she’ll look in the mirror and wonder what all this is about. And if anyone cares. If she doesn’t swallow a big rock first and OD………..

  28. Jimmy

    In the upcoming revision of Webster’s Dictionary, under the entry “skank,” there will be a picture of this creature!`

  29. Pablito

    I originally thought she looked like Keith Richards but, with those freckles, now I’m leaning towards Alfalfa from the Little Rascals.

  30. mom

    Looks like she’s had other work done, too..lips? nose?

    I think she’s kind of awesome.

  31. @29, I think that face looks more like Buckwheat

  32. Mike

    It is the biggest waste of silicone since Shannen Doherty pumped up!

  33. @30, Mom, if she has had work done to here face, why is she still butt ugly? You don’t pay good money to make yourself look like crap unless you are Michael Jackson..

  34. Those aren’t real freckles, right? Is she doing make up freckles? Looks weird. And frightening.

  35. NobodySpecial

    Good to see Amy back on drugs. Just look at her, she is swimming in her buzz. Pretty soon she will be losing weight again, fighting with the paps and going out at 4:00am crying in public or falling down in the street.

  36. Jenna

    Looks like someone sharted on her face.

  37. Norad Bush


  38. jojo

    she needs a good nose job to lift that nose up, make it more perky! She does look like a true Jewish girl…..those fake freckles are soooo weird!

  39. I think Amy Winehouse is very talented, and very exotic looking. I was very impressed with her debut album. Again, very talented, very sexy looking, but needs to some serious help to leave the narcotics alone. Other than that,again, great singer.

  40. cantunderstandwhyshe'sstillhere

    Gee, you think she wants people to notice her new boobs – and EWWWW! – are those new stretch marks to go with the new boobs?

  41. I call 'em as I see 'em

    Fake tits and fake…freckles???!!! Sweet Jesus, I thought I’d seen every bloody thing. She looks absolutely foolish, certainly. But seriously, her REAL tits were quite enviable, from a female point of view. This is (these are) just pathetic. Un-enhanced, she was a very pretty woman, sadly enough. We’ll never see the likes of that again, as she’s surely one of the most insecure creatures on earth. Joan Rivers, get ready for a cage match. (my first choice there was Michael Jackson, and look at the sadness that went along with THAT insecurity…) That said, WHEN, OH WHEN is Amy going to focus on SINGING again? I mean, the girl can freakin’ SING…

  42. Sport

    I think this creature is the single most frightening female on the earth to me. She never looks good, ever. Tammy Faye Baker makeup looked good compared to Wino. YUCK.

  43. Jay

    What else has she got to celebrate? At least now she sorta looks like a girl. I say Bravo!!
    Now if she’d learn to act like one and sing as if her very soul depended on it, both within her grasp, she’d move the earth.

  44. PsyKo

    she’s shooting herself heroin in the face? what are those freckles?

    Fake boobs don’t work when they ain’t proportionnated with the body, IMO…

  45. pdxfacehole

    stretch mark titties and what the fuck are those dots.

  46. pdxfacehole

    So what if she looks like a Jew. She’s be cute if her eyes didn’t have wings, lose the nose dots and fill in those sphincter lips.

  47. Mister Bored

    Stretch marks over fake tits, crackhead legs, fake freckles, who knows where the heroin needle marks are at… yeah. Sexy…

  48. She blows

    It’s like this crackhead bitch can’t get out of her own way. First she descends into crack hell with her dumbfuck asshole heroin husband (“Blaaaaaakkeee!”), then slutts around with her idiotic behive hairdoo & meth face rotting, then she cleans up, then she gets fake titty bags (with the “here’s my tits, boys!” nipples) & now she’s putting fake freckles on her face (to compliment the absolutely idiotic vulcan eyebrow paint she slaps on). She’s trash; just trash…

  49. Hey big props to her if that’s actually what she’s trying to do. I’m just saying that the story so far is pretty much a train wreck with a pretty voice.

  50. Aunt Jemima

    Those aren’t freckles. Its coke eating through her face.

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