Amy Winehouse spent $1000 a day on drugs

Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil sent a letter from prison to his father. Blake refers to his dad as “Daydream” because of his laid-back attitude and shares his fears that Amy will die before he gets out of prison. He’s hoping rehab will get her off coke and crack which they used to do $1000 worth of everyday, according to News of the World:

“I want Amy to grab this opportunity in rehab so we can have a marriage and future together. Because the way she’s going I really fear I will come out of prison to no wife.

“I dread my cell door being opened and the chaplain informing me, ‘Amy’s dead.’
“I have that nightmare three or four times a week.

I’m assuming $1000 worth of blow is a lot. I dunno, I’m more of a meth man. Anyway, if I ever called my dad “Daydream,” he’d chain me to the garage door then hit me repeatedly with his truck. He prefers “Buttercup.”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin