Amy Winehouse spent $1000 a day on drugs

January 28th, 2008 // 51 Comments

Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil sent a letter from prison to his father. Blake refers to his dad as “Daydream” because of his laid-back attitude and shares his fears that Amy will die before he gets out of prison. He’s hoping rehab will get her off coke and crack which they used to do $1000 worth of everyday, according to News of the World:

“I want Amy to grab this opportunity in rehab so we can have a marriage and future together. Because the way she’s going I really fear I will come out of prison to no wife.

“I dread my cell door being opened and the chaplain informing me, ‘Amy’s dead.’
“I have that nightmare three or four times a week.

I’m assuming $1000 worth of blow is a lot. I dunno, I’m more of a meth man. Anyway, if I ever called my dad “Daydream,” he’d chain me to the garage door then hit me repeatedly with his truck. He prefers “Buttercup.”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. sparters


  2. Nicole

    She actually looks “ok” in the face, like she has some color in her cheeks…. sort of.

  3. Nicole

    She actually looks “ok” in the face, like she has some color in her cheeks…. sort of.

  4. Nicole

    She actually looks “ok” in the face, like she has some color in her cheeks…. sort of.

  5. Nicole

    She actually looks “ok” in the face, like she has some color in her cheeks…. sort of.

  6. Nicole

    She actually looks “ok” in the face, like she has some color in her cheeks…. sort of.

  7. Judd

    $1000 worth of blow is a lot!!!!!! Not too sure about the crack.

  8. unicornzrawk

    crack is whack!

  9. needle-dicked nate

    what happened to this site, fishman?

    why does anyone still advertise here?

  10. Horny The Clown

    Speaking as someone who would STILL tap Britney’s ass if she’d just give a clown a break, let me say this:

    I wouldn’t even dream of hitting that.

  11. Debagger

    She REALLY doesn’t look that horrible in these photos.

    I’m gonna start doin crack now.

  12. D. Richards (Masturbator.)

    Rehab has taken another one away from us. Amy Winehouse was destined to be one of our generations great drug abusers but now, she’s just another statistic. Stuck in some rehabilitation center. Getting better and losing her edge.

    Too bad she couldn’t continue to smoke crack for years and years culminating in a suicide. It’s a damn shame. I have faith though — I have faith that Amy’s not strong enough to quit for good.

  13. Rat

    Big deal! I eat mexican food everyday so I spend $1000 daily on TP.

  14. Anonymous

    Uh, Nicole……….we heard you the first four times………..

  15. Dr. Phil

    With all due respect to the AA mindless drones, she looks better now – on drugs but putting a tiny bit of effort into her appearance – than she ever did before, when she looked like a generic fat Christkiller, straight out of the discount shops in Long Island.

  16. El-Coyote


    The British Britney?

  17. Rick

    I like her. She’s talented and tough in a crazy psycho way. Pretty much the opposite of Heath Ledger, who was such a wuss that when he played a psycho – just played one, didn’t actually become one – he got all upset, stayed in his apartment and cried, went to a shrink and asked for a bunch of pills, and then keeled over with his ass pointing up as one final sign of how much of a bitch he was. True, she’s an ugly manface, but maybe that will help Heath’s daughter as she searches for a male role model who isn’t a giant pussy.

  18. #16 – I’m not so sure… She can actually sing, yet I have no desire to choke fuck her. Weird…

  19. I think Nicole is having a seizure, somebody call 911.

    $1000 worh of crack is not much. About 6 or 7 hours worth…..

    How do I know? Britney told me..

  20. ThatGuy

    Wait, aren’t we missing one key component of this story? Why does a guy in “prison” still have his cell phone?

  21. Guy

    Jesus H Christ, is that fat lady going to eat her or something?

  22. Auntie Kryst

    $1000 a day? I don’t think that’s a lot of coke when the money is converted to Sterling. Also she eats off the McDonald’s value meal menu and saves condiments so she knows how to manage her spending money. Crack isn’t whack, fiscal irresponsibility is. I’m guessing Amy must be a Tory, but if a Limey is on the site, please correct me if I’m wrong.

  23. geez

    Oh my god, and there’s millions of people dying of hunger and millions of kids dying of diseases because they can’t afford the cure which costs $10, and millions of kids being exploited and working 20 hours a day for $1 in the world.

    You know there’s something wrong in the world when that happens, and when this shit people like Amy Winehouse spends the money that could save hundreds and even thousands of lives in a day just to get high. She’s trash. PATHETIC, disgusting.

  24. darwin

    @23 – don’t confuse evolution at work for a situation that demands intervention. The lesser are SUPPOSED to perish, or at least be enslaved by the greater. As an American, I’m PROUD of being one of the greater. Amy has more talent than all of those wretches you describe, put together. She deserves her money, and she’s free to spend her money on drugs, or whatever else she wants. She certainly doesn’t need to give it to the hairclog circling the drain.

  25. isitin

    The only people that will miss her is her husband & “Daydream”.

  26. ew

    #24 You should get hit by a car next time you cross the street, you trash, you even deserve to be the victim of a serial killer. That’s all you deserve in this world. You’re worthless SCUM. Be proud, you scum. You are the LESSER, more wothless shit that can ever walk on earth.

  27. She looks okay here? Take a good long look at her hair: That frizzy, dead, incoherent pile of split ends is a little thing I like to call Lifetime Alcoholic Hair. It’s what happens when people abuse their bodies too hard/for too long. It’s great because it serves as a giant warning sign that the person walking around under that hair is CRAZY, the kind of dead-eyed crazy that bears a frightening resemblance to a talking zombie.

    It’s not a good look.

  28. ella

    It’s weirding me out how her face looks kindof pretty here … are these old pics? she looks about 30 years younger than last week

  29. Danielle

    I just wanna party with her.

  30. Googlybits

    She looks a thousand times better in these photos. Maybe she’s just started rehab without the drugs? She’s very underweight, but her skin and hair look much healthier.

  31. Lindsay

    Woaah what changed here, she actually looks pretty in these. Her face looks less awkwardly shaped and oblong, very strange from last weeks pictures..

  32. Fit & Petite

    I wish Amy well. She does look pretty in these pictures. Perhaps she had just eaten a good meal and did not do any drugs yet that day.

  33. Janine

    That is exactly why I refused to buy her album, even though I love her music and voice. I just burned it off of the internet instead! I was NOT going to contribute any crack money to her and her deadbeat goldigger husband.

  34. beyonce22

    Amy is a poor girl. She needs support and help now. It is said she is on divorce now. Her profile was found on wealthy men personals site called W e a l t h yR o m a n c last week. Good luck to her search!

  35. beyonce

    Amy is poor now. She needs support and help. Her profile was found on wealthy men personals site called W e a l t h yR o m a n c last week. It is said she is on divorce now.

  36. DrPhowstus

    #14 – Okaaaaaaaaay…


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    Pronunciation: \hi-’pä-kr?-s? also h?-\
    Alternate Pronunciation: \?-’nä-n?-m?s\

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    Etymology: Middle English “ypocrisie”, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin hypocrisis, from Greek hypokrisis act of playing a part on the stage, hypocrisy, from hypokrinesthai to answer, act on the stage, from hypo- + krinein to decide — more at certain
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  37. g

    sure we believe u hubby from hell worried that yr money bag pegs off

  38. Petite

    There’s a LOT of coke heads and drunks still alive from the 60′s & 70′s, so don’t count Amy out just yet!

    Look how long David Crosby lived. All of the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Frampton…

  39. She looks fantastic. I know better than to assume it means she’s doing suddenly doing better, but I hope she is. Bitch is crazy, but bitch is also fucking talented.

  40. maz

    she looks good here……….

  41. whistle

    Did he actually use the denomination $? He’s British, right? They don’t use American currency to buy drugs, do they?

  42. Bub

    She looks really pretty. Hope she gets the help she needs. Im all for a little celebrity stalkerazzi, but I think they need to leave this girl alone.

  43. Rikki Galz

    Not only is her hair messed up, but look at her hands. That’s ‘junkie’s gout’, so much poison in her system that it’s disfigured her hands, made her knuckles swollen. Amy Winehouse is the poster child to how drugs can destroy your looks, just look at the pics from just 3 years ago. Winehouse lost about 4 dress sizes, she’s a skeleton.

    She’s spat her teeth out at photogs, walked around in a daze with a bra and jeans in December, and WHO can forget those terrif YouTube vids of those wonderful concerts (Birmingham NIA, Coachella, Eden Project, Joe’s Bar (NYC)! Lord Have Mercy, she doesn’t need rehab, she needs to be in an institution. When she used all those drugs in that video, she was trying to get away from everything, she was on a mission!

    Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith can’t believe she’s still livin’…………………

  44. I Forgot It

    For the love of God! hat HAS TO BE A MAN! That or “she” should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for having an 8 inch clitoris and balls!

    “She” makes Crack Whores look good!

  45. e

    SO that’s, like… 15-20 grams. Damn, girl. Apart from her being a nasty-looking jew, her drug use is admirable.

  46. anti

    Hey number 24, youre disgusting and pathetic. I hope you know that it is people like you who give americans a bad name.

  47. Lindsay

    Amy looks hot here LOL.

  48. Hans Calkins

    I like Amy, I wish I could meet her in person. I do worry about her health, but hey I’d have a few drinks and smoke cigarettes with her. I love her makeup and her beehive. She’s original, talented, and really doesn’t care what others think. I love that about her. Hans

  49. Amy Winehouse is doing the right thing going into treatment. $1,000 a day is a huge amount of money to be spending on cocaine and crack.

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