Amy Winehouse redefines ‘sexy’

November 11th, 2008 // 126 Comments

Amy Winehouse held court with the paparazzi outside her house this morning and, aw shit, he’s flatlined. I knew it. Excuse me while I snap my penis out of cardiac arrest:

“Live, dammit! LIVE! No, not like this…. Not like this…. Fight, damn you! Jessica Simpson is just one straight-to-DVD bomb away from doing porn. DON’T YOU DIE ON ME! *sniff* You complete me.

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    Man!!!! They’re going all out in promoting the new “Star Trek” movie. I think she looks awesome as Spock. I still wish they made the mesh top blue as a wink to the old tv show. Otherwise, I’m jizzing in muh pants in anticipation of this movie.

    Never let it be said that I don’t love kids because……..I LOVE KIDS!!!!!!!

  2. Jay

    I love her hair! It looks nice. Her -do is so much nicer than that freakin fright wig she normally stumbles under.
    What a waste of talent.

  3. Jay

    I love her hair! It looks nice. Her -do is so much nicer than that freakin fright wig she normally stumbles under.
    What a waste of talent.

  4. sapphire eyes

    Mimi — you’re an idiot.

    Amy Winehouse looks as if she’s got one foot in the grave and is ready to put the second one in.

  5. !!

    Ahhh!!!!! My eyes, my EYES!!!!!

  6. The most hideous woman on Earth. It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

  7. jimmy paige

    Is pix 7 to show she no longer has tracks on her arms from all the H she used to slam?

    poor, poor girl…. super talented but super jacked up

  8. Ness

    This bitch is sadly unattractive, and she did it to herself. BUT at least she has talent!!!!!

  9. netstarman

    I couldn’t tell if that was Madonna or Amy Winohouse, The scarred track marks on the arm covered up by patchwork tattoos threw me off for a minute. It could be worse she could actually put on make-up………Oh shes wearing makeup WOW ..I could not tap that if i was paid a million dollars.

    For a bit I thought she was Morgan ” MAN-JAW” Webb from G4 TV ( X-Play)

  10. Randal

    She’s a squirter.

  11. Lexoka

    She’s amazing; just amazing.

    She just never runs out of ways to disgust me.

  12. timmy the dying boy

    Those are the tattoos we can see. It’s better, obviously, to not think of the hidden ones.

  13. She finally washed and cut her hair and is eating. I hope it lasts.

  14. Clem

    Ha ha! Awesome! Look at the gut on that swamp donkey! More Winehouse! That’s cheered me up properly!

  15. Dana

    1.) People who obsess over “FIRST!!!!!!!!!” comments should die.
    2.) Amy Winehouse used to be gorgeous. What the hell has happened? She’s an amazing singer. But this is gross.

  16. jamie

    first pic i thought was funny, but looking at the rest just makes me feel sorry for her. i wish she wouldn’t waste away like this.

  17. JoeBillJimBobBillyJack

    One of the most disgusting, vile, crusty, sleazy, nauseating women I’ve ever seen in my life. And that includes the crack whore walking down the street huffing freon. Pathetic.

    More proof that an “intelligent designer” was not so intelligent after all.

    If a g0d created that monster then I say FOAD to that weakling motherfucker.

  18. Golden Shower

    Well, at least she’s totally harmless.

  19. Fernando Narcos

    I am as hard as a fucking diamond after seeing these pics.

  20. ritrhnu

    I just logged on a web named ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^^ where so many people are discussing about her latest news.

  21. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Even for a scuzzy-ass 5 dollar truckstop whore she looks awfully fucked up. They should force her to wear a fucking bag over her face ’cause pretty soon she will start turning everyone to stone like Medusa. In states without the death penalty, they should make the ultimate punishment for a capital crime giving her a rim job – Christ THAT alone would put an end to crime!

  22. heather

    the sad part is, is that she would be absolutely sexy if she’d just get help for her many problems. You can see in the third from the last photo, she has so much potential. It’s just the drugs/alcohol/etc that make her ugly.

  23. SB


  24. hermanmunster

    She is one big walking infection.


  26. cowboy

    Again, just stop posting stories/pics of her. It was fun to laugh at the first 100 times but now it’s just disturbing.

  27. cball

    Why hasn’t she died yet? I mean seriously. People die all the time. are you telling me that this freak is more capable of surviving than, hell, anything?

  28. Rant

    Amy did die…..this is her fucking zombie running amuck.

  29. Balls McCoy

    This woman is so foul that even crabs refuse to sit in that rotting crotch.

  30. mar

    her nails are disgusting… looks like she has dirt from the last 2 weeks stuck up in there

  31. Danielle

    She apparently came out to talk to the paps at 8 AM. Her eyes are wide open, strangely wide open. She had to be up all night on coke, crack, speed, some upper, or all of them. Yeah, she’s looking a tiny bit better but the fact that later this same afternoon, she’s pictured taking shots in a pub makes me think she was seriously coming down from being up all night. She probably went home and crashed and will continue her drug infused cycle as long as she can afford it. This is the lifestyle she wants and with her personality, it will last for many more years.

  32. mimi

    He Danielle why don’t you go back into your little cage you nasty whore?

  33. Blah

    I’d like to see her on the show Intervention; I bet that would be one interesting ride. Still fascinated by the “huffer” on there, she looked crazier than Amy…didn’t think that was possible.

  34. Does she only have 4 toes on her left foot? Is that new?!?!

  35. I choose for the option: “HELPING MYSELF”, folks

  36. Scabby McGangrene

    Obviously, she’s not a pretty lady. But she doesn’t look that cracked out in these pics. She almost looks like a normal person. I like this chick, I hope she can keep it together.

  37. Sprmcandy

    This skank is still alive?

  38. norton

    Not one, but three hospital bands on her arm.

  39. Ron

    You must be sick if she is sexy!

  40. Patrick

    Ok, now I´m BLIND, thanks, I´m writing this only because I know where are the letters in my keyboard

  41. shellibelli

    Indeed what a waste of talent, when you die
    and you will only be remembered as having
    out skanked Paris Hilton

  42. shellibelli

    Indeed what a waste of talent, when you die
    and you will only be remembered as having
    out skanked Paris Hilton

  43. shawno

    she looks like a big pile of shit and twice as nutty her songs are stupid she looks ridiculous I can’t believe she has even 2 fans !!! totally gross

  44. paparazzi suck balls

    wow…i’m not clicking on the pics of her again and could you dipshits just STOP photographing her for a month or two? fucking murderers.

  45. paparazzi suck balls

    wow…i’m not clicking on pics of her again and could you dipshits just STOP photographing her for a month or two? fucking murderers.

  46. rottenteeth

    i know she’s British and all, but damn, go to the dentist already. She’s got the money.

  47. paparazzi suck balls

    and everyone who has made a nasty comment here, you’re all junkies yourselves. look in the mirror you decaying slabs of flesh.

    i’m done with this shit.

  48. Katie

    it looks like she only has four toes…

    but thats the least of her problems..

  49. Starfish

    Lemme eat that ass with some A1 or Worcheshire sauce, mmmmm mmmmm!!!

  50. amanda

    the saddest thing about this is that these are GOOD pics of her
    i refuse to believe this woman has any talent, her voice sucks + shes a wreck.
    she will likely be dead w/in a year…
    and she has 5 toes – the last 2 are just smooshed together

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