Amy Winehouse really has her shit together (Not counting the punching, wobbling and general incoherency)

Amy Winehouse performed at the Glastonbury festival over the weekend and attacked a fan during a song. Supposedly, somebody tried to “grab” Amy (Cocaine is a helluva drug.), and she responded by throwing some elbows of fury. The crazy part is, she’s not even looking while she’s letting those death knobs fly. As of this post, no charges have been filed and the police aren’t launching an investigation. BBC News reports:

“The ‘lashing out’ was when someone tried to grab her hair and she reacted,” the spokesman said. He added that “one person misbehaving” did not spoil the singer’s enjoyment of her performance.
But footage of the incident did not clearly show what provoked her lunge.
The Grammy-winning singer was on fine form and in good voice for most of the set, going some way to dispelling fears about her health. She jumped down into the security pit for the last two songs, separated from the fans by a crush barrier.

If you watch the video after the jump, you can see that maybe, perhaps Amy Winehouse should’ve rested up from her hospital stint before interacting with the public. When she’s not trying to thank them for buying tickets by breaking their faces, Amy performs exactly like I walk home after a night of drinking: All kinds of wobbly and thinking “How did I end up in heels again?”