Amy Winehouse really has her shit together (Not counting the punching, wobbling and general incoherency)

June 30th, 2008 // 73 Comments

Amy Winehouse performed at the Glastonbury festival over the weekend and attacked a fan during a song. Supposedly, somebody tried to “grab” Amy (Cocaine is a helluva drug.), and she responded by throwing some elbows of fury. The crazy part is, she’s not even looking while she’s letting those death knobs fly. As of this post, no charges have been filed and the police aren’t launching an investigation. BBC News reports:

“The ‘lashing out’ was when someone tried to grab her hair and she reacted,” the spokesman said. He added that “one person misbehaving” did not spoil the singer’s enjoyment of her performance.
But footage of the incident did not clearly show what provoked her lunge.
The Grammy-winning singer was on fine form and in good voice for most of the set, going some way to dispelling fears about her health. She jumped down into the security pit for the last two songs, separated from the fans by a crush barrier.

If you watch the video after the jump, you can see that maybe, perhaps Amy Winehouse should’ve rested up from her hospital stint before interacting with the public. When she’s not trying to thank them for buying tickets by breaking their faces, Amy performs exactly like I walk home after a night of drinking: All kinds of wobbly and thinking “How did I end up in heels again?”


  1. Satan


  2. veggi

    Great performance. No offense, but I kinda doubt that the Superfish crowd is sophisticated enough to critique anything except Britney’s brand of “music.”

  3. Isn’t it more likely the “fan” realized what a nasty skank was on stage and he was trying to leave as fast as possible when Amy attacked him thinking he might have some crack?

    oh, #1 – you are a douche

  4. Dave

    For some reason, I love watching this loser destroy herself.

  5. Drink umbrellas in the ol’ hive… if that doesn’t spell classy, nothing does. Well that and fighting in a dress.

  6. Corlyss

    I don’t understand why people would feel it’s ok to just reach out and touch a performer. I understand the want to do it, because you feel like you know them and want to just have that moment with them, but for them… you’re a complete fucking stranger.

    I doubt the person who did it would want to be groped by someone they didn’t know.

    Also, bad idea for putting her in heels. She’s just not ready for that kind of balancing act.

  7. Expert on Everything

    what a shame. her music (on her CD’s), is soooo goood! i’m totally addicted to ‘Some Unholy War’ and ‘Stronger than Me’. tsk, tsk, tsk

  8. yodolayheehoo


    I still love you.

    and Amy, seriously, looking upon you reminds of me of everything I wish could be…well no…everything I’m not glad I’m not. That’s right. I’ve got it now.

  9. sara

    um, doesn’t it just look like someone threw a hat at her and she got confused, thinking the contact came from the person in front of her?

  10. veggi

    My troll has gone overboard now. I mean, come on. No racist remarks?? But you insult Britney???????? The world no longer makes sense..

  11. Seth

    Sorry, folks, but you only embarrass yourself by criticizing Amy as if she should look and act like you do (like a typical Walmart customer). Creative people have always been different, living on the edge, prone to addictions, often dying young. I don’t expect you to understand the complex creative process – I’m not a cruel man – but you do need to to accept that you look foolish by awkwardly attempting to poke fun at it, like a cave man encountering an oyster’s pearl.

  12. Anonymous

    sports dv.

    Do you know anything about sports?

  13. veggi

    Amy’s gonna make an ugly lampshade after all that tatooing and skin disease.

    (happy, #10?)

  14. ah, thanks #11 for letting us all know we just don’t “get” her. But, you are so enlightened that you do. Yeah, takes a real high intellect to understand a drug addled crack whore. Seriously Spencer Pratt, you may have signed your post “Seth” but we know it is you trying to convince us all you aren’t a douche bag and instead are “talented and enlightened”.

  15. #12 – I am as addicted to sports as Amy is to crack.

  16. Deborah


  17. Deborah

    WHAT?! It’s MONDAY and she’s STILL ALIVE?! WTF???

  18. Seth

    #14 – they have 3 pairs of socks for only 99 cents on aisle 12. You’re welcome.

  19. Yea, Im “adickted” to sports, yet I have about the LAMEST looking website as the link in my name. Im so “adickted” I cant afford to either pay someone to make it look and function better or Im so stupid I cant figure it out myself.

    Im just so jazzed about the synchronized swimming and underwater basket weaving coming up in the olympics. Those were my majors at my community college. I minored in animal husbandry and k9 proctology.

  20. How cute troll #19. Guess you want to make sure everyone knows you are a douche. Maybe #18 can get you some socks to stuff in your pants so you’ll be more like a man!

  21. veggi

    19- what a long boring trollouge of dumbass..

  22. Thanks Veggi, you are right as usual. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  23. seth

    Yes, I know where the socks are and all about Walmart. As an employee there, Im privy to employee discounts on music and magazines, which is how Im so educated about the complexity of musicians and artists.

    You imbeciles see, I have my Zune player loaded with everything I see on mtv, bet and vh1…so I KNOW all about everything. I stock the shelves so I have plenty of time to get in their heads and know what theyre talking about. I live through them, so I get it. Maybe one day you guys will be fortunate enough to understand it. Plus I watch E top 10. Sal Masekala is pretty smart for a black guy and I think his ponytails make him that way. I have never seen so many ponytails on a guy before. That makes him hotter and smarter.

  24. Anonymous

    #15: What sports and teams?

  25. Kristi

    #11 Don’t be so conceited. I think Amy is ok. She’s not great, but she’s ok. A few of her songs are good even though she’s definately not in Mariah Carey’s league. She should do an album of cover songs now to try to get her act together and go for more success. If she just has to be all edgy she could try to cover some of Taylor Hicks’ stuff.

  26. high-poti-noose

    Hey Seth, why don’t you grow up. Amy Winehouse is a talentless crack whore. She is and always will be an overproduced waste of studio time.

    5 years ago she had a chance to be great. But now that chance is gone, and all she has is the crack pipe and McDonald’s french fries.

  27. #19/23 – obviously the same person – give it a break. John Graziano could troll better than you.

  28. seth


    lol..well you didnt address the fact that he/she is right. That sight is so…1993ish. And you do seem like the type that would be into k9 proctology.

  29. Seth

    #26: your comment landed right after an equally sophisticated critique by your peer, “Kristi.” Thanks for providing illustration for my earlier comment.

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    Im ??? ????????. ??????

  31. Seth, your fascination with K9′s is really disturbing. As for the site it probably generates more ad revenue than you make in a month blowing enlightened artists in a backalley. But, that’s just a guess.

    #24, I’d love to help you out with whatever question you have but I obviously can’t post an email address on here as the trolls and stalkers would have a field day with it.

  32. Anonymous

    #31, Not asking for an e-mail address, just wondered what teams you follow.

  33. Kathi

    #11: I certainly understand the complex creative process, but there is no way in Hell that I would destroy my body (or my image) during that process. Drug addiction, alcohol addiction and living on the “edge” are all choices that an individual makes. Putting a needle full of heroin in your arm under the guise of creativity is bullshit. Those are choices we make and if you pick the wrong ones, so be it, but don’t pass the buck…take responsibility for your own actions. I’m not a cruel woman… just stating the blatant obvious.

  34. To all the trolls that are pretending to be me….you aren’t fooling anyone.

  35. Mrs Purell

    Who would be so stupid as to stick their hand in something as nasty as Amy Wino’s hair? She probably has old soda bottles stashed in it for some emergency crack money.

  36. Kathi

    #2: Veggie, if you are posting, then doesn’t that make you part of the Superfish crowd? Oh wait, let me guess…you accidentally stumbled upon this site while trying to do stock options, you suave individual! You don’t know any of us on this site and are making a rather large and asinine assumption about our level of sophistication and taste in music. So why don’t you either enlighten us or go crawl back under the rock you came from.

  37. @36

    Veggi has been here with the rest of us laid off brick workers. We got caught drinking on the job and got fired. SOmehow, its George Bushs fault that im jobless and cant afford to feed my 16 cats, so the government should pay me equal wages until I find another brick laying job. Or until Barack Osama gets elected and pays everyone to not work…and be black.

    BTW, anyone know any guys named Brick?

  38. Grunion

    They just intervied the guy she elbowed. He says she got pissed when people started throwing shit at her ass and laughing at her jailed BF.

    Not nearly as bad as changing the lyrics to “Free Nelson Mandela” at his own birthday party though. That was utterly crass and disgusting. I mean holy fuck I know drug addicts are pretty self possed motherfuckers but that’s taking it to a whole new level. I no longer care if she dies, in fact I’m praying for it.

  39. Damn! You guys are laid off brick workers too? And here I thought I was the only one (well, that any my trolls). I really wish I could get the job as Amy Crackhouse’s dealer but some stupid Brit has that job already.

    #32 – Mainly football & basketball (pro & college) and some MLB.

  40. hipstrhatr

    Great. Now every hipster twit is going to be accessorizing with paper drink umbrellas.

  41. funny.guy

    The quote should be “…it was one person mis-BEEHIVING…”. Get it? HaHaHaHa…I crack myself up (see how I cleverly put ‘crack’ into my comment too?).

  42. Tommu


  43. Crappola

    Wait… people are still buying tickets to see Amy “Crack-matic” Winehouse live?!

  44. veggi

    Hey Kathi and the rest of you fucking scumbags can suck my bleeding cunt, rat’s nest of pubic hair and all. I consider my intellect and tastes far above that of the average pile of shit that visits this waste of time site. Amy is the greatest musician of our time. If you can’t hear that than obviously you do not posess the rifined hearing of an astute individual such as myself.

  45. @Expert on Everything
    >what a shame. her music (on her CD’s), is soooo goood!

    Yeah, but surely it’s like the late/great Jimi Hendrix who allegedly spent days re-recording short clips of music as he was (allegeldly) so stoned? And y’know, recording technology is soooo good these days..

  46. @44 Notice how your comment coes right after an idiot before you (#43) posts “THIS GIRL IS SO HOT!!!”?

    That pretty much answers your question right there. They’re her “crack buddies”

  47. Kathi

    @45 Too funny Veg! At least me and my refined (take note of the ‘e’ ) hearing know how to fucking spell! And yes, your high intellect shows through to all of us when you talk about your rat infested mooseknuckle. I think you are the average pile of shit and the rest of us far outshine you in taste and intellect. And if you think this site is a waste of time, go do something more useful with your time…like learning to spell.

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  49. Moli



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