Amy Winehouse pwns the Grammys

February 11th, 2008 // 110 Comments

Amy Winehouse scored five Grammys last night: Record of the Year, Best New Artist, Song of the Year for “Rehab,” Best Vocal Album and Best Pop Vocal Performance. She accepted the award live via satellite from London. Her visa request was denied but then accepted at the last minute. Amy chose to perform closer to home. Us Magazine reports:

After accepting her award, an emotional Winehouse, who was joined on stage by her dad and mom, thanked her parents, record label and “incarcerated Blake” — her husband, who has been behind bars since last last year.
“I can’t believe I’ve won 5 awards. It’s a shame I couldn’t be there to accept the awards but I’m so proud and happy that I had the opportunity to perform for the Grammys in my hometown of London with my family and friends around me,” she said. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” .

Amy Winehouse’s performance (video after the jump) was surprisingly lucid. Much like Britney Spears it seems Amy is getting her ducks in a row. With the two of them on the top of their game, Britney and Amy should put their heads together and form a brain trust. They could find a cure for cancer. I mean, once they’re done putting test tubes on all their fingers and trying to eat a lab monkey.

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  1. hanjobsolo

    Don’t care, don’t care

  2. my comment

    She’s talented. Something unusual these days.

    I hope she pulls herself together.

  3. Ript1&0

    And/or trying to make a crack pipe out of a beaker. Get the bunson burner, Britney!!!

    No idea what a bunson burner is, really. But they’ll find a way to smoke crack out of it I’m sure.

  4. noneyobeezwax

    i wonder how many crack rocks it would take for her to give those grammys up?

  5. Rick

    lmao@all the continued hating. Amy needs to have a baby and then die, so that all you bitterly jealous losers can go soft and moan “oooooh, the poor baby! And Heath was the most talented singer of his generation! I mean Amy!” And attack anybody who criticizes her. You are as predictable as you are pathetic, the very definition of loser.

  6. Jenny

    When she tries to look sexy and seductive it makes me vomit. RIP keyboard. We had a good run.

  7. Madeline

    Wait, isn’t her hair short and blonde now? What’s going on here?

  8. deaconjones

    blah blah blah blahblah

  9. IKE

    She seemed sincerely shocked and happy when they announced that she won.

    I’m glad that she’s (HOPEFULLY) heading the right direction now. She’s a great talent.

  10. Spazz

    I dont know her music but cant get past her being the most fucked up and frightening thing i have ever seen before.

  11. LL

    She deserved it (as much as anyone “deserves” a Grammy). That beehive hairdo and that fucked up eye makeup still makes her look like a loon, but she can sing. I think it’s hilarious that she won with a song titled “Rehab.” Maybe Britney should make a song titled “Not Acting Like a Lunatic,” and she could win the Most Ironic Grammy Award of 2009.

  12. Jen

    Am I the only one who thinks she still looks wasted !?

    She made the creepiest, weird faces while she was singing her first song…ad danced like a drunk retard in the second.

  13. spaz

    rick needs some midol.

  14. Mick

    I really don’t understand how anyone can think she has talent. She sounds, looks, and acts like a drag queen.

  15. I'm going to be nice

    I’m glad to see she made it through the song without shooting up or falling down. I’ve always appreciated her music because for christs sakes is something that sounds different for a change! Still freaky looking, but oh well.

  16. Jesus Tap Dancing Christ

    Hey! Lab monkey is delicious.

  17. Jen

    another thing..

    What’s the fucking deal with so many people claiming that Britney(flewoverthecookoosnest) is finally getting her shit together? Perez just said it and now Fish?
    I just her pic on TMZ and she looks like $5.00 crack whore….in ripped fishnets, no pants, skank red panties OVER her fishnets, no bra, her usual dirty blue shirt was on inside-out and backwards…her “hair” was pulled back extreme exposing her nASSty weave (that I’m sure an rodent dwells in)…and she was back to “puffing’ smoke into her disgusting mouth.
    oh dear… did I forget to mention the fucking BOOTS again!?

    Oh..and that daddy has apparently confiscated her pink wig!?

    Give me a fucking break. Britney is as batshit as ever.

    Pay attention peeples!

  18. syn13

    I like Amy’s music a lot, but her performance last night was abysmal. People need to stop patting her on the back and congratulating her for not puking on herself while on stage.

  19. Many props to Ms. Winehouse. That little crackhead can sing.

  20. Mimi

    Praying for Amy and Britney.

    What wonders our God can do!

  21. Andrea

    syn13 that’s exactly what they should do, at this point in time. If she can stay off drugs, eventually it’ll be time to up the ante, but compared to how low she was just a few weeks ago, she’s doing well. Decent human beings understand this.

  22. havoc

    Congratulations Amy!!

    You deserve it!!

    Goddamn she’s ugly…….


  23. Gerald_Tarrant

    Amy sucks. You could barely make out what she was saying, let alone singing. She sucked last night and she will continue to keep sucking because everyone coddles her stoned ass. If I ever decide to go and commit crimes, I am moving to England, apparently they don’t lock you up for shit there.

    Cop: Excuse me Miss Winehouse, terribly sorry to bother you.

    Amy: Awww, whatttufukkkkk yu want???

    Cop: You dropped this crackpipe and have a trail of heroin coming from your handbag.

    Amy: Awww, whatttufukkkkk yu want???

    Cop: That’s all ma’am. We just wanted you to know you were losing your drugs.

  24. mensa


  25. Mandy

    Awwww, poor lil Gerald! I feel so bad for you. You got all growed up and nobody’s treating you like Mommy did! Wah Wah Wah Waaaaaaaah!

  26. djfred

    Trying to lump Amy and Britney together isn’t going to work as I’ll bet Amy has at least 40 IQ points on her and is infinitely more talented.

  27. Gerald_Tarrant

    Mandy, are you really Amy? Your comment made about as much sense as Amy did last night.

    Wino should have been nominated for one award, biggest fucking trainwreck of the year. Up against, BritBrit (they could fight over who is more British), Jamie Lynn Spears, LiLo, Paris Herpes.

    The only shock of the night is that they gave Herbie Hancock album of the year, not Winehouse. I felt like it was some sort of sympathy intervention.

    Awww, poor Amy, if we give you all these awards that you don’t deserve will you try to get off the crack?

  28. Fox News Watcher

    I can’t believe people keep praising and supporting this DRUG FELON. It’s yet another sign of the decay of world culture. I blame Africa, and you all know exactly what I’m talking about.

    Here’s a song worth listening to, written by a true American, Mr. John David Ashcroft (no jew in that name!). It’s called “Let the Eagle Soar” and there’s a clip of him singing it at the godless jew-tube site:

    Let the eagle soar,
    Like she’s never soared before.
    From rocky coast to golden shore,
    Let the mighty eagle soar.
    Soar with healing in her wings,
    As the land beneath her sings:
    ‘Only god, no other kings.’
    This country’s far too young to die.
    We’ve still got a lot of climbing to do,
    And we can make it if we try.
    Built by toils and struggles
    God has led us through.

  29. Jesus Tap Dancing Christ

    #26 So Amy has an IQ of 40. That’s still pretty dumb.

  30. Anal Fistula

    she must have stayed clean for a few days prior to this…she actually looks less like a scary transvestite in these pics than i am accustomed to…

  31. syn13

    #21 – That’s sweet, Andrea. Does anyone know if there is an emoticon for “rolling my eyes”?

  32. viceless wonder

    I can’t believe this freakshow drug addict cleaned out at the Grammy’s. Why do people want to reward a fucking train wreck like thi? She’s the worst possible example of a person who deserves NO RECOGNITION. Perhaps she has talent but, she also has a sickening destructive addiction which she fucking refuses to take responsibility for. Role model shmole model but, people DO emulate her and follow her example because she is in the public eye. Apparently she also has finally gotten a Visa, many people were fighting to keep her out but, I guess the massive lack of standards won out in the end. “Send the refugee who will surely be killed back to their war torn country where there is no such thing as human rights, because we have to make room for a sick, selfish, lying, waste of skin, druggie here in the land of the free”. FUCK THIS BULLSHIT. This woman is the biggest fucking coward on the planet.

  33. Gerald_Tarrant

    #28 – I’m quite familiar with that song. The song – and the man – deserve awards, not degenerates like Amy Auschwitz.

  34. Sid

    #32 – so, obviously you’ve bought your guns. Have you picked out the elementary school yet?

  35. Ted from LA

    “This woman is the biggest fucking coward on the planet”

    No, anonymous internet ranters are the biggest cowards, everybody knows that.

    This girl has talent and I respect that. I don’t begrudge her these awards.

  36. Kim

    Her music SUCKS! It’s like listening to an old warped record.

  37. panty magnet

    No I’m going to have to agree with #32.

    #35. That make you a coward too. So you are a bigger fuckup than this drug addicted whore? Now that’s sad.

  38. aeuwave

    i honestly do not think she’s that great. however, hopefully these awards will let her know she needs to get better and stop being a fuck up. unless, again, she feels she is being rewarded for being a fuck up…… hmm….

  39. Homer S.

    @32 — Your ideas intrigue me. I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter (or is it just “Soldier of Fortune”?).

  40. D. Richards (Chef.)

    I gotta say, Amy Winehouse has great stage prescence. In fact, her singing is almost overshadowed by her stage prescence — it’s that good. The whole performance was very natural and she was barely even trying. She was great, has much talent, and I was very impressed. She deserved to win her Grammies. Unlike some people (Kanye).

    Dick says: Amy’s still a junky whore though.

  41. Jim

    I agree with #32 also. This FUCKING WORLD FUCKING SUCKS! People are fucking useless, all of them. There will be a day – FUCKING TRUST ME – when you’ll all have to pay. All you liberal druggie homosexual faggots sucking each other’s cocks while sticking your finger up a boy’s ass – THE DAY IS COMING, MY FRIEND, WHEN YOU WILL BE TORN LIMB FROM LIMB AND YOUR SEVERED HEAD WILL BE PARADED AROUND IN FRONT OF YOUR FAMILY. So enjoy your fun now, because the good, just, moral, GOD-FEARING people are sick and tired of your fucking existence. THANK GOD THE SECOND AMENDMENT GIVE US THE SOLUTION.

  42. Rossco

    I could make out about… five words in that whole performance. Apparently when a British cokehead wench sings it turns out sounding like someone with down syndrome trying to do a Diana Ross impersonation.

  43. nipolian

    #28 – You have me all confused…….What does AW’s drug addictions have to do with Africa….. and by using anit-semitc rants you are promoting a Jewish singer’s song?!? WTF

  44. Matthew

    LMAO @ 41!!!

    Finally we hear directly from the retarded inner child of the typical Superficial commenter.

  45. The Light

    The mindless lemmings in entertainment all crawl over each other to be more understanding and more righteous for the current underdog hero staying true against the man. Wienhouse sucks. I’ve seen hundreds of better performers in NYC. She’s just the brain addled flavor of the moment.

  46. nipolian

    #41 – Sorry to point out the obvious but you have contradicted yourself (just slightly):

    People are fucking useless, all of them.


    So enjoy your fun now, because the good, just, moral, GOD-FEARING people are sick and tired of your fucking existence.

    So……are the good, just, moral, GOD-FEARING people useless also?

  47. #32 and 37 – It’s people like you that expect others to parent your children, and be good “role models”. So having substance abuse issues and being borderline looney disquaifies you for any adoration at all? This ain’t Major League Baseball and there are no drug tests… many musicians are fucked up and still produce incredible material (Hendrix, Bob Marley, The Beatles… etc…). I’m not gonna tell my son to do what they do, but sometimes their addictions can provide a small window of understanding for the things that afflict unaddicted people. Here’s a thought: teach your kids right from wrong, don’t leave that to Amy Winohouse to do. Anything else is in fact cowadice. I remember when Charles Barkley had a commercial that opened “I am not a role model. Parents are role models.” Listen to Eminem’s “Just Like Me” if you want o outsource your parental responsibilities. If you think for one minute the musicians you do deem worthy of awards are all clean and sober, then I’d love to get a clip of the 2008 Polka Awards you just gushed over.


  48. The Truth And You Know It


    The flavor of the hate is antisemitism. It always is, on an Amy WINEhouse thread.

  49. Gerald_Tarrant

    Woohoo @ 33, I finally got my very own troll. Thank you for this award. I really never expected to win a Trolly, but if you follow your dreams and keep posting, eventually someone will award you. You like me, you really like me.

  50. nipolian

    #47 – Well said! Except the part about the Polka players……It is a well known fact that they are solely responsible for the Meth epidemic that America is facing today. Damn those tweeking Polka players.

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