Amy Winehouse pleads not guilty to assault

March 17th, 2009 // 50 Comments

Suitably dressed for court, Amy Winehouse appeared before the magistrate today and plead not guilty to charges that she assaulted a fan back in September. The AP reports:

Winehouse, who has been in and out of rehab, looked healthier than in recent appearances and appeared to be in good spirits. She covered her bosom in faux modesty as she entered the courtroom.
Once inside the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court, she confirmed her name and date of birth and pleaded not guilty to a charge of common assault.
Winehouse gave her name as Amy Jade Civil. Her husband of two years, Blake Fielder-Civil, has filed for divorce.
Her lawyer, Mark Haslam, apologized for what he called the singer’s slightly late arrival in court, saying she had left her north London home more than two hours earlier but had been delayed.

These are pics of Amy outside the courthouse, and for most women, I’d normally suggest rocking a little cleave to convince the judge of your innocence. (I’ve seen Judge Judy once. That’s like law school – times a million.) However, with Amy Winehouse I probably would’ve suggested something a little less risque. Like a beekeeper’s outfit – complete with mask.

I should open my own practice.

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  1. Amy is guilty of assaulting my eyeballs.

  2. oh…and tattoos are so trashy, regardless of who they are on.

    Damn if hers arent the worst sort possible though, looking like they were drawn by a baby still in the womb.


    I can’t believe this bitch is like 25. She looks a hard 40.

  4. Dya

    She looks great! I’m glad she’s finally healthy and doing well!

  5. It's Me Fuckers

    what the fuck is with her hair? I realize she may want to look different but that is just retarded. No wonder she has had such a problem with drugs, I would too to escape the humiliation of that hair.

  6. Amy should never go to a haunted house,,,they might offer her a job!!

  7. beata

    She looks surprisingly human. Glad to see the beehive gone but she’s not rocking that suburban Mom hairstyle!

  8. Max Planck

    For her, a full body condom would do.

  9. Kelley

    If one were to look up ‘skank’ in the dictionary, they’d see a picture of this $2.00 cooze.

  10. Tonypark

    Really not sure about that! She used to be good! and all my hot and sincere friends on ” ___ T a l l m i n g le . c o m ___ ” loved her! and she’s popular on the site; so, what happened?

  11. GuyHolly

    That last pic is the exception to the rule that a women always looks better with something in her mouth. I would fuck her with her own dick.

  12. Tweet tweet

    Not only is she an ugly tatooed covered whore, but she has the ugliest legs I have seen. Why is she alive still?

  13. ItsFullOfPoop

    At least she’s healthy.

    Having said that,I must now log off and go to the laundry room for my eye bleaching.

  14. Jrz

    The Female Keith Richards

  15. GuyHolly

    #15 Hahahahahahaha………….Jrz I doubt she makes it to half his age.

  16. feckless

    Last pic: in some cultures, thumbing your teeth at the judge is considered an insult

  17. feckless

    First pic, looks like she picked up a nail in the road. Her handlers should maybe get her in the house the night before court.

  18. Possibly the skankiest woman on the planet.

  19. Vince Lombardi

    What? You don’t own one fucking sweater? It’s fucking England, you silly twit!

  20. Excuse me, but I was just assaulted by this PHOTO front and center at the Fish.

  21. justifiable

    If Amy Winehouse qualifies as “common” assault, I sure as hell never want to meet up with the uncommon type.

  22. Jenny

    An intervention should be held to make her brush her teeth. That’s a shade of brown I don’t want to ever see inside someone’s mouth again.

  23. Jrz

    Seriously, GuyHolly.

  24. #8 look again, the rat’s nest is still present. But I am glad to see her face disease finally cleared up. Oh….wait. There it is..

  25. #8 look again, the rat’s nest is still present. But I am glad to see her face disease finally cleared up. Oh….wait. There it is..

  26. I did that on purpose..

  27. ishi-san

    @ 20: Isn’t that exactly what all English do? – putting on the summer clothes with the first ray of sun?

  28. Never have I been less attracted by a woman grabbing her breasts… well there was grandma that one time, but I try to block those memories.

  29. Fribble

    It’s ALIVE!!!!!

  30. The Real anthonyOA

    she’s so hot that sometimes i can’t resist the urge to masturbate.

    that can get embarrassing when surfing in the McDonalds internet cafe.

  31. BadHead

    you posted the worst angle shots of the day

    I’m pretty sure getty had better pictures.

    I’ve seen better pictures on OHNOTHEYDIDNT

  32. justifiable

    Really, what the hell goes through her mind? Did she just wake up one morning and go, “Gee, what my face needs is a stud through my lip just to complete the picture?”

  33. NipTuck

  34. Darth

    Can’t you see that she isn’t guilty!? Even her push-up bra says that she isn’t guilty!

  35. Sauron

    Is it just me or is there finally growing some meat on her skeleton!?

  36. feckless

    29 was furiously spanking the monkey in the theatre during Kingpin over that Landlady. When she said, “If you don’t have it in the hips,,,,” you stuck your tongue out and waggled it. I am sure that wasn’t over Munson.
    I was there on a date with Paul Rueben. And I was wearing one of those yellow raincoats you see on the Crossing Guards.

  37. Amber

    I love, love that dress. (but not for court…)

  38. 1moreidiotintheworld

    What the fuck is up with the court system over there??? Doesn’t the Magistrate have the power to order her beheaded on the spot?????

  39. Jennyjenjen

    @2 We are supposed to believe that a person who’s name links to the most foul anal-pumping (PARKER??) website is the height of class?

  40. I think she has an okay voice, but her body definitely leaves something to be desired. Looks like Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler gang-raped Janice from “Friends” then beat her senseless with a tire iron.

  41. I think she has an okay voice, but her body definitely leaves something to be desired. Looks like Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler gang-raped Janice from “Friends” then beat her senseless with a tire iron.


  43. wettster

    Funny face, I love you.. Funny face, I need you.
    That’s the sweetest crackpipe i’ve ever seen.

  44. Perplexed

    She waltzes through life like a fat rich kid in a candy store. Taking what she wants, breaking things, grinding her nasty twat up against the counter while Daddy pays for whatever she wants.
    Anyone that considers this nasty disgrace “talent” is obviously living in a trailer – or should.

  45. Schadenfreudelicious

    Can you just imagine the shit living in that rat’s nest of hair on her head..not to mention what might come crawling out of the nether regions…she looks just filthy..and not in a good way….

  46. Anonymous

    I was looking at some old pics of her when she first got big, famouse. Wow a difference!! She really was pretty at one time. I think she let her problems with her husband and her fame ruin her relationship with herself. I know that a lot of people who get as famous as she did and as fast as she did don’t do well when they experience any personal problems. It is like a cocktail for disaster but the whole issue with her being as hostile as she is now is just bizzare. I am sure that it has everything to do with her drug use. It is just a shame though because now that the public has seen her totally loose it she will never be able to re gain the image back that she once had. That is long gone. She has just acted so trashy that she will never really ever be able to live that down now. I listened to her sing Love is Blind from like 2 yrs ago and it was amazing. That was before that piece of S@#$ BFC got a hold of her and destroyed her self confidence. I am sure that he was extremely jelouse of her success and wanted to bring her down any way possible and he did, it worked. Maybe she can get her shit together again one day. Stranger things have happened.

  47. That the prior informed consent is another exception to the rule that women always seem the best thing in her mouth.

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