Amy Winehouse & Pete Doherty make a YouTube video

May 20th, 2008 // 108 Comments

Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty made a YouTube video together (after the jump) that can only be described as “WHAT THE DOUBLE FUCK?!” It’s essentially the two of them playing with, no joke, newborn mice and babbling incoherently. Though at one point, Amy uses them to deliver a message to her incarcerated husband Blake. BBC News reports:

“This one’s got a message from Blake,” she says. “Blake, please don’t divorce mummy. She loves you ever so. Hang on, my big brother wants to say something.”
Taking another mouse from Doherty, she continues: “Yeah, if you divorce her you’ll have me to deal with. I’m only a day old. I don’t know what I’m doing but I know what love is.”

If Pete Doherty, drugs and baby mice can’t save a marriage, then, shit, I don’t know what can. Oh, wait, yes I do: FUCKING THERAPY! Get some, lady. And tons of it. If you don’t think things are that bad, here’s a newsflash: Pete Doherty – not a figment of your imagination. Uh huh, that thing is real. Kind of blows your mind doesn’t it, Amy? … Amy? Are you even listening to me or just eating the china cabinet?

Thanks to Sexyonia who doesn’t think mice should be used as pawns in relationship drama. However, they work nicely on a chess board. Check, mate!


  1. Oh Holy Hell, why can I not get video on this fucking computer?????????

  2. daguz

    She’s hot!

  3. DK

    Animal control should be called

  4. Giomon_Rocks

    Holy shit, those crackheads are fucking crazy! Why the hell do they have a bunch of newborn mice? Fucking weird.

  5. Randal

    Well, I never thought I’d see these two colaborate on a video but low and behold, I’ve now seen the light of day.

    This is great news for the entertainment industry because we certainly have not seen enough artists these days getting together to do something … different. One can only do so many hip-hop/rap appearances on albums or backgrounds that it’s a nice twist to see these two instead.

    I’ll certainly keep my eyes open for news on Amy and Pete and see where it all leads.

    Good luck!


  6. Smithy

    OMG!!! WHo let this two close to live animals? They probably injected the mice or sniffed them up using a rolled up £20 note.

    And what ever happened to using a nail brush one in a while???

  7. Very depressing. And scary.

  8. Coyote


    For the mice or for their owners?

  9. Oh yes, you’ve been locked up without having sex (ok, male/female sex) and when you finally get released…… go home to Amy Crackhouse! Tell me you wouldn’t rather serve 50 more years!

  10. Hey MAN, don’t be dissing my HEROES and their BABIES, they have every right to….what the fuck am I even saying I haven’t seen the video and therefore have no clue what I’m talking about….argh, I need some pizza..

  11. li_i

    poor amy shes soo effed

  12. ToTellTheTruth

    Goddamn. She looks worser than the last pics of her that you had up. Bitch is ugly right down to the BONE.

  13. ToTellTheTruth

    Just saw the video. ALL I remember were baby rats and dirty fucking fingernails.

  14. Mo

    I honestly can’t think of anything I’ve seen that was more disturbing.

  15. wtf

    “Blake, please don’t divorce mummy”

    mummy??? if only she meant Egyptian mummy, it’d be {Jules} what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity…but, obviously she means mommy. eeee-eeewww. ew.

    btw, does she have degenerative hip disease or did her time under the bridge make her walk that way?

  16. Not Randal

    Randal you jumped the shark with that comment.

  17. meee


  18. fygu

    If she had a small waist she would have a perfect body. I am jealous.

  19. Richard Gere

    Who the fuck uses baby mice? Gerbils, that’s the ticket. Amateurs.

  20. Oveta

    @ 15, she’s British, dumbass

  21. Haha, so effed…. That’s funny, god Nicole fucking Ritchie looks better than her and she’s EVEN MORE anorexic..

  22. gttabme

    ooooh. that was creepy. poor baby rats.

  23. Oveta

    At least now we know frmo the pics that she does indeed own more than one paid of shorts

  24. She makes me want to eat potato chips. I don’t know why. Don’t judge. I’ll be back..

  25. joe blow

    Better get those mice rabies shots quick!

  26. Saw this video about a week ago.
    Incredible acting, I say.
    Who wrote the script for this one?
    Who plays the main mouse? Macauly Caulkin?
    I love it.

  27. mrs.t

    Who the fuck sends Amy Winehouse flowers?

  28. Dorito Man

    I’m waiting for her sex video..

    My other thought is she is gonna look like hell when she’s forty. All those tramp stamps will be fading and stretchy.. :shrug:

  29. Cheese

    At some point Pete thought his Cheetos were wiggling more then usual so he took a bite of one to get it to stop moving and marveled at the gooey inside.

  30. ldsqtbea

    they are insane

  31. twzzlrgirl

    #15: mummy is british for mommy. I’m guessing you are twelve or a highly-uneducated adult, or, as a third choice, you’ve been living under a rock since you were two.

  32. ph7

    I’d hit it.

  33. #31 – duh. Way to grasp the basic point that Amy looks like a mummy. “Highly” is a modifier and therefore does not require a hyphen. doye.

  34. CunningLinguist

    #31- You’re an idiot. Learn to read.

    As for the video… OH MY GOD, AWESOME!!!!! Makes me feel normal.

  35. Ted from LA

    She looks so wholesome in these photos. She reminds me of Maria in The Sound of Music.

  36. Auntie Kryst

    @35 Yeah I see your point, but I got the feeling Amy has probably never sung Edelweiss..

  37. tired

    She really is a mutt.

  38. Chupacabra

    Oh man, I so did not need to see that — thing — right after eating lunch. What a mess! (Her, and my lunch.)

  39. the world's ugliest jew crackhead

    Dear Neo of the Matrix,

    I have seen your movies. I know you have great power.

    Please hurt Amy Winehouse.
    Please hurt her real bad.

    a concerned citizen.

  40. Kristy

    Hey Frist, buddy? I”m not so sure you WANT to see this video. Security had to restrain me from jumping out the 9th floor window. I feel like we’ve just seen the rebirth of the antichrist.

  41. Neo


    Sorry, dude, that’s too nasty for the One.

  42. thehealthboard

    Neither one of them have washed their hands since they were born. Do you see that CRUD around their nails? WELL, DO YOU? Get the wire brush and some cleanser, QUICKLY!

    that’s all, thanks.

  43. Socrates

    these people are an embarrassement to humans everywhere

  44. Socrates

    these people are an embarrassement to humans everywhere

  45. E

    After looking at these pictures, I just realized that this female is a transsexual.

  46. snarky

    I think its becoming completly pointless for me to even comment on any amy winehouse posts; how many times can you say…”Good God thats one hideous looking creature! Ugliest woman I’ve ever seen in my life!”…so there, I said it, one last time.

  47. Violet


    What the fuck are they doing with a bunch of baby mice?

    I’m a bit alarmed at what might happen to anything more complex than a philodendron in her care.

  48. BunnyButt

    Dorito Man (28), what the fuck makes you think she’ll make it to 40? Hell, she won’t even make it to 30.

  49. @ fr3$h

    crack hands

  50. Mr. Beerhouse

    I used to work in a lab where we bred mice for labs across the country. When the newborn mice were under a week old we would NEVER TOUCH THEM, because if you touched them when they are that young, the mother will reject them and no longer feed them. Soooo, basically every one of those mice they touched is most likely dead….wonderious, ehh?

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