Amy Winehouse officially needs to be put down now

Amy Winehouse has decided she’s sexy. The shit has hit the fan, folks. I’m talking Code Red; we need snipers on the roof. It all started yesterday when Amy visited her husband Blake in prison and decided to give him a little window love, according to The Sun:

The Rehab singer was visiting hubby BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL when she yanked her top down, pressed her boobs against a glass booth and writhed suggestively.
One visitor said: “It was not a pleasant sight. Amy seemed completely out of it.”

Amy then headed off to the Monarch where she attempted to seductively pose in front of ol’ Union Jack. (Outcome: FAIL and they had to burn the flag.) If you thought terrorism was our biggest threat, guess again. The chick above wants to show you her breasts. Let that sink in for a minute. I know battle-hardened vets, guys who were in the shit in Nam, who cried like babies when I broke the news to them. Okay, maybe I told them the Viet Cong are hiding out in her beehive, but still.