Amy Winehouse makes bail, free to terrorize the populace

May 8th, 2008 // 56 Comments

Amy Winehouse is out on bail after being arrested yesterday for smoking crack on video. So, now here’s the part of the day, conveniently timed before lunch, where I post pics of Amy in her perpetual state of disarray. Or, as I like to call it, the “Aw, Geez, What the Fuck? Hour.” Also, scope out that camera angle in the top pic. No doubt the photographer collapsed, bleeding from the eyes while his camera managed to take a final shot. If it were a camcorder, we’d be able to hear Amy declare: “Bloody hell! Now I want me some French fries, kangaroo with the muffin top. Alright, geezers, Nintendo 64!”


  1. Grunion

    Great now what am i gonna do with my “Free Amy ” t-shirt?

  2. mimi


  3. They White Urkle

    What is that jack ass smiling about? Free Amy T-shirt. That was funny.

  4. bb

    Love to lick her juicy, tasty cunt!

  5. will

    Jesus fucking Christ, somebody put a bullet in this crackhead bitch before I do it myself. So much for justice.

  6. chaz

    I dont know what is more suprising that they let this…..thing… go or that the damn atm says “no charge for cash withdrawls.” !!!!!

  7. chaz

    I dont know what is more suprising that they let this…..thing… go or that the damn atm says “no charge for cash withdrawls.” !!!!!

  8. Ok, double gross. First this
    CONCORD, N.H. – Since they first walked the planet, humans have either buried or burned their dead. Now a new option is generating interest – dissolving bodies in lye and flushing the brownish, syrupy residue down the drain.
    Now Amy. Somebody does not want me to finish my sandwich..

  9. Chupacabra

    Is she actually a street-walking crack whore finally? Because this is like, exactly what that looks like.

    If you linger too near them they call out “White bitch, where’s my crack!” at least that is what they did to me in Harlem.

  10. Blake

    For fuck’s sake, in those pictures, I practically expect to see a little trail of jizz dribbling down from her crotch, and a few spots of it around her mouth too.

    What a dumb Jew whore cunt.

  11. She’s bne a lot more entertaining if someone put actual bees in that beehive.

  12. Lisa

    Are those the only pair of shorts the owns? She is one nasty lady..yuck!

  13. yuristache

    Can we get at least one day off from her being on this website. First off, she is a B-list celebrity (i.e., her music is pretty shitty). Second, she is absolutely abhorrent. I’ve lost count of the time my eyes have spontaneously bled at this point. The number is staggering. If you want to post photos of a really ugly person whose dreams and potential are spinning down the drain, you can at least have the decency to make it Hillary Clinton. That is all.

  14. havoc



  15. meh

    #1- Just save it for next week. This isn’t the last time she’s getting arrested. You’re good for at least another 3 months…at which point you may have to invest in an “Amy Lives” t-shirt.

  16. e

    Haha look at this guy gassing her at the ATM looking like he’s her best freind. “No you bloody cunt take out $1000.”HAHAHHAHAHA no but really I too love smoking crack.

  17. Bmurphy72Bmurphy72

    She’s a skank house…..ya’ah

    and you penis would turn into a p-wuss and never come out again.

    Maybe Phizer has come out with some Amy ointment that they sell in the UK to makes you like her. Scary, mind control by the “man”

  18. fed up

    what is up with all the anti-semites like #10?? who cares if she’s jewish? every other ass hole celebrity on here most likely has a christian up bringing and you don’t hear anyone calling them bible-thumping white trash hillbillies, now do you?

  19. veggi

    When I fart, it’s not a ripping noise, it sounds more like “whew”.

  20. miggs

    “you don’t hear anyone calling them bible-thumping white trash hillbillies”

    you must be new here

  21. Ted from LA

    I love to take her home to mom.

    Just to see the expression on mom’s face…

  22. Beth

    Only lowlifes get tatoos, especially the girls. It’s become very popular only because there are far more lowlifes than ever before.

  23. Randal

    Hey Amy! Remember that it’s not all bad, there are worse things in life that could happen to you, so keep your head up and stay strong.


  24. fed up


    not new here. just observant. show me ONE thread where anyone EVER trashes a celebrity for being christian.

  25. #23 you really should have stayed in school..

    So, just wondering why are left arm sleeves so popular all of a sudden? The guy’s kinda cute, too bad his arm makes him look like a queef

  26. They White Urkle

    #25, they do it all the time on here. Don’t even mention being Republican, in the military or any religion. It’s kind of pathetic.

    Me, I am on here to see the T&A.

  27. Eric

    Christian Republican marines are so fucking useless.

  28. the white urkle

    27 – i said CELEBRITY, not your dumbass.

  29. dude

    I totally love the obviously fake names celeb-whores choose.


    How about Amy CohenWitzBergShwartzO’Stein? That would actually be more believable. True. And #6, it’d be the last thing you ever did.

  30. They White Urkle

    See what I mean #25.

    Eric here must have either got pumped in the ass by a Marine or, gave a Marine a blow job, thinking it would be returned and was left high and dry. Well, except for the jizz on his chin.

    Eric, I could have told you Marines are selfish, except to other Marines. Most Marines are so gay.

    p.s. Can you tell I am not a Marine.

  31. dude

    shit, sorry, meant #4 would be the last thing you ever did.

  32. Loving and Caring

    Do people come to a rift in Hell like this expecting anything other than the unwashed mindless garbage spewing filth that everyone exept me shits out? What whould someone come here for? Knowledge?
    And on that note fuck religion and the military and no Republicans dont’ get fucked, they fucked our country already. The orgy is over now go wipe your asses.
    Oh and nice work we will be in debt for an age. Try retiring and living out in the country now or at least wait a few years when gas costs ___?

  33. They White Urkle

    If we stopped giving out foriegn aid, drilled for our own oil and made people on welfare do something to earn their money, we would all be much better off. Especially drill for our own oil. If Clinton had signed that we could drill in ANWR in 1998 we would be paying $1.50 a gallon for gas. Republicans are no better. Better start stocking up on ammunition and spam. The end is near.

  34. rustytrawler

    Why is Jude Law hanging out with her???

  35. #34

    The US could afford many things if they pull out of Iraq which is a war that cannot be won.

    The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (often abbreviated ANWR and pronounced “an-war,” or referred to simply as the Arctic Refuge) is the largest wildlife refuge in the United States. It includes 19.8 million acres of northeast Alaska. This acreage makes it slightly larger than the entire state of South Carolina; or, put another way, this area totals more than 20% of the 93 million acres that comprise the entire National Wildlife Refuge system.
    ANWR’s biological value was recognized in the early 1950s, leading President Eisenhower to declare it a National Wildlife Refuge in 1960. But the potential oil and gas reserves beneath its tundra soils have also been known for many years, precipitating a decades-long debate about whether it should be opened for fossil fuel drilling or protected forever as a wilderness area.

  36. Lacy

    I seriously didn’t know Jew’s did drugs. That’s weird, aren’t they supposed to be pure people?

  37. LL

    First of all, her music is awesome. You don’t have to like it, but compared to the crap most “singers” spew, hers is damn near brilliant. And is it just me, or does she still have great legs? Everything from just below crotch level up is a fucking disaster, but the legs are pretty impressive.

    Having said all that, she seems determined to piss away all her money and youth. Sad. And sometimes entertaining. And very often gross. What do you wanna bet a family of mice has nested in her hair?

  38. Pat E. Peepants

    As disgusting as she is, I would still rather smell any of her bodily fluids & odors over anything produced by Jennifer Lopez.

  39. Pat E. Peepants

    As disgusting as she is, I would still rather smell any of her bodily fluids & odors over anything produced by Jennifer Lopez.

  40. Yuck

    I just saw her wearing the same rag that’s now in her hair as a bikini top on another site..
    She’s too disgusting for words…..and actually makes Pete Doherty look healthy.
    They should hook up and make baby gremlins

  41. Yuck

    I just saw her wearing the same rag that’s now in her hair as a bikini top on another site..
    She’s too disgusting for words…..and actually makes Pete Doherty look healthy.
    They should hook up and make baby gremlins

  42. bosendorfer

    her family or the government should institutionalize her immediately. she’s going to die soon, i believe, if she doesn’t receive immediate attention. enough is enough. good luck, amy.

    if she lives, and i hope she does, she’s going to look ROUGH in ten years and she’ll only be 34. get her help now. anyone.

  43. Rockwell

    That photo looks like something out of a David Lynch movie. What is that guy, like 4’5″?

  44. dude

    lol fuck dat bitch i bet she likes teh cock

  45. joho777

    No, #46, she don’ like de cock, she like de needle and de sniff powder. An fallin’ asleep in de food plate . An skrreamin’ loud an havin’ fits in de nite time.

    She bughouse crazy wit de drugs. But she pay cash for de powder and de pills, so deliver by de truckload.

    Ya see in de picture she showin de goods, working de street, maken dat coin.

  46. joho777

    An don’ never hurt her, she cash on de hoof, buy her daddy lots of nice things.

  47. George Washington

    Do the europeans own brooms and garbage cans?
    I swear every pic you see from there is some sort of nasty shit hole with trash all over the place.WTF
    Nasty as nickers for some down troddin bloke.
    What a joke.

  48. Dace Grayling

    Forget the bee hive but is it me or does anyone else think Ms Whinehaus’s heads too big for her body? Perhaps something happened at birth? Perhaps this is where the trouble first started? Perhaps I’ll just go back to eating my frosted flakes?

  49. English Bob

    No.49, no we don’t own ‘Brooms and garbage cans’, we do have sweeping brushes and rubbish bins though…..Besides we usually just send all our shit over to you guys. What do you like eat it or something???

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