Amy Winehouse is all kinds of falling apart

May 6th, 2008 // 128 Comments

Amy Winehouse is literally coming to pieces. She was spotted yesterday looking like the missing link and not wearing her beehive while hanging out with friends. Turns out the beehive conceals a bald spot that is either a.) a by-product of the beehive or b.) the effects of snorting more coke than Keith Richards in a silo full of blow. On top of that, someone is actually having sex with Amy (*HORF HORF HORF*) which is leading to a rapid divorce from her jailed husband Blake Fielder-Civil. Blake, apparently, has his own new lady and is ready to take Amy’s cash and run, according to The Sun:

Blake has been bragging to pals that Amy, 24, will have to pay him a seven-figure sum to get him off her back. He is set to demand at least $3 million as a divorce settlement, telling his lawyers he wants $250,000 for each month of their year-long marriage — despite being in jail for part of it.
A friend said: “Blake is convinced that Amy owes him big time. He is telling everyone that he’s got millions coming to him. She’s his meal ticket for life.”

If you’re asking me, Blake is selling himself way short. He stuck his penis in Amy’s vagina, for God’s sake! I dare you to find me a judge that won’t say Blake deserves no less than 20 gajillion dollars – or at least a Wii. I mean, seriously, I don’t know how the guy did it. These pictures alone make me want to pour hot coffee into my retina. I’m sure the drugs helped, but Jesus, there’s only so much out there. Their honeymoon alone probably secured Colombia’s economy until the Robot Revolution of 2026.

Photos: Daily Mail, WENN

  1. my comment

    I’m scared..



  3. mimi

    Praying for Amy.

  4. She’s only 24?????????

  5. hanshotfirst

    Wow, it’s like a Bigfoot sighting, what with the ambling along hunched-over in the woods… only it’s Bigfoot on crack.

  6. Kegsy

    she is so nasty I would not f uck her with your d ick

  7. noneyobeezwax

    goddamn that’s fugly

  8. sam

    She is dying her hair. It’s not a bald spot.

  9. alex

    She is an idiot. Let her destroy herself. I really don’t care.

  10. alex

    She is an idiot. Let her destroy herself. I really don’t care.

  11. Bob

    She’s talented and hot! Any guy who doesn’t want to fuck her is gay.

  12. Sara

    WTF is she doing wearing a cross?!?! SHE’S JEWISH!!!!!

  13. Jacob

    Whatever, let the grammy’s do the speaking for her. Maybe view a video? She can crank out the records, the music videos, etc. What she does in her personal life obviously isn’t affecting her too badly in her profession. So do us all a favor, and shut it… none of us have grammys.

  14. Jacob

    And for anyone not really in the know on how you bleach your hair… your wad it up and let it sit…. and pardon her for not combing it all through and beehiving it when she’s about to have to wash it anyway. Morons.

  15. ph7

    I’d hit that.

  16. veggi

    hahaha Jacob….

    Hey, you know how I know you’re gay??

  17. The scary thing is, she was their pussy supply for the weekend.

  18. Sapphire

    Since when did we stop discussing humans and start discussing apes? The papparazzi is out in the woods now trying to find chimpanzees to gossip about? WTF. And BTW, I think an animal protection agency needs to be contacted because it looks like someone came and shaved, stuck women’s clothes on it, and branded this poor animal. And how it got to stand so upright on two feet is amazing! These primates are getting smart!!

  19. Jacob

    Do tell, veggi.

  20. 10pound

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug!

  21. Jacob

    @ Veggi. My appreciation for good music and respect for peoples private life or was it the knowledge of how one bleaches their hair?

  22. Check out this bitchass

  23. At least she’s not fat.

  24. nag

    “one” = singular, “their” = plural

  25. ItsMe

    Yummy…i bet she has a sweet box

  26. Thought I was messed up…..feeling purty good about myself now!!

    Oh, and Jacob’s gay.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that..

  27. Hymie Rothstein

    “WTF is she doing wearing a cross?!?! SHE’S JEWISH!!!!!”

    We do it to CELEBRATE.

  28. woodhorse

    I haven’t seen sex appeal like that since I took a wrong turn downtown and ended up by the Mission Food Bank and saw a guy with identical shorts crawl out of a cardboard box. She does have more hair than him but that’s probably not a positive.

  29. Gia

    It is sad to see this talented but misguided drug addict slowing killing herself. I hope she gets the help she needs before she over doses or her heart gives out.

  30. blah

    there’s something seriously wrong with this society when we find enjoyment out of watching someone slowly kill themselves, and then businesses actually profit off of capturing their demise. yeah Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse are cartoonish like spectacles, but after a certain amount of voyeurism into their fucked up lives, doesn’t the “entertainment” get old? I’d think making fun of her now is like pointing and laughing at the morbidly obese or mentally retarded…what’s the point? she’s fucked.

  31. BunnyButt

    Sapphire, since humans are primates, it’s safe to say some primates can be smart and stand upright.

  32. veggi

    Jacob…. yeah, that was a rhetorical question.. but it had to do with the hair..

    No harm no foul….

  33. eh

    Jacob if you respected peoples privet lives you would not go on sites like the superficial, just goes to show that you are a contradicting moron who needs to develop a brain. ah! evolution is a wonderful thing.

  34. Has anyone seen her pictures from a couple of years ago. She really was a good looking girl! It’s a shame, what the hell happened?

  35. pigkeepr31

    She had meat on her bones a few years ago.

  36. Jacob

    Respecting ones private life doesn’t mean dismembering my human curiosity. There’s not contradiction here. It’s just everyone seems so quick to want to bash her for looking like whatever you say she looks like while she’s doing her hair. Well, duh she’s not going to look picture perfect. And she might even look a little crazy. I know I certainly do when I do my hair. Jeeeesus. If someone wanted to post about someones private life when it’s affecting their career, fine. That’s valid to me, but otherwise… what’s the point? Have you seen any of her numerous videos? The woman CLEANS UP NICE. Really nice, actually. And again, I’ll say the grammys speak for themselves… so, if the woman wants to drink, snort, inject, or whatever tickles her fancy…. as long as it’s not taking from her talent and profession, keep on doin’ what makes you happy, lady.

  37. The World

    “but after a certain amount of voyeurism into their fucked up lives, doesn’t the “entertainment” get old?”


  38. Jacob

    And while I’m at it… their private life is defined (to me) as is pictured above. Photogs invading someone’s private home or whatnot looking for craziness. Bet they didn’t post the pictures of what it looked like when she was finished.

  39. mamadough

    #36, you are wrong in the aspect that her cat lady antics ARE affecting her career. her manager even admitted it in a story here a few days ago, she can’t get shit done because she’s coked outta her fucking mind half the time. comparable to britney spears at the vma’s.

  40. Just speaking for myself, I won’t be satisfied until I see Amy produce a picture like Chris Farley’s last one:

  41. Ranger Rick

    Pic 4

    This image serves as a valuable reminder to all you park-goers. This is what happens when you ignore the warnings about about not feeding wildlife. They quickly become accustomed to the presence of humans and inevitably start frequenting the campsites begging for heroin. There have even been reported instances of them crawling into sleeping bags at night looking to mate while their husbands are incarcerated. For your own safety, utilize the camp facilities to bathe frequently (this has been proven to repel at least one intruder) and be sure to keep your tent flaps zipped.

  42. jack

    Gia-fuck you. She needs to fucking overdose and DIIIIEEEE.

  43. ToTellTheTruth

    Jacob, you talk as if you’re going to have dinner with Amy tonight, or like you guys hangout together or something. Calm down geez…it’s scary when you out of season, fruity assed fruit cake fans come on these sites and post as if you guys actually “break bread” with these celebrities or something.

  44. pigkeepr31

    #39 is right, she was pulled off of the new James Bond movie soundtrack. It was almost done and they pulled her off. That’s not a good sign for her career.

  45. mamadough

    and why the hell hasn’t she hooked up with pete dougherty yet? can you imagine those two writhing on top of each other?

  46. Jacob

    Well, if that’s true… I stand corrected. And the Britney fiasco…. *shakes head*
    It’s just stuff like saying she looks like this and that on posts like this. It just bothers me. She’s doing her damn hair. I don’t wear shirts when I bleach my hair either… and I certainly don’t comb it and make it look nice for photographers who aren’t supposed to be there in the first place, ya know?

  47. Jacob's Ladder...

    …down into Hell

    Listen little Jacob, fucking jewcunt sypathizer. If this maggot was goy she would be singing in her grave and you know it. She has no talent at all. Goddamn she is ugly. Her voice is boring and lame. She has bird legs and and one nasty profile. She, like all you missing links, has no right living in Europe. Go back to your own kind, fuck boy.
    As to her Grammies…they were given to her she did not earn them. She is NOTHING.

    Yeah why is she wearing a cross??????????????????

  48. veggi

    “and be sure to keep your tent flaps zipped.”
    HAHA! That cracked me up almost as much as Jacob saying whatnot.. out of context of course..

    “sars, guys!! Just think her hair looks coot and whatnot!!” blah blah..

    I need a drink..

  49. Jacob

    @ ToTellTheTruth:
    I’m just saying, I’ve had my problems, I’ve had my crazy days, and I can honestly say that with people in my backyard while I’m in a crazy-state, or worse, making me out to look crazy when all I’m doing is my god-damn hair… I certainly wouldn’t be any better off… I’m not trying to say I break-bread with anybody. I’m saying the woman dyed her hair and everyone is quick to say she’s losing it because she’s in shorts, a bra, and looks a little messy. Never done your hair at home?

  50. dude_on_a_wire

    @13 – I don’t have a Grammy, but I do have all of my teeth and seldom do I head-butt innocent bystanders.

    She is the current poster child for the Grammys – after they gave her everything significant – nice call, I’m guessing they are extremely proud right about now.

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