Amy Winehouse leaves rehab

August 16th, 2007 // 105 Comments

Singer Amy Winehouse walked out of rehab yesterday after less than 48 hours, and then took a helicopter to London for a brain scan. The Sun reports:

Doctors ordered Amy, 23, to have the brain scan after she had a seizure during her overdose. It will reveal whether the singer has a form of epilepsy — which could have been undetected until now.

So she had a seizure after taking a cocktail of heroin, ecstasy, cocaine and horse tranquillizers and the doctors deduced she might have epilepsy? Man, these doctors are really on top of their game. I would’ve guessed it was the insane amount of drugs, but no, it was epilepsy. You could go in after getting into a horrible car accident and they’d probably diagnose you with cancer. I mean, hey, why else would you be in such bad shape?


  1. Britney's Nappy Weave

    Doctor’s suck. Except for Dr. Evil. Muahahahahahahahaa.

  2. loony

    go the incrediballs!!!

  3. p911gt10c

    this chick is grossly overrated.
    More Ambrossio.

  4. Goodman :The 3 time first poster *gimmick*


  5. Goodman :The 3 time first poster *gimmick*

    damn it 6th

  6. I did not think she even had a brain

  7. Say…….No,No,No.

  8. mywellrehearsedmistake

    Shouldn’t that read ‘epilepsy’?…

    as in [insert badly dressed pop princess/cock sucking dope smoking cocaine snorting actress here] was ‘exhausted’ and pulled out of the show/cancelled her appearance/was taken to hospital [delete as applicable]

    These PR people should print off forms and highlight the bits they need.

  9. Speaking of rehab … where has Blohan and KraziHotKelli been?

  10. Epilepsy? Nah.
    Diagnosis: Halloweenface.

  11. Malffy Hernandes

    What are you kidding me?! She overdoses and not only do they have a helicopter transport her but for a brain scan for epilepsy…so fucking backwards man.

  12. RichPort

    I can diagnose over the internet. She has uglilepsy.

  13. rmc

    helicopter eh…that must have been quite the flight. USA to london. doubtful.

  14. Jane_Says

    She took a HELICOPTER to London?? I thought she was at rehab in the U.S….

  15. LJ

    The posts lately haven’t been really up to par with what I think The Superficial can do, but this post? I don’t know, it just had me laughing from the get go. NICE!

    I mean…seizures?!?…thats really sad…

  16. flavio

    somebody on the thread yesterday said to watch her ‘fuck me pumps’ video cause it was teh sexy, but whoever that was, shame on you! not hot.

  17. LJ

    #10, someone asked about “she who should not be named” yesterday too. I’m pretty sure she’s like Beetlejuice…that is if we say her name one more time she’ll be back. NO one wants that so lets just enjoy the gift we’ve been given, you know, her being gone.

  18. YouRang

    That bitch is only 23? Christ, I thought she was pushing 40. Apparently heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and horse pills, combined are tough on the body. Who’d have known.

  19. Thanks 18.

    But, seriously, who misses her? I sure as hell don’t. Annoying cunt.

  20. lambman

    Isn’t it DETOX and not REHAB when you’re there for 48 hours?

    I mean we all know her feelings on going to rehab, right?

    bygones, Amy is awesome her first CD rocked and the new one is 10 times better

  21. Shallow Val

    That’s what they said about Emily Rose, ‘cept she was invaded by demons. Maybe it’s the MothMan. Maybe Amy is being invaded by the same demons that…..SHUT THA FUCK UP!

    Fucking doctors. Gee, it’s just not possible to have a seizure because your brain is so polluted with everything under the sun. It’s has to be something that SHE IS NOT RESPONSE-ABLE FOR. (Yes I meant to spell it like that, fucko!) Dog help the rest of the world in the next 25 years.

    D’ya feel that…..d’ya hear that noise……it’s not the earthquake in Peru, thats the sound of the decline of Western Civilization.

  22. if you’re bored of reading about this druggy


    this chick in my opinion is still pretty punk rock.

  23. @11 I knew the troll was up early this morning

  24. YouRang

    #22 Wow, she never looked good. She stood to lose nothing getting fucked up on drugs.

  25. wedgeone

    Can’t scan what’s not there.

    The doctors will probably find oatmeal between her ears.

  26. The Ghose of Funny

    Listen to Dennis Leary’s take on rehab and therapy in “No Cure For Cancer.”

    Same for Kinnison (R.I.P.) Masters and geniuses those two. God I wish for the days of fucking, funny in-your-face humor. Now everyone is a pussy and “their feelings get hurt”. (in a whiny plaintive baby-girl voice)

  27. TetterkeT

    “I’m sad that I’m famous…”

  28. Goodman

    she’s such a fucking idiot also this pussy above is not me

  29. LayDeeBug

    OK, it’s just getting pathetic now. I’m trying to wrap my head around why someone would post shit as other poeple on the site.

    Are those the same people who as kids would take someones own hand, hit them in the face and say “Stop hitting yourself” or stand with their own hand almost touching another person and say “I’m not touching you” or the ones who would just make annoying noise for absolutely no reason because it annoyed people, or the ones who ate paste, or the ones who stayed in the closet and felt up the girls when they went to hang up their coats, or…..

    (I could do this all day – what a bunch of, to quote someone on the FISH, “fucktards” – best insult I’ve ever heard)

  30. mywellrehearsedmistake

    31. Yes, i agree, trolling is exactly like that – i used to hate that shit back then (the “why are you hitting yourself?” thing) and it was never funny and this pretending to be other people is just as sad! Get your own life, losers.


  31. misslavey

    The brain scan was actually ordered 3 years ago. Because of universal health care, they’re just now getting around to the procedure.

  32. LM

    Huh. This is probably why the doctors insisted that I must have been high when I had a couple of tonic clonic seizures back in 2001… they ran two drug tests. Nope, just good ol’ epilepsy! :D

    She’s not epileptic. She’s just a junky. Besides, everyone knows you have to have at least TWO seizures to be considered epileptic. Duh.

  33. jrzmommy

    Is ridiculous hair a symptom of epilepsy?

  34. Superevil

    22: Am I the only on ehtat doesnt think that’s her? If the before pic is the one on the right, where’s the tattoo on her right forearm in the left pic?

  35. Shallow Val

    Of course that’s her. the tat is light to begin with and her arm is slightly turned. C’mon, you can’t mistake that jaw, chin, everything. (por favoooor!)

  36. Dizzybenny

    #22 thanks for that pic.
    amazing that she was that hot before.
    never knew the girl before recently!

  37. LayDeeBug

    I’m fisting my own vagina right now.

  38. mywellrehearsedmistake

    LayDeeBug, that’s awesome! Do you think I could fit my foot up in there? I’ve been practicing on my cousin, so I think I could do it.

  39. Julia

    Epilepsy can be drug induced. ie she gave it to herself.

  40. Geoff

    Dr. ‘ You changed your name to Winehouse’.
    Winehouse ‘Yea used to be shithouse’.

  41. jrzmommy

    22–that isn’t her, unless she had the tattoo on her right arm removed.

  42. anon

    Another source says she actually went to a bar in London.

    Some time ago she said that she’s probably dead within a year. Good for her.

  43. LM

    “Epilepsy can be drug induced”

    *Seizures* can be drug induced… epilepsy can’t be unless there is some brain damage (i.e., from loss of oxygen to the brain, or head trauma during a fall, etc., and even in those cases drugs aren’t the direct cause).

  44. space

    Does anybody stop to think that maybe that picture was BEFORE she got her tattoo?

  45. LayDeeBug

    WOW, I have a troll.

    Thank you 39, I feel so honored.

    For the record, I would never write soemthing like that. So, that said,

    Fuck off Troll

  46. 36 and 43 -

    that’s TOTALLY her, here is a pic of her in the same outfit that’s from the bbc website. She’s been around in the UK for a few years her first album came out there in 2003 and that’s when these pics were taken

  47. LayDeeBug

    It’s good to know I still got it. I managed to piss off some unoriginal troll.

    You got to be clever to keep up with me. Obvious disgusting sexual references are the only language Trolls know. That and incest remarks.

    So saaaad

  48. Julia

    epilepsy can be indirectly drug induced. excuse my semantic error.

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