Amy Winehouse leaves rehab


Singer Amy Winehouse walked out of rehab yesterday after less than 48 hours, and then took a helicopter to London for a brain scan. The Sun reports:

Doctors ordered Amy, 23, to have the brain scan after she had a seizure during her overdose. It will reveal whether the singer has a form of epilepsy — which could have been undetected until now.

So she had a seizure after taking a cocktail of heroin, ecstasy, cocaine and horse tranquillizers and the doctors deduced she might have epilepsy? Man, these doctors are really on top of their game. I would’ve guessed it was the insane amount of drugs, but no, it was epilepsy. You could go in after getting into a horrible car accident and they’d probably diagnose you with cancer. I mean, hey, why else would you be in such bad shape?