Amy Winehouse trashes hotel, is prison currency

February 22nd, 2008 // 50 Comments

Amy Winehouse has been staying in the ritzy Riverbank Plaza Hotel in London since exiting rehab. She’s repeatedly barred housekeeping from entering the room, but management finally went in while Amy was performing at the Brits Awards and found over $6,000 in damages, according to The Sun:

Booze was spilled all over the wooden hallway and cigarette butts, countless bottles of champagne and unwashed knickers were all over the floor. The blackened bath had to be scrubbed and unclogged after she dyed and washed her famous beehive in the tub. She had even taken a large mirror off the wall and placed it on the floor. Staff were baffled why. I’m not.

If “unwashed knickers” isn’t gross enough for you, the article also reveals how Amy’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil is scoring his drugs which led to an OD this week:

The singer was in tears as she spoke to Blake through a pane of glass, in a room separate from other prisoners. Their marriage has been under strain since we revealed Blake has been trading signed photos of her for heroin.

Okay, wow, I understand these guys are in prison and don’t get to see women very often, but Amy Winehouse? Barforama. I mean, I’d rather look at my roommate Hair-lip Bill the bearded arson. And I wouldn’t trade sweet, precious prison heroin for Amy Winehouse pics. Hell no. Maybe some feathers from my pillow. But only the ones that keep sticking out and poking me in the ear. Even then, I dunno. We’re talking feathers here. I don’t want to overpay.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. deacon jones

    First you slithering cunts!

  2. TT

    Sounds like Jimbo and Frists first date.

  3. Well, at least shes in Jail with her boyfriend now!! :D

  4. Laudanum

    Unwashed knickers?! EURRRRRRGH NO!

  5. Gerald_Tarrant

    1. She looks like a dude in drag. I’m sure pics portray the same thing.

    2. Dudes in drag go over really well in prison according to Con Air, Longest Yard, etc.

    3. This skank’s prison value is less than a quid. Blake must be trading a lorry full of pics to even get a bump.

  6. #2 fuck off, that doesn’t even make any sense, you shit-troll idiot..

  7. Ript1&0

    1. I will agree that Amy’s not hot, however,

    2. I can’t agree that men wouldn’t trade whatever the hell they had to see her naked.

    This is based upon the fact that men are total dog idiots and will fuck anything that moves. I think their official intention is to sell the photos on ebay afterwards, but we all know it won’t fetch much after being covered and glistening from the remains of a circle jerk.

  8. #3, um, no…she’s not in jail…..??

    Gee, wonder what she was using the mirror for? What could it be…….

  9. Hecubus

    She actually … oh Satan’s glowing red balls I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but … she actually looks pretty in that first pic. Obviously it’s just a one in a billion shot from just the right angle with just the right light and makeup and in all of the other pictures she does look like the mother of that scruffy kid you went to school with and everyone picked on. I just can’t deny it, that first pic, Amy Winehouse looks pretty. Naturally I will now commit hari kari.

  10. The Office Whore

    shit-troll idiot is fucking funny! Or I’m still drunk..

    I wonder what Britneys doing. Making her bed? Praying with dad? Eating chicken wings? Talking to her bowl of cereal?

  11. The Office Whore

    FRISST!!! funny cause you called him that….not funny haha post 2 is funny…. did I need to explain that?

    whiskey anyone?

  12. makemepuke

    What a pig she is. Celebs make me want to puke.

  13. No, Whore, I gotcha…OMG YES, I am SO ready for a nice glass of sipping whiskey, and a pale ale chaser..I think it’s 5:00 somewhere..

  14. dude

    Ript1&0…..uhhhhhh……been hurt lately? Maybe counseling is a viable option.

  15. Racer X

    Amy Crackhouse.


  16. Auntie Kryst

    Shit yeah, pour me a glass. I worked up a terrible thirst arguing with a scrawny teenaged skinhead.

  17. Ript1&0

    I haven’t been hurt lately, actually. I’m just a bitch.

  18. Auntie Kryst

    Wait a second, I completely missed the point of this thread. Winehouse has been staying in a hotel. Does that mean this limey skank got kicked out of the Osbourne’s house? That’s some serious good crazy.

  19. #16 ok, drinks all around, as long as someone finishes my work for me. YEAH, I WORK (sorta) (sometimes) (like right now I really should be) (ya know, WORKING…)

    OMG, I need to do some work..

  20. Ript1&0

    PS= I do NOT suggest you try to hurt a redhead. Hell hath no fury indeed.

    (hell also doesn’t have sex this good either, though, harhar)
    Ok, I’m out. Kisses!

  21. FL Cracker

    She looks like she got into a scrape with one of my Catchdogs. Guess it’s time for some low-bush lightning. Cheers!

  22. The Office Whore

    Work is for quitters!! uh, der, that makes no sense..

    yeah, Auntie, where’d the wise one go?


  23. sva1994

    What the fuck does “is prison currency” mean? Is the webmaster a product of an English teacher and a crack-addicted monkey?

  24. Auntie Kryst

    @22 I’m guessing he’s still around, it’s just at recess at his school. All the young heebs that secretly run the student council paid off the bruthas on the basketball team to kick his ass behind the playground walls. High school and the planet, all the same shit really. Ok, round two, less ice this time.

  25. Here is the lyrics to a funny Britney song Parody!

    Go to the link for all the twisted tunes from KZOK in Seattle!

    They’re Gonna Put Britney Away

    (Parody of They’re Coming to Take Me Away by Napoleon XIV)

    Remember when young Britney Spears
    Was cute and worked for Mickey Mouse?
    And every skirt she wore came down to her knees?

    She grew up really fast
    And now she parties all the time
    You see the girl’s been acting
    Completely out of her mind

    They’re gonna put Britney away
    Ha ha
    They’re gonna put Britney away
    Ho ho hee hee ha ha
    To the padded room
    Where life is beautiful all the time
    She’ll be happy without the angry mob
    And the flashing light bulbs
    And the cameras that stalk her all day

    Leave Britney alone, please

    Got married as a joke
    And then she drank and clubbed
    And shaved her head
    And flashed her cooch
    And almost dropped her kid

    She knows you laugh she heard you laugh
    She put on a few pounds
    And flopped around
    On Mtv her act was utterly sad

    They came and took Britney away
    Ha ha
    The motorcade took her away
    Ho ho hee hee ha ha
    From her gated home
    With trees and flowers and chirping birds
    And phony friends who sit and smile
    And peddle their stories to gossip rags
    For whatever they’re willing to pay

    To the rehab farm
    Where all celebrities get cleaned up
    And write their books
    About blaming their mother
    And how they recovered
    And finally they’re OK
    They’re fine
    They’re good now

  26. Have fun everbody, I aM OUTTA HERE!!!

    fucking capslock, told you I suck at typing..

  27. Unklejoe

    Id lick amys aszhole and sniff her dirty snickers!

  28. Gerald_Tarrant

    Ript1&0 – please don’t generalize men in such a harsh way. Not all men will anything that moves, I know that many of us are too lazy to chase. It’s easier and more accurate once they stop moving.

    Moving ones: “That’s not the right spot.”
    Me: “Stop moving and it will be the right spot.”
    Movers: “mmmmpf pillow mmmmpf can’t breath………”
    Me: “Is that the right spot now?”

    Cliff Notes: 9/11 was an inside job. {who doesn’t love Binky}

  29. cofused but not really

    I think what she is doing is……..taking the mirror on he floor looking at her pussy and taking photographs to send to her husband injail.
    ow thats an autographed photo I would jerk off too all day long….I’m a sicko call me what you want, I just solved why her mirror was on th floor and how to score heroin while in jail, you gott love french pussy………..amy winowhore is french right??

  30. Phillip McGraw PhD

    Why are we seeing this story? It isn’t news when a cow leaves a cow pie and a walking cow pie is gonna spread the brown stuff, Sparky.

    The chances of getting classy behavior of Amy Winehouse is less than that of Ben & Jerry offering diarrhea-flavored sherbet or Saks 5th Avenue pushing dung beetle potpourri.

    The only surprise is that they let her in the hotel instead having security fire a full clip of warning shots at her head.

    Thanks for letting me share that. I feel better. I think we all do.

    –Dr Phil

  31. unicornzrawk

    lol Dr. Phil

  32. crazy otto

    i’d be the marshmallow she melts into when she takes her next bump……seriously

  33. 5hoboang

    is Amy feeling lonely? I have seen her photo on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named ” Searching Millionaire dot com”.. Many men winked at her there.

  34. the bitch’s makeup is terrible.
    it’s a terrible pale color, goes all the way down her neck, and then stops.
    leaving her multi colored.
    fuck this whore.

  35. GG1000

    Come on guys, you just a month or two ago saw pictures of her with short hair (puffing on a crack pipe, OK, but will with short hair!) Her “famour beehive” is a wig and this story is certainly BS.

  36. sidv

    She’s got the legs of of an 80 year old woman on a low protein diet. But they’re still better than Angelina’s, whose calf muscles are atrophied.

  37. Ript 1&0 (unattractive but can be drunk up to a 4)

    Hi! I am willing to exchange e-mails with anyone desperate for low grade orgasm. Let me know. Please. I am begging a random guy for pity in his heart and the dying embers of lust in his groins for one last opportunity for sex before I am claimed from this earth.
    Please someone take pity on ole gal, wontcha?

  38. Cody

    “Hare lip”. Not “Hair lip”. Because of its resemblance to a rabbit’s mouth.

  39. Ript1&0

    Damn it, 37, that’s what I have DR for. He’s all the almost dead sex I’ll ever need.

    Thanks for thinking of me though, sweetness.

  40. from somewhere in a box in the ground

    eh? Oh it’s you Ript *sigh* (bored) aghh I’ll just lie here and rot, it’s more entertaining

  41. First picture I’ve seen of her without her crack pipe…..


    I just love her, she’s so freaking entertaining, I can’t get enough. She dyes her own hair in the bathtub? When she could get it done professionally for free and with a lot less bother? She’s crazy, and I’m not just saying that – she’d clean up on reality TV. I’d tune in to watch her ruin high-end hotel rooms, and then going to jail to meet her heroin-Hubby, both of them crying like babies…

    I’d watch.

  43. L.Linus

    She just looks nasty and unkept. I can’t imagine if she cleans herself down there or not. She look like she’d barely wipe her ass after a dump. Her under arms probably stinks and her hair is oily.

  44. Lowlands

    Real artist are a bit excentric folks.That’s all i wanna say for now.

  45. Ivanos

    OHHHH Who’s the pretty little vampire she’s banging? HOT

  46. Italian Stallion

    9/11 was caused by a retarded, dickless, power hungy, coke sniffing faggot……

    If he wanted oil that bad, just go to Italia and use a sponge on our faces……

    Yea, I said it. Our greasy faces keep us looking young. I’m thirty and when asked how old I look, normal respose is 25……………



  47. Italian Stallion


  48. ciak

    Well, apparently the rehab thing was a fake, she is going back to the old habits, you can clearly see that she is getting trashy again. Not sure there is much to do against alchool and cocaine/heroin addiction unless you really want to quit. Amy is actually back to black!!!

  49. Fit & Petite

    Her legs are portionate to her small body; just like Angelina. You are probably confused about how people should look because 70 percent of Americans are over weight and weigh 30 pounds or more. And 1 percent of Americans are underweight; basically famous rich people. I think Amy eats once a day which consist of a tuna sandwich. Tuna is very high in protein which is a good thing since Amy only eats probably once a day. I love Amy’s soulful voice. I hope she kicks the drug habit for good soon.

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