Amy Winehouse: Is it me or is she getting sexier?

Amy Winehouse’s face continues to be assaulted by impetigo. To combat the disease that continues to ugly her up far more than she deserves (C’mon, she was bad enough), Amy has purchased a tanning bed to install in her home. The Daily Mail reports:

However, the rash, which she has reportedly been taking antibiotics to clear up, does not appear to be healing. Presumably attempting to clear up her skin, the singer invested in a white sunbed that was delivered to her London home yesterday.
In general, Amy’s health appears to have deteriorated since her comeback Grammys performance, with her once healthy-looking skin now appears scabby, and blemished.

Amy’s condition has, obviously, worsened in the past week and right now she’s gone from just making children cry to putting a fear so cold it could freeze hell into the hearts of grown men. I’m presently typing this post huddled underneath my bed with a baseball bat. I’m not coming out until my mom gets here and checks the closet for Amy Winehouse. For my mother’s sake, I hope Amy’s not in there because, frankly, I love you, ma, but you’re getting impetigo’d in the face while I jump out the window then steal your car.

Photos: The Daily Mail, Wenn