Amy Winehouse is a sexaholic *HORF*

The recently freed Amy Winehouse (Yep, the cops just warned her to keep her face to herself) apparently has another addiction besides booze, blow, popsicles, magazines, McDonald’s french fries, ballet slippers and smoking crack with cats. Our girl Amy likes to do it. A lot. I’ll give you a minute to quickly clear your thoughts and think about something less gross. Like witnessing natural child birth. Anyway, Amy hasn’t exactly been the faithful wife and is somehow managing to find live men willing to see her naked, according to The Sun:

The friend said: “It’s funny how she bedded the last two people who have been helping to look after her. Amy is sex-mad — and she gets what she wants.”
The Sun revealed on Saturday how Amy plans to divorce hubby BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL — who is behind bars on remand on assault and trial fixing charges. But she had been unable to face telling the junkie about her affair with ALEX HAINES — her manager’s aide. A source said yesterday: “In all honesty they think The Sun has done them a favour. It was getting harder to keep the affair under wraps.”

Surprisingly, this morning People is corroborated The Sun’s story that Amy and Blake are eventually headed towards Splitsville. Trust me, I guarantee nobody’s more stunned than the folks at the The Sun:

“It is a tough situation,” the insider added, responding to British reports of the union’s demise. “[I] don’t think that anyone who knows them and cares about them doesn’t have an opinion about why they should [split], but it’s not happening now.”

So, basically, if you run into a drunk Amy Winehouse you’re faced with either two outcomes: Get headbutted in the face or have sex with her. If it were me, I’d go for Secret Option #3: Hand Amy a knife and tell her there’s a balloon full of coke in my belly. Then I’ll simply walk away after she completely misses and stabs a parking meter – across the street.