Amy Winehouse is a dirty thief

August 17th, 2007 // 122 Comments

Amy Winehouse checked herself into rehab on Tuesday, left after 48 hours, and now she’s apparently back in. Her husband Blake Fielder-Civil confirmed on BBC Radio One’s Newsbeat that the two are heading back to a rehab center in Essex, England. Amy’s rep released the following statement:

“Amy Winehouse is putting all her touring commitments for this month on hold until further notice in order to address her health issues. Amy will now not be performing at this weekend’s V Festival in Chelmsford and Staffordshire. Her family has requested that the media respect Amy’s privacy at this time.”

And if you don’t care about that, before checking into rehab she decided to steal a copy of New Musical Express magazine. She and a friend were buying some things at a store and as she was leaving she glanced over her shoulder and grabbed a copy of the magazine without paying. Because why pay for stuff when you can not pay for stuff? Just do the math.


  1. that guy

    oh my god, i think im first… who gives a fuck

  2. Texas Tranny

    It’s about time for something new. But this?

  3. Bag-o-fun

    Amy, wear some fucking pants that cover your pancake ass – as if the missing teeth weren’t enough.

  4. mdiz

    who is this girl?

  5. Lovely

    Why does she have a bat flying outta her ass in the last shot?

  6. I'm bored

    What’s with the hair? Seriously… I don’t get it.

  7. Mike

    Guess I would still do her. Not that it matters to anybody, but I would.

  8. @6:

    The hair and make-up is her trademark. Personally, I think it looks stupid

  9. HELP

    Holy, crap. That whaletail in the last shot is gonna give me nightmares for weeks. Her ass is way more hideous than her face, and I didn’t think that was possible. Seriously, Fish, that last shot belongs in the “So Freakin’ Hot” section.

  10. justplainconfused

    Her hair is trying to take over the world. Did she steal that wig from Cindy Wilson or Kate Pierson? I’m guessing she’s going to scream “tin roof rusted” in her next song.

  11. cosmetologist

    Is that a disease on her eye lids, or did she really tattoo on that much black eyeliner. She is going to look really good in another 10 years with that crap on her eye lids, sort like Michael Jackson.

  12. bob

    i’m not sure which is more disturbing: the hair or that thong.

  13. Tortured Soul

    I just realized who she looks like — that chick with the wicked obnoxious laugh that Chandler dated on Friends.

  14. mywellrehearsedmistake

    13. ooooooooo. myyyyy. gaaaaawddddd!

  15. What the crap is that tied around her waist in the last pic?? Is that actually her thong??? Ewwwwww. Good god almighty, girl, put on some weight so that your pants fit and cut off those dreads, you look like a fuckin hobo already. Geez!!!!

  16. Her ass sucks. I have a better ass, and I’m disgusting.

    Nice “whale tail” in the last one…

  17. Cowgirl

    Why steal a music mag? If you’re going to out with guns blazing or in this case “thongs” blazing, why not pilfer a fucking “Playgirl” or some nice over the counter drugs!

  18. ApoloOhnosSoulPatch

    Good call # 13! Janice from Friends, Jami Gertz in real life.

    Why on Earth would a 12 year old boy wear a black thong anyway?

  19. Solaera

    Looks like she just didn’t feel like waiting in line.

  20. Why is she here?
    I thought we had enough geefers in the U.S to pick on.
    Why install Euro trash in our day voluntarily?
    Hell,if it weren’t for us they would be speeking German anyways…

  21. skippy

    Who likes this stupid crack whore, there are so many more talented hard working people in the music industry that are looked over.

  22. Meeeeeee!!!!

    Amy Winehouse is gross. Nobody cares about her. She has stupid hair and her face is ugly.

  23. Don’t you mean “…do the meth?

    Pretty black thong panties. Yummy

  25. PC

    Even with all the money she blows on drugs and booze, she still has more money than you and me. So why on earth would she steal a magazine? How pathetic. And is it just me, but does she look like she would smell really, really bad?

  26. @25, I bet her panties smell delicious.
    I’d love to steal them from the hamper and take them home and sniff them while I jack-off.

  27. #25 PC EVERYBODY (including hobos) has more money than me. I went to the bank the other day and the teller told me I have 67 cents.
    I don’t even have a crack habit (yet).

  28. flavio

    yeah…worst whale tail ever.

  29. Dizzybenny

    this girl looks like a skank .
    look at her..well i was going to say ass but there is none.

  30. Mike

    #27 FRIST, come over, I will treat you like a queen.

  31. YouRang

    She’s a real fucking disaster. And that Beehive hair is God awful. #25 she looks like she would smell like a hobo that just shit himself in 100 degree heat.

  32. Ilovetimetravelingmonkeys

    And why wear pants that fix when you can show your ass to the world? Because there is nothing I like better in the morning than to see a mutated black ant wearing little kid clothes. Except maybe a time traveling monkey in a swimsuit.

  33. Lovely

    27- LOL

  34. That thong shot.. it’s.. awful.

  35. havoc

    You forgot “incredibly fucking ugly”……..


  36. farty_mcshitface

    i have never heard of this lousy bitch until recently. i think she should score some more horse tranquilizers- that would probably mellow the twit out a bit.

  37. KC

    Nice thong.

    And by “nice” I mean “horrifying.”

  38. lawyergirl

    Does anyone else think she looks like “Janice” from friends? Or at least Janice’s crack addict little sister?

  39. Malffy Hernandes


  40. lawyergirl

    Never mind. Note to self…read all the damn posts before you make a comment.

  41. Pedro

    Argh….She sucks anyway.

  42. hendero

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves, making fun of someone who clearly has serious mental and emotional issues. I mean, who the f*ck would steal a magazine with Hard-Fi on the cover?

  43. Tortured Soul

    No problem, #40, “great minds” and all that ;)

  44. Pedro

    And that has to be one of the most disgusting thong pictures I have ever seen. Let me not see that thoonnggg, Thong, tha-tha-tha-thong.

  45. doodie

    i could understand if this were 1940′s Germany, but come on, you cant pull hair off like that in this day and age.

  46. doodie

    i think i can see a slight bald patch on top of her bun. is that because her head actually form to the shap of it? or, is that because it is where she stashed her misscarried baby in an attemp to hide it from the press.

  47. Cowgirl

    I think I’ll go steal a “Playgirl” until a new post pops up.

  48. lambman

    Amy, Amy, Amy,

    What kind of fuckery is this? I guess we should have expected as much, I mean she did say:

    “I cheated myself,
    Like I knew I would,
    I told you I was trouble,
    You know that I’m no good,”

    of course she also said if we tried to make her go to rehab she wouldn’t go, go, go and look how that turned out.

  49. silverdollar

    god. i fuckin’ hate this bitch.

    her music sucks and she’s ugly as hell……why the hell is she famous?

  50. frudge

    I live in Chelmsford. We don’t care that she’s pulled out of the festival. All I know is there’s a rehab centre near my house and if I see her near it I’m going to poke her eye out with a sharp stick.

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