Amy Winehouse wears bikini for new boyfriend who miraculously keeps living

January 2nd, 2009 // 125 Comments

These are pics of a barely bikini-clad Amy Winehouse in St. Lucia yesterday with a new boyfriend. Let’s just go ahead and assume this guy is blind, has no sense of smell, on acid, bipolar, a clone of Pauly Shore and probably gay (If not, he’s gonna be.). But even then I still don’t get it. Maybe Amy’s digging gold bars out of her crotch, who knows? I stopped looking after my retinas pulled a gun.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that aren’t for the faint of heart. Or anyone with a heart in general.

Photos: Splash News

  1. someone else

    Dear God

  2. feerrsstt


  3. ihateyouall

    oh crap! i was eating…

  4. Swag

    Id hit it raw

  5. soahc

    I’d hit it, but I wouldn’t eat it.

  6. Danklin24

    She actually doesnt look all that bad in these. Weird.

    Now im going to go burn my hands for typing this.

  7. It's Me Fuckers

    hehehehe… I wish I could introduce her to my ex husband… hehehe… she’d make his cock rot off.

  8. havoc

    Why Fish…..why?


  9. Capt. Douchebag

    Way to easy.

  10. Delgo

    That back shot made me spray.

  11. Suzie

    Poor thing. Its kinda sad, I just feel bad for her.

    Hope she gets better.

  12. It's Me Fuckers

    caption for the first three pictures:

    “But I have one tit out and the BURNING still won’t STOP!! Just like he said!! Fuckin dealer doesn’t know everything. Where is my pipe?”


    Is that Dave Gahan in the water with her?

  14. Mi

    Is it just me or does she look a LOT less like the walking dead in these?

  15. Miss Kitty

    Yup… pushing the tampon back in

  16. smurf

    two desperate Jews have found each other…..

  17. Elle

    Well…it looks like she’s gaining some weight. So maybe she’s off the drugs. I really like her voice, glad to see she’s not all fucked up, and is having a good time.

  18. gypsybrother

    i’m pulling for this crazy bitch! if you look at pic 10 that smile takes you back to pre-douche-husband days. i mean what would i drunk sing on karaoke night if not songs by the winehouse?

  19. Funeral Guy

    Doctor!!!! My eyes!!!!

  20. Lux

    Well, at least she gained some weight!!

  21. This Poster

    Anyone posting after This Poster tosses Amy Crackhouse’s salad with ranch dressing

  22. Sarah

    Zack Braff or some other yid?

  23. Kelley

    Um, what’s with the crotch holding ? She movin’ “the boys” around ?? Yikes.

  24. Hadu Ken

    just like a mother bird, she is feeding the animals that live in that cavernous hole of dirtiness between her legs.


  25. Pee Wee From Porky's

    She feels something squirm down there everytime Mimi prays for her.

  26. amy crackhouse grabs her balls sake he he he!!!!!

  27. patricia

    why the hell she holding her crotch?

  28. SupHomies

    Is that Zac Braff with her? I think she looks better now that she’s put on weight, but she needs to tone up if she wants to still be considered a top artist.

  29. B

    I’m going to give her a pass here. That handstand is pretty awesome for a girl as messed up as she is.

  30. sla

    Considering she has been more or less knock-knock-knocking on death’s door for awhile now, she actually looks pretty good.

  31. missywissy

    This site is getting really boring.

  32. James

    She does look astonishingly…. alive in these. Real proper alive too not her former feasting on the tasty flesh of the living “alive”

    huh. maybe new boyfriend is good for her.

  33. Jenny

    “Honey my crabs are acting up again *scratch scratch scratch*”

  34. devilsrain

    This guy gives real men a bad name. Have some self respect you fucking puke

  35. Michelle

    Hey people leave the woman alone. She looks so much healthier, not to mention happier… I don’t understand why everyone has to be so mean to these girls…

  36. Mama Pinkus

    I agree with Michelle – she’s looking much more healthy, and certainly happier – I wish Ms. Winehouse well in her efforts to beat her demons.

  37. The Laughing G-D

    Where the hell is Randal?

  38. Geek

    Please Webmaster, take off the ‘Full Size’ button. That would be just too much.

    This skagg’s gota go!

  39. What the? I feel like im watching a sequel to the Island of Dr Moreau here…

  40. Shiri

    As others have said, she does look a lot healthier in these pics. Her body wouldn’t be too terrible if she didn’t have those tattoos. I just am not a fan of a lot of tattoos on a female’s body.

  41. teeg

    That’s a nasty little spare tire for such a skinny chick.

  42. loved`

    y dat fuck is she feeling down there….ewwwww, did she relized tha she got her pd. and she very fked up.

    —-by tha i mean by her face… gosh i jus want to go over her house and like fix her up… does she ever look @ her face.

  43. loved`

    tha is she doin… feeling DOWN there.. ewww. i jus want to go 2 her house and fix her! she sooooooooooo………………..ugly

  44. Julie Ann

    She’s just repulsive…in a kind of…awwww, you poor thing *pat on the head*…kind of way.

  45. netstarman

    Would someone get her a hairbrush shes starting to itch really really bad down there , where her top is coming off from the action.

  46. LoosyGoosey

    I think she’s putting the crack pipe back in it’s hole-der.

  47. CaptainMorgan

    Why does she not melt when she gets water on her?

  48. AustinPowers

    It’s a MAN, baby!

  49. TrailerPete

    I didn’t know they had a “beach” at the Trailer Park.

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