Amy Winehouse: ‘I’m the least racist person going’

Amy Winehouse held court with the paparazzi yesterday outside her home. It seems to be her press room lately where’s seen either signing autographs for the children or terrorizing the freaking populace with her shirt off. But one thing Amy isn’t doing is discriminating. After a video popped up of her singing a racially loaded song, while presumably high off her beehive, Amy apologized to the media, according to the AP:

Winehouse later stood outside her north London home, telling paparazzi that she was sorry, adding: “I don’t want to play anything down, but I’m the least racist person going.”

I believe her. You can get Amy Winehouse to do anything on camera once she’s full of blow which is, I dunno, always. Frankly, I’m surprised this interview didn’t end with her eating a cat and singing the classic children’s tune “I’m a Little Teapot – Who Hates Darkies.”

NOTE: Included more candid shots of Amy and Blake that were leaked to the media. Now there’s a happy couple in a drug-fueled relationship based on dependency. *sigh*