Amy Winehouse: ‘I’m the least racist person going’

June 10th, 2008 // 89 Comments

Amy Winehouse held court with the paparazzi yesterday outside her home. It seems to be her press room lately where’s seen either signing autographs for the children or terrorizing the freaking populace with her shirt off. But one thing Amy isn’t doing is discriminating. After a video popped up of her singing a racially loaded song, while presumably high off her beehive, Amy apologized to the media, according to the AP:

Winehouse later stood outside her north London home, telling paparazzi that she was sorry, adding: “I don’t want to play anything down, but I’m the least racist person going.”

I believe her. You can get Amy Winehouse to do anything on camera once she’s full of blow which is, I dunno, always. Frankly, I’m surprised this interview didn’t end with her eating a cat and singing the classic children’s tune “I’m a Little Teapot – Who Hates Darkies.”

NOTE: Included more candid shots of Amy and Blake that were leaked to the media. Now there’s a happy couple in a drug-fueled relationship based on dependency. *sigh*


  1. nobama

    what what

  2. I thought Danielle was the least racist person going..? I learn something new everyday…

  3. your mother

    your mom is nice

  4. Gross. Her face looks like its getting eaten by viral bacteria.

  5. TOP 10 NIGGAS!

    Wheres skank DEVA?…I guess they change the trees around in her neighborhood so she cant get around anymore!

  6. butterfly

    Sure, of course, because “least racist people going” sing those songs all the time.

    I still maintain this broad needs to be in JAIL! Then to an SLE for at least a year.

  7. YEah, if she was so ‘high’…then why did she keep repeating the question “you’re not taping this are you?’ to her drug addict boyfriend? She was was clearly aware of what she was doing.

  8. ggg

    Diseased, malnourished weaselly people FTW!

  9. fatso

    please stop putting stories about Amy on this website its not entertaining I really feel sorry for her and anyone related to her. Her parents must be sooooo proud

  10. Lipper

    The last pic- someone needs to tell her that she already put the crack pipe down and she’s sucking AIR. Crazy bitch! So embarrassing

  11. Plastic Sturgeon

    Is it so sad when an incredible talent such as Amy goes to waste. She needs to be involuntarily admitted to rehab for a minimum of 60 days. She also would benefit immensely by ditching her heroin addict husband, “Blaaaake!”.

    Talk all the trash you want. But unlike 99% of the useless celebrity imbeciles posted about on this site Amy actually has amazing song writing abilities (while sober) and a unique voice.

  12. “…more candid shots of Amy and Blake that were leaked to the media.”

    Leaked? LEAKED???

  13. veggi

    She’s not just hot, she’s Danielle-hot.

  14. Auntie Kryst

    Least racist person going?? Prove it ya cunt!

    Winehouse Tour ’08: Nairobi, Islamabad, Saigon, and Tokyo.

  15. No. I think she looks more equal to you vegetable. Which isn’t saying much.

  16. Well PIN THE TAIL ON THE SISSY fatso. Get over it tubby. Shes a train wreck and we are all waiting to see what creative dose it is that finally does her under. Maybe fish can get some pics from the coroner and put her in poses like :

    1. swatting flies from her crotch

    2. holding a fresh beehive

    3. scab picking from that god ugly horse face

    4. methadone suppository insertion

    5. what else?

  17. absolute2

    Poor Amy. She has beenruined by drugs.Acturally she is a talented girl. . I saw her at milllionairedatingsite —”W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m”—- last week. It seems she is divorced now.

  18. Ihaveadream

    i dont think Amy is even on drugs anymore. i mean, you are all just hating. they tweak these pics to make her look bad. and i know that she is NOT racist. she even has a black friend

  19. Mandy

    I do not think she is a racist. She was joking around like a lot of us do. When an Asian person cuts me off on the road; I call them a zipper head. I hope she gets help soon before she dies.

  20. Jakey

    You’re a really funny writer, man, but I beg of you: stop putting your punchlines — behind a big hyphen like that. It’s so much better when you don’t underline and emphasize The Funny Part. (Yay for unsolicited criticism from someone who’s paying nothing to read this website!)

  21. @17. You did! Wowzers.

  22. momo

    Nice back of the teeth shot.
    I vomitted.

    So much for the UK and its free health and dental plan.

  23. Karma

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this…
    Blake is kind of good looking

    *shoots self*

  24. Jake

    Her “racist” song was simply referring to various lesser races by their pet names, a sign of fondness or at least amusement. There’s nothing racist about that, unless you’re a humorless kneejerk politically correct overbearing nanny-buzzkill. And we all know that with REAL problems to deal with these days, nobody gives a flying fuck about “using hurtful words.”

  25. YEAH RIGHT, and water is WET!!!

  26. Hey Auntie, I went to that site you told me about. I left a comment on the Bilson post. You should read it, it’s brilliant. Something like “I’m FRIST!!!”

    I know. Inspiring, isn’t it??

  27. Slappy White

    I think this chick died 5 years ago and someone forgot to tell her.

  28. #27 – Weekend at Amy’s?

  29. jrz

    viral bacteria????
    DanYELL you stupid sasquatch….it’s one or the other. either it’s a virus or it’s a bacteria. GOD you’re so fat!

  30. no thanks

    Yeah fucking right, she’s racist as they come. People who aren’t racist don’t say/sing the shit she said. Hideously ugly, a drug addict and racist could this fugly bitch be anymore fucking worthless? Her parents must be so proud, imagine giving birth to a beautiful little angel and then having her grow up to be this. SAY MY NAME.

  31. Plastic Sturgeon are you kidding?

    What is this nasty arrogant selfish whore’s talent? She sings awful and you must be demented to find that gross style of hers entertaining. It certainly isn’t original. I would love to hear that nasty cunt sing something for once without stretching out all the notes. She did “Beat It” and was awful. Just awful. She is a one trick pony.
    Yeah, she got all those awards GIVEN TO HER by the ruling caste, it was a no brain given. Like when that boring Norah Jones got all those awards.

  32. Jessie

    She’s extremely talented and I concur with her attitude toward the less evolved rabble we are forced to support.

  33. @29. Well, I guess its only natural for someone who is suffering from both to correct me. My bad.


    She smells

  35. #29 – I have no idea why, but the “GOD you’re so fat!” bit made me chuckle.

  36. EgoTerrorist

    Umm, howcome noone (before me) commented about him (in pic 7) having her blow-infested wig on his head?
    So, it is true : she’s losing her hair.

  37. Jrz

    No, Sasquatch…’s natural for someone who is smarter than you to correct you. *shakes head* I’m growing inpatient with how fat and hairy you are, DanYELL…you’re really trying my patience

  38. I would love to lick the left side of her face, until she spurts her warm blood and pus into my mouth.

  39. damnYELL? Or should I say BRANDY??? Who the hell told you that rope would look cute on your head? And by that sultry look in your eyes, I imagine they had you looking at a sandwich.

  40. And exactly HOW do you conclude that I’m so fat & hairy?? *rolls eyes*

  41. jrz

    Because anyone so fucking completely irretrievably stupid as you DanYELL could only be a fucking Yeti, and we all know Yeti’s are fat, hairy beasts that have shit stuck to their fur.

  42. @39. Quit clickin on the link then! Geesh. If I’m so ugly, then why the hell do you keep lookin at my damn picture? Stalker.

  43. Jrz

    Oh, and the big pile of loose fur that is left behind everytime you post a comment.

  44. DamnYell has ruined this site

    DanmYell please go back under your rock. Go have some fried chicken & collard greens or something. I’m sick of seeing your ugly black mug and reading your delusionary, self-important arrogant comments about yourself. We’re all laughing at you. You’re a joke – Go home!

  45. Jrz…if anyone should be fat & hairy, its YOU.

    How many little beasts have you popped out of that dungeon you call a vagina??

  46. @38 How did I get the sick troll today? That is just fucking gross..

  47. Marie

    everyone says stupid racist shit, doesn’t mean we’re racist.

    I like her.

  48. jrz

    Her old standby…..the I-Know-You-Are-But-What-Am-I response. *sigh* God, don’t you have anything else to do? Haven’t they opened the fire hydrants in Souf’eeees yet?

  49. she's absolutely pathetic

    I cant believe you, Danyell, actually posted your real picture on a site where you’re already a complete joke. Are you that desperate for attention? Get a grip.

  50. Here’s the real DanYELL

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