Amy Winehouse hospitalized again, had a ‘reaction’ to her medication (Read: Crack + Methadone do not a good sandwich make.)

Amy Winehouse was hospitalized last night after she apparently had a “reaction” to medication she’s taking as part of an anti-drug regimen. Amy had collapsed at her apartment and her dad Mitch called paramedics telling them “She’s fucked up, she’s fucked up.” But, in defiance of all logic and reason, she’s somehow doing fine and will be released tomorrow. The Sun reports:

An onlooker said worried Mitch told fans: “She’s just mixed up her medication.”
Later dad Mitch went to University College Hospital and took Amy some Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Asked how she was, Mitch held up two bags of food and said: “This is how serious it is — I’m bringing her some KFC.”

For the record, Amy doesn’t so much eat the chicken as she reinforces her beehive with the bones. Or at least tries to before giving up and smoking a crack pipe the size of a bus. Yet, somehow, God let’s her keep living. I’m gonna go ahead and assume this has something to do with me touching myself at night. Not quite sure the punishment fits the crime, but whatever….