Amy Winehouse can’t handle her legal drugs

With the kind of tolerance that Amy Winehouse has built up over the years, you’d think she’d be able to inject nuclear waste directly into her eyeballs and at worst come down with a case of the giggles. But no, it seems that prescription drugs are her Achilles’ heel. CNN reports:

Winehouse, 25, went to the private London Clinic on Sunday, said her spokesman, Chris Goodman. He said Winehouse’s medication made her ill and her doctors asked her to come in so they could investigate.
Goodman did not disclose what type of medication was involved, saying only it is part of her “ongoing treatment.” It was not clear Tuesday whether she had been discharged.

And here I was going to challenge her to a Ny-Quil chugging contest. What a letdown. This is like finding out that Superman wears lingerie under his costume. Or that Lindsay Lohan’s crotch doesn’t host a collection of STDs so powerful that it’s actually on the FBI’s terrorism watch list. Luckily, we still have my ability to bend steel girders with an intense gaze to cling to. Otherwise Thanksgiving would be totally ruined.

Photos: WENN