Amy Winehouse can’t handle her legal drugs

November 25th, 2008 // 57 Comments

With the kind of tolerance that Amy Winehouse has built up over the years, you’d think she’d be able to inject nuclear waste directly into her eyeballs and at worst come down with a case of the giggles. But no, it seems that prescription drugs are her Achilles’ heel. CNN reports:

Winehouse, 25, went to the private London Clinic on Sunday, said her spokesman, Chris Goodman. He said Winehouse’s medication made her ill and her doctors asked her to come in so they could investigate.
Goodman did not disclose what type of medication was involved, saying only it is part of her “ongoing treatment.” It was not clear Tuesday whether she had been discharged.

And here I was going to challenge her to a Ny-Quil chugging contest. What a letdown. This is like finding out that Superman wears lingerie under his costume. Or that Lindsay Lohan’s crotch doesn’t host a collection of STDs so powerful that it’s actually on the FBI’s terrorism watch list. Luckily, we still have my ability to bend steel girders with an intense gaze to cling to. Otherwise Thanksgiving would be totally ruined.

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  1. boogerman

    First beeeeoootttches

  2. bigSTEAMYone

    wow, just when you thought this crazy bitch couldn’t get any uglier. !

  3. Kooter BIG

    I am first oh my god oh my fucking god oh my motherfucking bloody christ my god oh oh oh oh oh oh oh my oh oh oh my
    O forgot what I was going to say!!!!!!

    oh my god I gotta show all my friends if I could get out of this wheelchair I would run with joy but alas I am partially paralyzed.

  4. I was first

    This is bullshit it said there was 0 comments and when I posted there were 2 more in front of me that is not right. It was all i had for the love of god.
    Why me?


    why why

  5. havoc

    Crack is whack….


  6. AmberDextrose

    Was she spawned by Princess Diana after a drunken night with Gene Simmons? Via a tattoo parlour. There’s just something I’m seeing there… the hair, that nose, the makeup…

  7. There has got to be some foul odor coming out of her….

  8. Obama Bootlip



  9. Well done, Amy. Keep up the good work. The multiple hospital bracelets really make the outfit.

  10. Turd Ferguson

    Just die already so we can make fun of the next celebritard

  11. havoc

    That is what a deathwish looks like.

    Obviously, no one cares. She’s dead.


  12. jso

    fascinating. is that an elephant?

  13. marme

    SHES 25!!!!!!!!!????? WTF

  14. Balls McCoy

    I heard they tried to make her go to rehab but she…

    “Sorry, but I must decline. I’m fine really. Thank you. ”

    Too easy.

  15. kelley

    She still looks like something that got caught in the drain !!

  16. yuristache

    Here is the plan: 1) schedule a concert for Amy in Portland, Oregon; 2) load up her dressing room with enough narcotics to tranquilize an elephant; 3) rush her to a local hospital following the inevitable post-concert shitshow; 4) sign the forms for her physician-assisted suicide. This is the only course of events that could possibly prevent my eyes from spontaneously bleeding while checking your website. We need to stop Amy before we all go blind.

  17. Chauncey Gardner

    They need look no further for a Medusa for the planned CLASH OF THE TITANS remake.

  18. tracey

    Jesus Christ she is Keith Richard’s twin!

  19. tracey

    Jesus Christ she is Keith Richard’s twin!

  20. Somebody save that poor guitar!

  21. tracey

    Jesus Christ she is Keith Richard’s twin!

  22. Christina

    When Amy Winehouse starts to look good, girls, you know it’s time to worry. Now all the strange people will start commenting they want to sniff her poo and ass and smell her farts, then you know as a hetro woman you really got to step up your game.
    Ouch. I just came round from this eye transplant I had. Oh….Now I see clearly…..dang….Don’t I feel silly.

  23. Randal

    Amy, I do hope through the rough waters in which you float, that you find land where white beaches run the horizon. Your music has been an inspiration to many around the world, singing in highs and lows that are as unique as your personal style.

    Fight the fight dear girl so you can continue to bless us with your amazing voice and lyrical roller coaster mazes of emotion.


  24. blp

    I forgot it was nearly Thanksgiving for you Americans. Giving thanks to your ancestors for murdering millions of Native Americans. Happy Times

  25. Riley

    Kill it.

  26. Riley

    Kill it.

  27. Riley

    Kill it.

  28. Riley

    Kill it.

  29. Katherine



  30. Richard McBeef

    Riley, you had me at Kill it. The first time.

  31. amanda

    jesus, that last pic looks like keith richards….

  32. ummm...yeah

    What more is there to say on this subject?

  33. Amy

    How can a celebrity be so grubby? Doesn’t she have stylists and makeup artists? Or did she reject them in order to stand out? Rebellion?

  34. lindsay

    the writer isn’t always funny.

    still hate that ugly winehouse.

  35. Uglee

    This girl is a disease.
    She´s ugly and superficial among other things.
    She would never make another good work. Like britney (despite i love her)
    Now we have to live with her and watch her ugly photos.
    She can´t handle fame and fortune. That´s what happens when poor and not prepare people got rich and famous. Like Michae Jackson and Diego Maradona.

  36. GG1000

    Ya know, I’m gonna go with “drug inteaction” as the issue here. Like, the recreational ones reacting badly with the prescriptions ones!

  37. denise

    That is the ugliest dude I’ve ever seen

  38. BondJamesBond

    Those pictures are just disturbing…..what a waste of a life.

  39. saviana

    she’s the ugliest person i’ve ever seen in my life. she looks older than my mom in the last pic. my mom is 52. she should just be killed.

  40. Emily

    I like how she wears makeup like it’s going to help…..

  41. new here

    Gee whiz, she looks pretty weird.

  42. Lucifer

    I heard that she appeared on a dating community ***INTERRACIALLOVING.COM*** with a personal account there. Maybe you have the chance to talk to her online or meet some singles there. It is amazing.

  43. Tucker

    I’m pretty sure she could go on “Lowered Expectations” as a tranny and possibly get a blind date who is no longer able to smell.

    I cannot believe that THING is still walking around.


  44. TonyS

    The drugs don’t work

  45. She's a Legend

    Yeah she sure is favored by her tribal god aint she? I wish I had a soul so I could smack all the lesser animalesque humanoids around. Back of rotting bones and teeth. Cunt.

  46. Mel B

    Can we talk about the fact that she is collecting hospital admission bracelets, like spring breakers collect party bracelets?

  47. fmis

    uhh, it’s called bipolar disorder, and idiosyncratic or opposite reactions to medications is one of the hallmarks of the condition. Of course, most docs are too freakin ignorant to recognize it when it stares them in the face and scares the bejesus out of them

  48. Richard McBeef

    uhh, it’s called fucking nasty, and rotting or decay of the skin is one of the hallmarks of the condition. Of course, most people are too freakin ignorant to kill it when it stares them in the face and scares the bejesus out of them.

  49. gender.issue

    …not as hot as that Pete Wentz chick in the following post…

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