Amy Winehouse has brain damage? Get out!

September 2nd, 2008 // 77 Comments

Remember when Amy Winehouse went to the hospital in July for a “reaction to her anti-drug medication“? Turns out Amy really smoked her face off for 36 hours straight which leads doctors to believe she’s now permanently brain damaged. The Sun:

MEDICS are worried Amy’s brain was damaged by the cannabis overdose – she displayed symptoms normally associated with schizophrenia.
The pal yesterday said: “The future is bleak, bleak, bleak. Mitch does everything he can to protect his daughter – but his ‘explanation’ for Amy’s hospital dash in July was just simply untrue. She had smoked an inhuman amount of hash which resulted in acute cannabis poisoning. You have to take a s***load of pot to suffer that severe a reaction.”

I love how it takes a team of doctors to deduce Amy Winehouse has brain damage. I could’ve told you that and I can’t even make my own coffee. No, seriously, last time I tried to brew a pot – BOOM! – 9/11. True story.

Thanks to James who reminds everyone to stay in school. That’s where they sell the good shit.


  1. Que

    Que dang.

  2. syn

    This is a nice break from politics.
    Thanks Amy! Idiot.

  3. HeavySmoker

    If you could get brain damage by smoking too much pot then I wouldn’t be able to type this. TOTAL BS. No one smokes more pot than me (not even Snoop Dogg) and I am totally not brain damaged. Well, except for the twitches, drooling, and crapping my pants.

  4. Jammy

    “Acute Cannabis poisoning” no such thing. Sounds like British news talking.

  5. Tephlon

    Brain damage from smoking pot…

    I’m from the Netherlands and I’ve never seen that.

  6. That chick is a waste of a human life

    That may be the ugliest image I have seen in my life.

  7. Jordan Catalano

    I’m with Jammy and HeavySmoker–it’s been scientifically proven that the amount of weed it would take to cause an overdose is more than any person could ever possibly smoke–and that includes, Amy, Heavy Smoker and myself!

    Actually, I’d love to have a smoke-off w/Heavy Smoker! It sounds like we live a similar existence! What’s wrong with a little friendly competition where everyone ends up stoned!?!

    Come on Superficial, let’s get this party started!! Where are my smokers at??!?

  8. JodieTart

    Fucking hurry up and die bitch, you are ugly to look at and good for nothing. JUST DIE.

  9. BadCopNoDonut

    Agreed. She was smoking something I’m sure, but pot does not do THAT. If there was a definitive link to Winehouse Syndrome I would quit pot today.

  10. Rant

    Even her is cigarette is dirty.

  11. rough daddy

    this chick probably smells worse than the sewage of england

  12. jaime

    pot OD? it’s almost impossible! you have to smoke like a million pounds!

  13. LL

    That Amy Winehouse is still alive is proof there is no god. Little kids get cancer, movie voiceover guy dies, Heath Ledger mixes a couple drugs “accidentally” and dies, and here’s the biggest junkie in Europe, still kickin’ it. She’ll probably live to be 80. She’s the female Keith Richards. She already looks like him.

    I think she sings fabulously, so as long as I don’t have to look at her, I don’t wish for her death. Donald Trump, on the other hand…

  14. brain damaged and ugly as sin!

  15. pothead

    this is the first i’ve ever heard of anyone “overdosing” on pot.
    highly suspect.

  16. mikeybikey82

    i’d hit it.

    in the face, with a shovel.

  17. John McCain

    The last time I smoked that much hash, I ended up jerking off to pictures of this incredible MILF…

  18. Andreanna

    Brain damage from smoking too much weed in 36 hours. What a bunch of bull!

    Rent the movie Super High Me where the comedian Doug Benson smokes for 30 days straight morning, noon, and night to see what the effects would be. Nothing!

    She’s brain damaged alright, but not from smoking weed.

  19. julia bella

    surprisingly (not)….you know how the sewers smell like in england!!

  20. Sibuna

    pretty sure that brain damage came from all the crack, not the pot

  21. silly pants

    This story is totally true.

    And rough daddy has a PhD.

  22. Lola

    That level of drug use on a person that emaciated and squalid will definitely lead to psychosis and brain damage. The nasty bitch is officially a lost cause.

  23. whatever

    Stories like this are what makes conservatives and parents freak out about marijuana, subsequently furthering the so-called, ridiculous ” war on drugs. ”

    It really upsets me they would even allude to high-volume marijuana smoking to Amy Winehouse, of all people. That’s just defacing the good name of reefer.

  24. meh

    I thought it was a lame joke about you making coffee and BAM! 9/11.
    You can do better than that. That was cheap.

  25. rough daddy

    #19 they smell like you julia bella

  26. el

    9/11 joke?
    too soon. too soon.

  27. julia bella

    and how would you know what I smell like??? I don,t fuck with old, cheezy balls!!! I’d rather hump a door knob!

  28. Andy S.


    Doug Benson smokes pot every moment that he’s not sleeping for a month, and he comes out of it A-OK (see: Super High Me), but Amy Winehouse smokes pot for a day and a half and she’s brain-damaged?

    I don’t think so.

    (that the pot is at fault, that is. I’m sure that her crack-addled brain is probably far beyond repair).

  29. Trix

    That is a total myth, there is no way that pot caused brain damage! OMG That is funny though!

  30. friendlsytoner

    i`ve never heard of cannibis poissoning, but then i`ve never smoke for 36 hrs particulary while nailing crack, smack, pills, ket, shrooms, acid, PCP, opium, speed, chrystal meth, ethonal, mescaline, popers. oh and lets not forget alchol.

    anyway, dont worry she`ll be dead soon and you can watch junkies congregate round the cremotorium taking in big lung fulls of second hand smoke/drugs from her burning drug ridden corpse.

  31. rough daddy

    boy youre stupid! where did you get a hint, that my apple bags were old,,,cheezy maybe! thats because ive been typing to you way too long,,,and dont too sure id be humping your plumped cunt either!!!!

  32. norton

    She was smoking hash you morons…. and all of you posting here who claim to NOT have brain damage didn’t even comprehend the article.

  33. Flavio

    this is ridiculous bullshit. it is quite well known and factually established that there simply is no such thing as ‘acute cannabis poisoning’. this has never happened in human history, and it did not occur to Amy Winehouse. this is just one example of how the British press is actually even worse at times than the American press.

    so to summarize – you cannot ‘poison’ yourself with “too much hash”, and you can’t give yourself ‘brain damage’ by smoking a lot of it at one sitting. whoever is saying this crap has no idea what they are talking about.

  34. rough daddy

    hey bella? you might be way nastier than amy,,,door knobs are so unsanitary…ill bet youve done that too and why would you bring that up!

  35. julia bella

    you couldn’t come up with a better counter-attack? I made you so nervous that you even skipped a word!!!

    Oh jee!! the power of the ladies!

  36. BadCopNoDonut

    34- Hash is made from pot. You could use some of either

  37. julia bella

    wow!!! took you awhile to come up with that one…I had time to grab a coffee, type my #37 and wait for the site to upload it….

  38. Trix

    Hey Norton -

    The only way to overdose on a piece of hash is if a piece the size of a piano fell on your head!

  39. rough daddy

    bella sweety? im on julia roberts now,,,you want attentions? go parade on the streets, floozy! you aint getting it from me!

  40. Julia Ghoulia

    I said…Julia Ghoulia

  41. NY Ted

    BOGUS! Don’t give the good herb of the earth a bad name you fucking ugly trash whore! 36 HOURS OF A CRACK PIPE GLUED TO HER FUCKING UGLY MOUTH THAT I WOULD BELIEVE! What a fucking waste of skin!

    Now pass me that Bob Marley joint the size of a fucking airplane!


  42. Spector

    Typical English tabloid BS. I doubt they even care if it was weed or it was crack as long as they sell a few more rags.

  43. a reader

    rough daddy and bella:

    Do us all a favor, get a room and get over with it already

  44. It is impossible to overdose on cannabis. There is also no “Acute Cannabis poisoning”. This is complete and utter fiction. Do not believe it? Think you are smarter than 1000s of doctors. Well google it for yourself and get informed.

  45. HoodFellaz

    HeavySmoker: Snoop Dogg outsmoke you anytime of the day, when you have 100,000,000 dollar or more, you get ridiculous amount of weed and you waste ridiculous amount of weed 24/7.

    proof here:

    that joint is probably the equivalent of what you smoke in a month.

  46. farty_mcshitface

    fuck yeh amy!!!
    lookin so hot there.
    all those sleazy tatoos and that shitty eye-liner makes you look like a goddamned sea hag!
    it ain’t the pot that messed up her brain, more like the meth and heroin. that shit did the number on her.

  47. Did you ever notice that no matter how fucked up Amy seems to be she never forgets to apply that idiotic eye makeup? Or to shave her pits? It’s all an act.

  48. What a bunch of crap, I started growing my own for rent money when I got my own place at 16, I smoked at least an ounce a week until I was 24. By then I had a B.S. in chemistry and art history and an M.S. in computer science. I don’t really smoke anymore, but I also do not feel that it has impaired me in any way. If anything it helped me with creativity.

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