Amy Winehouse’s husband files for divorce, cites her adultery (Whoops.)

January 12th, 2009 // 68 Comments

Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil has started divorce proceedings today and is citing “Amy’s adultery” with Joshua Bowman as the grounds, according to People:

Blake Fielder-Civil has instructed a lawyer to file papers. “I can confirm that I have been instructed to commence divorce proceedings on the grounds of Amy’s adultery,” Henri Brandman told PEOPLE, confirming a statement he made to a Sunday tabloid in the U.K.

Man, I wonder what would cause Blake to make such a bold move? It’s not like Amy has been openly running around with a new boyfriend then giving interviews claiming Blake is terrible in bed. Except, oh wait, that’s exactly what she did. Scope out this excerpt from Amy’s interview with News of the World:

“When I’m with Josh I don’t need drugs to feel good because he makes me feel so amazing.” She then leans forward and whispers cheekily: “We just had sex. . . can’t you tell?”
And, in one of the rare moments she ever mentions her husband, Amy reveals: “Blake was rubbish in bed. Do you know what? Almost every time I slept with him it was like I was dead. I don’t know what’s going on with us now and for the time being I’ve just forgotten I’m even married. I’m just here on my own, happy and having a good time with Josh. I’ll deal with Blake when I get back. But our whole marriage was based on doing drugs.
“So being with someone like Josh is much better for me.”

Okay, so maybe in Amy’s road to recovery, she poorly handled her divorce and will pay out the ass to get rid of Blake. A moot point since she’s no longer financing London’s crack market. The important thing is, Joshua Bowman’s friends can laugh at him because he totally banged Amy Winehouse. And so will every single casting director alive. Now, I’m not saying using his penis as a head shot would’ve been the wiser career move, but yeah.

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  1. I’m shocked. No, really.

  2. I’m shocked. No, really.

  3. Nicole

    She is completely gross.. this guy looks decent.. What the heck? Ewww …

  4. Bitch,I don't care.


    Maybe she will get better?


  5. me

    Anyone posting after me vaccuums Amy Winehouse’s carpet

  6. Help me

    I just listened to “Love is a losing game”. I can’t even make out some of what she says. Is she black? Is she copying a negro blues singer? She has no range at all. Texturally, it’s all the same. She phrases well in the same voice however.
    In essence, she is second rate. She sux.
    She is chosen to succeed like…well you know.

    I hope Blake takes her nicely, the dumb whore.

  7. do what now?

    I sooo want to believe that she’s not really this stupid and all the qoutes were made up by the press. What a moron. Hopefully, she can prove that Blake cheated on her first with that model.

  8. Rachel

    If Tim Curry (Circa Rocky Horror Picture Show) wore a bikini

  9. Anexio

    Amy Winehouse is hot, but hot in a sort of “I have a fever because my body is fight off 13 types of venereal disease” kind of way.

    That skank, she got back!

  10. Gotta give it to him… any guy willing and able to keep it up for this walking toxology report just for a free trip to the beach must be pretty devious indeed.

  11. Monkey's Bone

    Hehehehe …. She looks like the class Booger-Eater when I was in the 2nd grade … Bonita The Booger-Eater

  12. Binky

    Sounds like her and Blake had more going on relationship-wise than most marriages.

  13. dude

    I love this site.

    But this story is downright depressing. Seriously. No entertainment value whatsoever.

    Can someone do me a solid and at least give us all some good Randal?

    Much mile high love in advance,


  14. Anon

    Well if she wanted Blake to fuck her good he will now.

    that interview and those pictures was her bending over for it.

  15. havoc

    Good for him. He has every right to do so.

    I say take all of her money now before she’s dead and mom and dad get it.


  16. I am assuming Amy’s boyfriend is not into drugs which is a good thing. I wish Amy well and I love her Back to Black CD the best. Amy looks like she put on weight and is looking healthier.

  17. Mr Nobhater

    It raises this bloke’s profile in the MMS while Amy gets a tooling she drools for. Makes sense, I suppose if you’re an aspiring wannabe, but Winehouse is being used by this nob.

  18. Dee

    LOL, this guy is a total poser just looking for some publicity. LOOK at his body language, this guy is not feeling her at all!!! I am amazed that she is even fooled by it, but then again with the psyche of a coked/meth/cracked out 13 year old, I guess it might not be too difficult for the budding ACTOR he is.

    Poor Amy, to have been saved from the drug fueled train wreck that was her marriage, only to be ushered into the arms of lies & betrayal.

    If she doesn’t realize his shameless ACTING for what it is, she will kill herself for sure.

  19. Jackie


    Amy’s boyfriend is good for her whether he wants the publicitiy or not. Amy put on weight which is great and she looks like she is getting high off a lot of sex right now.

  20. AJ


    Basically we have a lot of pop crap and rap crap circulating the air waves. Amy has a beautiful soulful voice and one either appreciates it or not.

  21. Vince Lombardi

    With Amy Winehouse.

    Brotherrrr, I may never see my penis again after that thought.

  22. Sport

    He looks like a normal dude.
    This relationship will last – they are exactly alike these two.

  23. Help me wise #20

    Basically we have a ton of awesome music from throughout the ages to listen to you deaf idiot. There is a lot of good contemporary music to listen to as well. There is not need to be decieved by what an Industry that is proud of one of their own wonderful jew singers. This bitch has no talent whatsoever. None. No voice at all really. If this sorry whore was to sing Kareoke (however it’s spelled too lazy to check) she would be a local fave and nothing else. Every song she sings sounds like the one she sang before.
    She has an ugly face.
    She is violent to others.
    She is a major drug addict and that alone should be enough in a decent society to banish her. We don’t live in such a society. Not anymore. We have been conquered from within. Our world is no longer our own. It is a plate of someone else’s shit serve fresh and rotten on a daily basis.

    Most people have no idea of what talent is and this filthy excuse for a rich human pig is not talented.
    Now go back and turn on your radio. There is propaganda their for you. And the latest fashion advise.

  24. Please provide us with the bands/artist that you like before you start rambling on about talent. Me and Mr Jones does not sound like Back to Black. I suspect you are a fat angry lonely person with anger issues.

  25. NY Ted

    Living fucking proof that “Big-Foot” does exist and does reproduce!

    Fuck…if I seen “that” walking along the beach….I’d fucking shoot “it”….!

  26. Turd Ferguson

    Wow, that first pic …all gut, no butt!
    I think my wang just threw up!

  27. Opinionated Idiot

    I really don’t listen to the radio for music. At all. I like classical and old jazz. I listen to jazz fusion here and there and I listen to a mixed variety and have heard men and women with beautiful voices. Too many to mention. I will listen to anything if it’s good including some rap on a rare occasion.
    This media spawn is nothing and yet to some…everything.
    As for you go fuck yourself.
    Yes I am angry but I am not fat. I am muscular.Which I guess is even worse.

    Have you paid attention to the economic news recently?

  28. adoe

    what the HELL is wrong with her stomach??

  29. Exo



    Either she’s pregnant (God help us),
    or she has some of the laziest abs ever.

  30. Thin as Sin


    After thin people eat or drink; their stomach protudes. After a thin person digests their food or drink; the stomach goes back flat.

  31. #27

    Here we go again, you do not mention one artist or band. Just name one for goodness sakes.

  32. Supportive

    #6 and #23
    You people are just jelous, angry and very stupid.Amy is extremly talented, one of the few realy talented singers now days. Her prsonal life is her personal life. Her voice and interpretation of the songs is great. Drugs might ruin her or not.(I hope not). but her talent is fact that can’t be ignored or judged,especially by somebody like you -ignorant and with no brains at all

  33. Amy's Fan


    Most Americans have no idea about this because most Americans are fat! Amy you have an incredible voice! Get high on sex and not drugs!

  34. Opinionated Idiot

    ok ok ok I will name one artist and by far my favorite since I was a child.
    Sorry, I have lots of faves but I generally prefer classical artists, Yoyo Ma, Midori, Sir John Williams and on and on. Contemporary groups like OH shit I love Satriani! System of a down was good for me. How about voices like Jewel, Bjork? Old ones like Julie Andrews and Streisand. Don’t get me wrong I love a lot of stuff and I am open minded and throuh YouTube I have discovered some amazing stuff out there and it’s endless.

    Amy Winehouse is nothing. To me at least. In my opinion. I am an asshole.

  35. #34

    Let’s keep this strictly to female blues and jazz singers. Name a current female jazz or blues singer.

  36. Buckethead fan

    hmmm don’t really have any being nordic/celtic, it aint my thing. Sorry. So you got me there and BUCKETHEAD RULZ

  37. AHHHHh

    Amy Winehouse has Hank Hill’s ass! HAHAHAHAHA

  38. wet newspaper

    She looks 6 months pregnant. Either that or she has a mean hydatid cyst in the gut.


  39. Slim


    Amy looks like she just ate a good meal and her slim body shows a full stomach. Her stomach will go down after she digest her food. You probably did not know this because you and your wife have big fat American guts.

  40. Realist

    Morons. I’m skinny, and that is not bloat from a meal. Amy’s gained a lot of fat. It’s all gone to her stomach. That’s what happens when people starve themsevles or throw everything they eat up and them begin eating normally. With their depressed metabolism and lack of lean mass, they store lots of fat. But at least her arms and legs aren’t such toothpicks now.

  41. M.

    That actor guy is just another wannabe asshole who’s trying to reach success through her. You gotta admit, though, that he has a big pair of balls to be fucking an obnoxious and out of her mind skank like Amy Winehouse.
    It’s obvious that he’s good in bed: she’s so ugly I’d take a couple of hours to come…
    Jeez, she’s annoying and totally useless.
    Hope she explodes. :)

  42. vito


    You mean someone else actually fucked her? Wow. That’s rank.

  43. you're a bitch

    @23 you just suck at life and have no taste in music. if you actually would watch her sing acoustically or when she’s not drunk or completely out of it, she’s awesome! very very talented singer and if you can’t hear that, you’re just fuckin deaf. good luck to you Amy, it sounds like you’re back on the right track and you finally have a man that appreciates you.

  44. you're a bitch

    p.s. her music has given her most Grammy Awards won by a British Female Act and has won 16 other awards.

  45. timmy the dying boy

    It’s simple. Blake only used a sack over her head, but Joshua’s smart enough to zip her into a full body bag (with a hole in it).

  46. There is really a WOMB down there somewhere?

  47. Shannon

    She looks prego!!!

  48. to #43 and #44

    You illiterate whore, she is backed by the industry and do you really think for once that talent is defined by awards? She is chosen by the “chosen” who are better than the rest of us – the immortal seed of God!
    This hag-faced cunt sings old negro blues and her own songs are all sung in the same phony wierdo style.
    Awards? Britney got awards this year, didn’t she? For what? Being a washed up media creation as well!
    Don’t tell me I have no taste in music because I think one of your ugly heroes sucks, I listen to everything and know the difference between quisine and yesterday’s shit repackaged. Your excrement is ready ma’am.
    No roll back over on your belly, the elderly man that picked you up for cheap had taken his Viagra and certainly doesn’t want to look at your ugly face.

  49. Fati

    this horsie IS pregnant

  50. This guy must have a cock of steel, because there’s no other way any man would allow this chick ‘s serrated teeth anywhere near their bush pushers.

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