Amy Winehouse flips her shit, hops into random car

July 2nd, 2008 // 91 Comments

Amy Winehouse should be transported around Hannibal Lecter-style. Last night, while walking to her house with her dad, she decided to flip her chips and run out into traffic. From there, Amy approached a convertible, asked for a lift then crawled all over the body of what looks like a sweet ride. She disappeared for about an hour only to return and run straight into her house. In related news, London crack sales skyrocketed yesterday…


  1. #50 – I do think you get credit for being the first poster in Superficial history to use a Julie Andrews reference! And yes, the best career move Amy Crackhouse could do would be to choke on her own vomit.

  2. that would be cool….having that middle name.

    ugh…thinking about what’s in her bra makes me queasy. let’s shy away from such discussion, shall we???

    I find Kate Hudson’s flat chest to be much less vomitous. Not sure why. I guess 14 year old boy chests don’t scare me as much as drug addled veiny swollen chests. That’s just me though.

  3. Kate Hudson is good looking (in my not so humble opinion). Yes, she could use some bigger boobs but hey, she’s got a smokin’ ass. She just had bad taste in men.

    Anyone who finds Amy Crackhouse even remotely good looking should immediately put a fork in their eye and then have themselves sterilized.

  4. #49 Sportsdvl, sportsdevil or regular devil??

  5. FRIST – Just a sports devil, I leave the regular deviling to the professionals and I want to keep my Olympic eligibility.

  6. I’d touch her butt.

    but id rather touch yours. :)

  7. yodolayheehoo – I’m sneaky though, if you went to touch it I’d spin real quick so you got the other side! lol

  8. hm. interesting. very very much so. :O)

  9. sweet ride?

    sweet ride? are actually kidding?

  10. Richard McBeef

    48 – I am gonna assume that you are not the same Jesus as the #12 Jesus. Methinks the #12 Jesus is probably a sub-21 year old woman that thinks that after she graduates from her liberal arts college, she is gonna go out and grab the world by the balls, she’s gonna make a fucking difference. And she will start by winning the hearts and minds of the racists that post comments at the superficial. She is dead wrong, but she is still young and ideological. Her upper middle class parents raised her to understand that all people are created equal and that she can change the world if she puts her mind to it. Her parents also showered her with attention and now she thinks that everybody gives a shit as big as the shit her parents give when she has something to say.

    The #48 Jesus can’t even write coherent, properly structured sentences.

    Caring and responding to comments (even a 3-part response) on a celebrity gossip site are far from the same.

  11. Gotta say, the pic with her butt all up in the air got me rock hard.

  12. Wyatt Power !

    Hey KKK, I agree with you 100%. Time to elminate the devils…it’s time for ETHNIC CLEANISING 2009!

  13. Jesus

    My child, coherence is adhering to the illusion of material imperative. Cognition depletes the resevoir of the spirit and it’s exogeneous essence. Do not regard this realm of substance as anything more than the house withing which our Father has placed your soul within.
    As to Miss Winehouse, we will not be seeing her here in Heaven. She can go fuck herself in Hell with Cousin Lucifer.

  14. your fat mom

    She looks like that fat bitch’s skeleton from “Hairspray”

  15. Jesus

    My child, coherence is adhering to the illusion of material imperative. Cognition depletes the resevoir of the spirit and it’s exogeneous essence. Do not regard this realm of substance as anything more than the house within which our Father has placed the soul.
    As to Miss Winehouse, we will not be seeing her here in Heaven. She can go fuck herself in Hell with Cousin Lucifer.

  16. She's gonna die soon

    AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    This bitch is dead! Her awful voice is gonna go even more downhill and I bet the her pals will say that the gravelly sound adds maturity! They will ride her until she rots alive.
    This woman needs to be sent to an institution for at least a year. I doubt though that anything can save her now. She really like the taste of crack and is now more or less a zombie. Really sad.
    On a positive not, it couldn’t happen to a nastier cunt. So…
    …Die pig, die pig, die.

  17. sierra – I came on here to say exactly the same thing about picture number 2. The single funniest photo of a celeb ever taken. She looks like a cracked out Olive Oyl running to the ‘spinach’ store. (That’s what the kids are calling it these days you know)

  18. britney's weave

    damn, her form isn’t bad in pic two. she could drop that left arm a bit, but not bad. not bad at all.

  19. eurotrash

    #9 get ur own fuckin name

  20. What a freakshow. She’s better than old Daffy Duck cartoons.

  21. Jesus

    Regardless if the person who ever posted that was male or female, if you don’t care about it, well why so much hooplah over it?

    Being that you are strangely touched by her words to go this extreme devout hatred typing, I just have to wonder if you’re a little upset with your own life.

    And I really, really wish I were a 21 year woman. I’d touch myself a lot. Well, a lot more than I do now.

    My guess is that you’re not going to shut the fuck up like a proper child of God. My other guess is that you’re too fucking retarded to even catch sarcasm, which makes me wonder how you are at The Superficial in the first place.

  22. lambman

    LOL this story is awesome

  23. Mike

    Quit blaming this shit on the paps. They wouldn’t be following her around is she was going to church and serving soup to the homeless. Don’t get me wrong; they’re fucking pathetic but this shit is not their fault.

  24. Zach

    She actually used to be great looking..My god..

  25. I can't believe it

    Yeah Zach she was beautiful before. Impossible. She will never look that good again. She is crazy.

  26. Aw darn! I see that after #12 Jesus’s comment this thread had a reasonably good chance of turning into a KKK meeting, and I missed it! If only I had known, I might have been able to do something about that.

    Oh, and on the thread topic, yeah, Amy’s gonna die soon . . .

    Hmm . . . death of Amy, KKK meeting, yeah, I can get the two together. OKKK, I’ll be sure and c-c-c-come up with something . . .

  27. walter dithers

    Miss Crackhouse looks like an Ethiopian marathon runner – maybe she has quit music and is going for the 10,000 meters?
    Poor cow is seriously addled with crack, but she blends in quite nicely in the cesspit that is the UK.

  28. Alice

    So creazy.Amazing…I seemed to see she had a personal account on the wealthy dating club M E E T R I C H. C O M for hot guys and girls to hook up for Hot Love and Sexy Dating. Her blog was updated very often. Lots of guys joined in her friend circle there

  29. toolboy

    Wouldn’t it be cool if people in real life had cartoon special effects?
    Amy’s handlers tell her she is going back to rehab, she makes a Scooby-Doo “RuRoh”, there’s a ricochet sound, and then Fred Flintstone’s speedy feet while she runs after the car……”I Rike Crack, hehehhoooehheehe, right raggy?”

  30. mkmkmk

    Funny…….hope the guys got fully comp. insurance

  31. randi

    I’d flip my chips if Skeletor ran at my car…

  32. She wants to SHIT in a car?

  33. eurotrash

    #69 – Hey, who posted here first?

  34. Pattie Harrison

    She actually put on a little weight and I hope she kicks her drug habit. She is always available for her fans and paps when she is not in a drug induced state.

  35. sawani

    She looks like she’s trying to escape from annoying paparazzi, they make her go mad and desperate… see the last pic? I LOVE AMY , LET HER BE ALONE SOMETIMES

  36. Dirty Ugly Nasty Arrogant Untalented Pile of Excrement

    She looks like she needed to get a crack rock, It was for her an emergency, her brain was itching for it desperately. It does not matter that any of you scumbags think that this pig is somehow cool or the “shit”. She is nothing more than a crackhead and has no talent. Her voice is a fake and has little range.
    Fuck this whore and pray for her demise which is inevitable. This year or the next or the next she will be gone and we will be free from this garbage.
    Too bad she couldn’t take her idiotic fans with her.

  37. Mel

    Poor crazy crack w*&%$ needs help

    Someone lock her up

  38. Ennui


  39. fred fuckhead

    Christ, in that first pict it looks like her nipple is having a smoke….. come to think of it, I know that her nipple has more intelligence than whats left of the grey matter between the ears…

    I love the fourth pict, she looks just like your garden average street ho…….

  40. fred fuckhead

    I see in the one pict she got her black moneybelt on,, guess she’s packin,,,, probably holds enough money to get enough c or h to keep her going for almost an hour….

  41. ReallyBored

    Gross! I saw a “before & after” pic of her, 2004 and 2008- she doesn’t even look like the same person! Someone needs to post her “before” pics up on billboards or better yet, make murals on every alley wall in the country so that next time she shoots up,she sees herold self and maybe at least THINKS of changing her ways….or gets so depressed that she OD’s and kills herself. Either way,she’d be better off.

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