Amy Winehouse flips her shit, hops into random car

July 2nd, 2008 // 91 Comments

Amy Winehouse should be transported around Hannibal Lecter-style. Last night, while walking to her house with her dad, she decided to flip her chips and run out into traffic. From there, Amy approached a convertible, asked for a lift then crawled all over the body of what looks like a sweet ride. She disappeared for about an hour only to return and run straight into her house. In related news, London crack sales skyrocketed yesterday…


  1. p0nk

    i hate it when a bird shits on my recently washed car.

  2. veggi

    Well, it WAS Tuesday night..

  3. Deacon Jones

    God damn do I wish there was audio from pics 7 and 8.

    What could she possibly be trying to say?

  4. mimi

    Praying for Amy.

  5. Angry Beaver

    Ugh…that first pic made me toss my breakfast. If you ever post another pic of her disease ridden bony ass, I will hunt you down and carve out your pancreas with a spoon.

  6. surlywench

    This is pure win.

  7. nice car

    Not one fucking picture of the car

  8. doomhammer

    No worries #3. I was there though not in the pictures. I was busy trying to catch a bus to Heathrow so I could get the fuck out of ugly infested england.

    But #7 went something like- “omg, right there! Its that 3 headed green dragon coming to steal my coke”

    #8- (crying) “oh great! Are you happy now! All the coke is gone!! (sniff sniff)

  9. eurotrash

    While I agree she should lay off the crack, maybe if she wasn’t hounded endlessly by the Paparazzi she wouldn’t have these episodes. There must be more people in the world who do this kind of thing but we never hear about it if no one with a camera is around to record it. She needs help, not ridicule.

  10. George Washington

    Is every ally in that god foresaken shithole full of trash and urine?

  11. KillCrackHouse

    I’m also praying for Amy..that crack will soon take her life so we won’t have to see any more pictures of the open-sored, herpe and aids infested filthy waste of a human being on the internet or television for one more second.

    Is it me or are Ethiopians that haven’t eaten in six months starting to look fat in comparison to this human skeleton?

  12. Jesus

    I wonder how long it will take before this becomes a KKK meeting? I’m not sure if it will, but the way the Superficial has been these last few days, my guess is that their is some rebel flag toting retard that will find a way to make this crackhead story into a race story.

    Regardless of how many names I have posted under, I’ve always enjoyed this site. I love low blows on celebritards. I really used to enjoy the hilarious comments: Example: “Heath Ledger dies”…one comment still has me laughing. “You’ve gone too far this time Batman.”

    It’s a shame that the commentors of recent have ruined the experience. I’ve noticed an extreme decline in viewers and commentors, I guess that goes to show that racists (the few and the retardly proud) have finally started chasing away the actually funny people at this site. Oh well, a new blog is born everyday, perhaps the funny people found a site that isn’t infested with white trash bastards.

  13. sierra

    the second picture is hilarious. she looks like a cartoon character or something.

  14. Matthew

    I wish we ingore miss whinehouse and her zombie looking husbund of hers

  15. non-Amy Winehouse fan

    Damn, this woman looks near death. Doesn’t she ever look in the mirror and see how horrible she looks? For Christ’s sake, lay off the drugs woman, before they KILL YOU!

  16. yodolayheehoo

    I’m sorry, but if she’s wants to be famous, she’s bringing the paparazzi on herself. And if they manage to catch her acting like a total crack laced lunatic for my pure entertainment, then I’m okay with that. Anyone who oooohhh’s and aaaaahhhh’s and fusses about feeling sorry about her being “hounded” is RIDICULOUS. She got what she wanted. Popularity…it comes with a price. Yeah, she does need help. But you have to WANT help to GET help.

    I still adore you sportsdvl. Where have you been!?

  17. Crackheads are super entertaining

  18. Rand

    i really like her shoes, i think they are so cute.

  19. MOMO

    All that talent and then this…a shame

    #11, killcrackhouse:

    nice comment you sick fuk

  20. MOMO

    All that talent and then this…a shame

    #11, killcrackhouse:

    nice comment you sick fuk

  21. fearsarewishes


    You seem to be serious regarding your complaints of racism.

    So, please look in the mirror you stupid fuck. Your comments about “retards” are every bit as ignorant as any real racist that ever dropped by this site.

    Thank you.

  22. doomhammer

    Hey #12 aka Jesus,
    Shouldnt you be somewhere causing famines and floods and Psunamis and shit? I gotta give you props, you’ve killed a lot of motherfuckers lately. Nice work. Those sinning bastards in China and Mynamar had it coming.

  23. Pete

    #7 It’s a UK Renault Megane convertible. About 2001, I’d say. Sports edition. They could drive the fucker into a wall at full force and it’d still look more elegant than that whore

  24. OnlyGayEskimo

    She looks like one of those plasticized bodies in that travelling human body show…..

  25. Holy Moses

    That is not a sweet ride; it’s an older module Renault Megane Convertible. Probably costs 9.99 GBP, tops.

  26. meeatu

    holy fukin monkey

  27. Deacon Jones

    @21 and 22


  28. Jesus

    Yay, it’s doomhammer, my sausage lover!

    I missed you. It’s so good that you have taken a liking to me in all my glory. Be sure, though, to send 10% of your earnings and I will be sure to send you all the sausage you can handle, which is probably a lot. Here’s looking at you kid. ;)

  29. Deacon Jones

    Wow, I’d say that most of you are wankers, but 12 has a point, I’m sure that wankers is one of those fighting words for the good ole boys of America.

  30. Meghanfish

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i fuckin love her

  31. doomhammer

    About that first sausage you sent Jesus. We had a problem. Turns out it wasnt sausage at all but a damned queer faggot ! Did you find him? Was his body still nailed to that oak and covered in ants and bugs or had the coyotes had him for dinner?

    In any case, I dont think sending anymore “sausage” my way is a good idea. Would you not agree?

    Yours in faith.
    the hammer

  32. Jesus

    Does these mean we’re not friends?
    I thought we were getting so close. It’s so hard to tell these days.

    I’m still glad you have faith in me, though. I promise to not send anymore sausages, I kind of figured you more of a rough rider type guy. *winks* I’ve got the perfect biker, clad dressed, steaming manmeat to send.

    Just remember. 10% on Sundays, Saturdays are cool too, via Western Union.

  33. Jesus

    Ta-ta everyone! I’m off to the drugstore to pick up some Immodium and Fleet Enema’s. I have to clean the driveway you know, dont want to get any mud on the tires! Its going to be a marvelous 4th !!

  34. joey

    She makes Britney’s antics look tamer than an episode of “Leave it to Beaver.” I don’t understand… everything she’s had going for her…

  35. Deacon Jones

    Since Jesus gets trolled, I guess he’ll have to perform under a new name. I like this name.
    It’s a bit more down to earth.

    Well, I decided against fleet enemas, I prefer all natural fiber.

    I see the love for me is so overwhelming that people even take my screenname, that’s not very nice.

  36. ET


  37. I can’t even begin to try to come up with comments regarding Amy Crackhouse and her stupid antics. It’s like she’s a cartoon character or something.

    Hi yodolayheehoo (#16)!

  38. doomhammer

    fuck, sportsdvi, stop showing up everywhere, no one likes your commentary

  39. NY Ted

    Where the hell is she running too…??? Those pics are hilarious!!

    Amy – “Hmmm…now which way was that crack dealer…this way…no wait…that way…no over there…no over here…ohh now I’m late better turn it up a notch…Opps wrong way…hey buddy I need a ride…let me crawl over your car…take me to my dealer…where ever he may be.”

  40. when I want your opinion #38, I’ll ask your dumbass for it.

  41. yodolayheehoo

    #38 WHAT???? who doesn’t like his commentary? I sure do. AND IT’S SPORTSDVL (that’s an L…in case you are confused…I know it’s easy…).

    I love him. ***sigh*** I have a bonefied (haha…juvenile pun) blog commentary crush. It’s for sure.

  42. #41, I am just hoping you are female! :)
    And, thank you for sticking up for the Sportsdvl and not one of the sportsdvl trolls!

  43. yodolayheehoo

    ;) female. of course!

    I am assuming you are male. LOL. but it’s okay if you aren’t.

  44. yodolayheehoo – yes, I’m male. Without a doubt :)
    Most women don’t have the level of sarcasm I have so that is usually a dead giveaway.

  45. Richard McBeef

    12 – Jesus

    1. No one cares what you think. Not one.

    2. #21 is right. The “retard” talk is just as bad as the racism. Get the fuck off your high horse, you hypocritical sack of dog shit.

    3. I see you also break out the term “white trash”. Are you aware that is a racist term? Get the fuck off your high horse, you hypocritical sack of cat shit.

  46. yodolayheehoo

    Your level of sarcasm is fantastic. I look forward to your posts. :) Very much so. That’s why I pursue you. :)

    **gasp** are we having a commentary affair??? How scandalous. I love it!

  47. Wonder how much drugs she has stuffed in her bra? Looks like about a kilo..

  48. Jesus

    I like my high horse.

    Be sure, though, to make sure all cares.

    Now, if you had a fucking clue who I was aiming that at, you may, just may shut the fuck up. Instead, you assume I was directing that comment to all (I guess the name must confuse you), instead it was fired at acertain person. That’s okay, I’m glad you are here to love me.

    It’s been cold and lonely without someone to say that “they don’t care,” yet they are posting a 3 part comment on how much they “do” care.

    Is that irony?

  49. yodolayheehoo – scandal is my middle name (ok, it’s not, but damn that would be a cool middle name!).

    FRIST – not only are there drugs in that bra, the devil himself is in there!

  50. All together now let us chant "Die bitch, die" by KKK

    White Supremecists are the shit man! We told you whoring fucks a century ago that we were gonna lose our country one day. Now look. Mexicans flood the border and no they do not want to become one of use they want to take us over. All McCain has to say is “They are God’s children, they are God’s children”.
    Well the guy who rapes and kills babies is one of God’s children too. So are black widow spiders and AIDS cells. All the famine and suffering and diseases are inherently the work of God. Did he not tell us in the Old Testament that he is the source of all good and evil?
    (You pathetic small minded losers believe the Hebrew written words of their storm god?)

    Amy is a disgrace. All she does is horribly sing. That is it. She does not compose music. She is not a virtuoso like say Itzhak Perlman or Yo Yo Ma. She cannot sing anything classical like a Julie Andrews could. She does not write songs about anything mature or topical.
    They tried to make her go to rehab. She said “NO,NO,NO”.

    I am not trying to be an asshole. I simply feel this woman is a selfish, disgusting pile of erect maggots.

    Why can’t The Media Masters promote someone with dignity? Why is television so mindless and filthy? Why?
    Oh, I remember now. Sorry.

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