Amy Winehouse flashes her panties, I think

November 23rd, 2007 // 76 Comments

Amy Winehouse visited her husband in prison yesterday and by now you’re probably feeling a strange, burning sensation in your retina. Maybe it’s because you’re looking at Amy Winehouse’s nether-regions. No need to thank me. I’m just doing my part to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Now let’s go drink some egg-nog then, I dunno, pour bleach in our eyes. Fa la la la la!

Note: I added some pics of Amy with her super-fan. I always assumed Amy Winehouse frightened children and ate their souls, but I guess I was wrong. This little girl seems to be doing alright. At least until she gets home and realizes her wallet’s missing and her hands smell like death and vinegar. Hats off to her parents though. Way to dare your child to dream.


  1. Me

    Nasty Thing

  2. My god, she looks so dazed. really peculiar set of expressions

  3. Ascil

    Fugly!! Who taught her how to dress?! She looks EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


    I feel so sorry about her! She was said to have a personal account on a millionaire&celebsclub with her hot pictures and blogs there.

  5. Soy

    angelina body / gilda radner face

  6. you dont want to see her crotch do you?

  7. shokroklove

    id still do her

  8. gosh…look at her eye liner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does she have a fashion sense?? does she know how to use eye liner??? does she have mental problem?????

  9. Soy

    ….i missed shopping for THIS !

  10. I will hunt you down

    I don’t ever want to open this site and see something like that again. Thats like finding a homeless woman passed out behind a soup kitchen and peaking down her pants just to see how bad it really is.

  11. bb

    She’s probably the most grotesque human being ever created.

  12. DOG

    FISH you racist!
    wheres the black content???

  13. Kristy

    She’ll probably die soon because she’s using so much. I’m not sure how I’d feel about that… one the one hand a great X-mas present to stop reading about her… on the other a person will be dead. she is still considered a person, right?

  14. LOL@11.
    she does look homeless…I bet she only reapplies eyeliner over the nasty leftovers from the day before. She needs to shower.

  15. rob zoomby

    She’s so disgusting

  16. Sarah

    Did anyone catch the white stuff in her left nostril in the 2nd to last pic? (On eof the ones with the little girl)

    Looks awfully suspicious!

  17. em

    if she wants to be just like her idol, she’s gonna have to drop some serious pounds…fat little fuck

  18. "Little"Girl

    The parents of the girl don’t take much care of her. They let her out with Amy Wino and they feed her exclusively with fast food junk, obviously. She is very very fat. There is little chance she can lose the fat later when she accumulates it at such a young age. Shame on the parents. Lazy bums who won’t be bothered to cook for their child.

  19. Whitey

    Imagine breeding chavscum like that kid? and allowing it to go on? If my daughter wanted to wear chav earrings like that, I’d rip her ears off rather than allow it, I would consider it my duty to do so.

  20. EuroNeckPain

    Do you realize that Amy Winehouse is setting up a trend ? Maybe in 5 years from now, teenagers will all have this stupid beehive. We survived through the manga trend (don’t know about you, but here we still have guys of about 20 now, wearing a headband, it does not look good on an adult’s male face. Or maybe it does, on a Japanese, because they have more delicate features, but on a blond guy with square jaws, it just give this mentally retarded look).
    All girls in the schoolyard wearing beehives… Eeeeeeeeeeek

  21. Big

    Be carefull not to touch your screen. You might get pricked with a dirty needle.

  22. Smacky

    Bitch has fresh needle marks on her left arm. Nice.

  23. # 24

    she gives a new definition to the word “fugly”
    …and so does #23

  24. endoftheshityear

    she’s too ugly to be flashing her panties

    how did she get Cartman to put on a girl’s wig?
    maybe she did it with authori-tah

  25. WTF...?

    That little girl looks like Louie from Family Feud

  26. LayDeeBug

    Holllllly Hell! Her teeth in the fifth picture look like those fake rubber teeth you put on for Halloween. (Griiiinnnnn!)

  27. Me Loves the princesses

    Wow, she’s looking like quite the Jew in these pics. Actually she has a horse face, suddenly Silverman’s looking hot in comparison.

  28. Alicia

    That little girl is sooo going on drugs once she finds a dealer to be as thin as this fugly bitch.

  29. TommyGun

    I Got It! She’s JOE STRUMMER with TITS!

  30. Ript1&0

    See, I actually love Amy and hate kids, and even I know that it’s wrong to let this bitch within five feet of any child.

    Ok… I don’t HATE kids. But this one looks like she’d make a great post Thanksgiving sandwich.

  31. She’ll be dead in a year, if she’s lucky………

  32. tanya

    Who is this broad? The girlfriend of Chandler on Friends???

  33. mrs.t

    That kid’s not a fan. Any Amy Winehouse fan worth her blow pulls out at least one tooth.

  34. lola

    she is so strung out …just seeing her picks gives me a hangover….yuck

  35. Roflcer of the Lawl


  36. Christine

    For Christ’s sake, why can’t she get that fucking tooth replaced!?

  37. Fluffy Butt

    NICE COKE NOSE! christ, wtf was she tryin to snort .. a crack rock?

  38. toothy


  39. Mr Semprini


  40. Joe

    Whaddya’ bet her husband is meeting better looking women in prison…?

  41. ugly knees! yuk!

  42. El-Coyote

    That is one growler I do NOT want to see….

  43. maranda45678

    u r terrible, but there is sth can confert u, your profile on a dating site is very popular.

  44. makemepuke

    If Amy’s superfan really wants to be like her idol she’d have no problem losing the excess weight once she started into the daily regimin of heroine, crack, and meth. Now the boooze has some calories so she’ll have to be careful there and avoid weed too cause that just gives you the munchies and craving for sweets but hell meth is good, decreases the appetite somethin fierce gives you tons of energy to be hyperactive and makes your teeth so rotten you can stand chewing on anything food like…..

  45. Jules

    White fucking trash.

  46. blizzy

    LMAO I can’t stop laughing. Is she really missing a tooth in pic #5 LMAO

    Who found her anyway? Jerry Springer?


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