Amy Winehouse finds a new undead lover

Amy Winehouse has been spending a lot of time with artist/photographer Blake Wood (above). The two stayed the night in a hotel room together but Amy is telling people he’s gay. Word is he might be competition for Amy’s jailed husband Blake Fielder-Civil who, coincidentally, is also a zombie. The Sun reports:

A pal said: “She’s said it’s fine so share a hotel room because he is gay. But he doesn’t seem gay to me — I think he’s bisexual. Amy’s husband wouldn’t be happy if he saw how close they are.”
This new Blake character sounds like a much better influence than her jailed hubby FIELDER-CIVIL. He is a drug-free, teetotal veggie who likes reading the works of French poet CHARLES BAUDELAIRE.

I included pics of Amy out on the town last night with her new Blake. Before changing into the shirt and tie combo, she was walking around like Chesty LaRue. She seems to be showing off the goods lately. I dunno if she’s just getting her money’s worth or proud to have defied the laws of chemistry. Amy Winehouse did enough blow to turn her breasts into raisins but yet, magically, they survived. I bet those things could withstand a nuclear attack. Let’s get Amy out in the desert and drop a bomb on her – for science, of course. Yeah, science…

Photos: Bauer-Griffin