Amy Winehouse doesn’t really have emphysema (Yay?)

Okay, remember when Amy Winehouse’s dad Mitch said she has emphysema and was going to die? Well, he might have embellished things a bit. Turns out Amy has “low level signs” of the disease. But it’s technically not emphysema and the damage is reversible – if she quits smoking. So, perhaps Mitch was getting a preemptive jump on when she’ll have it. My money’s on July. Anyway, here’s what he told BBC Radio:

“Amy really hasn’t got emphysema, there’s traces of emphysema. Obviously, if she doesn’t quit smoking, it’s going to get worse, like everyone else … with patience her lungs will recover completely.”

So essentially, Amy has the same predisposition to emphysema as any other smoker. Real smooth, Mitch. Way to cry wolf on that one. Now nobody’s going to believe you when Amy gets so freaking high next week, she travels through a wormhole to become the queen of Reverse Earth and collapses the entire space/time continuum. Oh, that’s great, Mitch. Just great. Call me old-fashioned, but I’m sort of attached to, oh I dunno, EXISTING. Goddammit, I knew that beehive was no good. I could tell by the way it’s always looking at me no matter where I’m standing…