Amy Winehouse has emphysema

June 23rd, 2008 // 59 Comments

Amy Winehouse, at the age of 24, is already showing early signs of emphysema, according to her father Mitch Winehouse. She’s still in the hospital after collapsing last Monday and has been subjected to numerous tests. Mitch informed the Sunday Mirror that Amy’s continued crack smoking will force her to require an oxygen mask or die – something I always thought impossible for the zombie kind:

“To think this could be my beautiful 24-year-old daughter’s life is preposterous. But if drugs mean more to her than breathing properly, then so be it. But the doctors have told her if she goes back to smoking drugs it won’t just ruin her voice, it will kill her. It’s been a tough week.
“After lots of tests they found a lump in Amy’s chest. A scan has shown it’s not cancerous and there are no traces of cancer in her blood. But they might need to double check.”

Okay, finding out that Amy Winehouse has the lungs of an 80-year-old coal miner is no surprise. What is surprising is that she was only diagnosed with low levels of emphysema. Based on every image I’ve seen of Amy, I expected something insane that would baffle scientists like, I dunno, The Plague. Or Space Scurvy. No one ever suspects Space Scurvy.


  1. mimi

    As much as we all know she was/is going to kill herself…damn thats still kinda sad

  2. And in other news… the sky is blue, I shit everyday, and crack kills.

  3. Can she hurry up and die already?

  4. arrrggg — space scurvy!!!

  5. havoc

    I say “smoke more drugs”…..


  6. p0nk

    i wish she’d cough up a hairball on Binky.

  7. bernie

    Now who will sing the racially offensive songs of tomorrow?

  8. Seriously, what the fuck happened to her?

    One the one side, you have a nasty skank who’s mug can wake you up screaming at night, crying for mommy and curled in the fetal position One the other side, a woman you might actually enjoy fucking. Sad, really… but still funny.

  9. 0bviously

    Go Figure

  10. Maybe this will be the wake up call that Amy needs (riiiiiiiggghhhhhttttttt….)

  11. You know, I am a cynical mean-spirited fuck like most of you people here. But, Jesus Christ, this is just pathetic. A young girl this young and she’s a junkie. And I know a few kids who are just as hopelessly addicted as her.

    Emphysema? My grandma has that. She’s like 78 and has been smoking for 60 years! This is fucking ridiculous.

  12. Deacon Jones

    I wonder if the doctor wore a clothes pin on his nose during the examination

  13. zaboomafoo

    I don’t care whether this bitch lives or dies honestly. If she wasn’t so ugly I’d care though but nooooo she’s disgusting.

  14. @12 Deacon, he was checking her lungs, not her bagina.

  15. Throw dirt on that ugly face already

    I will be glad when this cunt is gone. After her violent episode last month and screaming “I am a fucking legend” my sympathy went out the window. Ths world is filled with far greater talents then this nasty whore. She can’t sing worht a fuck anyway. She is a fake.

  16. OC Dee

    It is so sad to see her or any person slowly killing themselves. It seems the only way for Amy to kick the drug habit is to hit rock bottom first. One would think having emphysema would be a frigtening awakening to stop smoking crack. I hope she gets help before she dies.

  17. sharpeidude

    No sympathy here……look elsewhere.

  18. bright star

    it’s sad, assholes. (by “assholes” i don’t mean everyone, just those smug, unfunny dicks who choose bullshit ‘edginess’ over being human) I endanger my own karma by mentionng your fucking up yours

  19. Laura

    I’m sorry but I find these mean comments unfair. She’s talented and no one deserves to die. Yeah she’s fucked up but who hasn’t? It’s just that her mistakes are all over the papers.

  20. LL

    I’m surprised she can still walk around upright, so not really surprised by this. I’m not glad she’s ill, I like her music, but c’mon. Emphysema isn’t that much of a shock. My money was on AIDS, though.

  21. Ed Ho

    I wonder if I can get my dick in Ms. Skankhouse before she dies?

  22. Deacon Jones


    Oh I know. What do you think the room smelled like after the lung capacity test?

  23. Kiki

    I know she is a skank and all that but it is very, very tragic to watch someone let addiction kill them. Her parents are grief stricken. She may very well have been a sweet kid at some point, but addiction CHANGES who you are physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually. Watching my father try to drink himself to death was excruciating. He lost everything and at the end of his life he was a shadow of the man he once was. So much so that he finally finished the job with a handgun.

    So to be sure, it is obvious that she is a trainwreck, but nobody should go through this. Addicts are wired together differently than the rest of us. I could have a few drinks and get drunk every day for a week if I wanted and then not drink again for three months. Or I can have a glass of wine with dinner – or not. Either way, I am in control of the alcohol. For an addict the glass of wine or hit of crack or shot of smack HAS YOU not the other way around. I pity her and her family.

  24. @22 Caramelized Crack??

  25. SO2315

    What a SKANK!! If her lungs look anything like her gross brown stained fingers from sucking on the lung rockets so be it!
    How many packs of smokes do you need to smoke to stain your fingers brown like hers?

  26. Deacon Jones


    I was thinking somewhere along the lines of an opened can of tuna left in a co-worker’s cubicle over the weekend.

    Not that I do that kind of stuff

  27. justifiable

    Yow, how sad is it that even if you’re talented and make it out of the rest of the pack, deep down you don’t feel like you’re anything special, and only your druggie user jailed husband can validate your existance. She’ll never stop using until her head tells her otherwise.

    If you want to know what emphysema feels like, take a deep breath. Let just half of it out. Now try to breathe in.

  28. Grunion

    The funny thing is smokes are actually worse for your lungs than crack.

    I’m mean you don’t see any warning labels on a crack bindle do you?

    No you don’t.

  29. norton

    Amy Crackhouse is the poster child for musical excess.

    This is what happens when low class slugs suddenly find themselves flush with money.

  30. JimmyBachaFungool

    She’s a combination of Flo from Alice, Brent Musberger and either Heckle or Jeckle.

  31. Deacon Jones


    Where’s the gold Cadillac and fat chicks in bikinis?

  32. Crackysema! Too bad I posted this before you did.

  33. Sport

    Awesome pic – it perfectly captures the moment. Also illustrates how most of us feel when we see Amy ourselves.

  34. Kim Lardassian

    Let’s hope this will bump her off.

  35. norton

    @31… she’s British so she gets a pass on the pimped out Caddy, fat chicks in bikinis and Cristal unlike the lowlife slugs on this side of the pond.

    British lowlife slugs prefer Bentleys, skinny drawn out pasty white douche-bags and smoking heroin.


  36. stizz

    Amy Winehouse IS emphysema.

  37. Hatey McWrathenstein

    “‘But if drugs mean more to her than breathing properly, then so be it.’”

    I cannot believe that that sentiment came from her father. That said by her babydaddy, ok… but her actual FATHER?

    No wonder K-Fed won Father of the Year.

  38. AliCat

    Thats similar to the face I make when I see pictures of Amy Winehouse on the Superficial and then throw up!

  39. Dirty Ugly Nasty Arrogant Untalented Pile of Excrement

    I believe if the wonderful folk (who might these be dullards?) who control the entertainment industry told us an animated fecal stool was talented and if they hyped it enough, the masses would revere it and buy whatever merchandise the asian slaves (the place “they” have sent all our jobs to) manufactured for their glorious capital profit!

    I love the system! It is truly sacred, like Glenn Beck says!

    Vote Republican!

    Go Amy!

    Life of Mars!

    Oil at $20 a gallon!

    Yay life rocks (if you are rich/richer/…richer/…richer still…)

  40. Katie

    Yep, “smoking drugs” usually does lead to things like emphysema. Surprise, surprise.

    I feel bad for her daddy, there, but her? She needs to either shape up and quit the drugs or die already. What a burden she is to her family.

  41. Brock

    Wanna C Something (sur)Really Funny…LURAO @

  42. moi

    ‘ts never space scurvy.

  43. britney's weave

    and i just read that one of the first things she was seen doing after she left the hospital was… wait for it…. was smoking a cig. she’s really going to die. it’s kind of shocking.

  44. Kirk


    who DID NOT see this coming?

    lesson for today kids: Don’t smoke crack.

  45. joni

    ..why are there so many mean-spirited people in our world?? Why do
    people write spiteful things about celebrities?? Not just Amy. I think
    their keyboards must empower cowards. Cowards who are broke, slobs,

  46. Cris

    Good i hope this bitch dies, and saves us all the horror of having to see that corpse she calls a body!

  47. mini ravioli


    Oh, hardy har har. Even ol’ Ray Charles could have seen the absurdity in that statement. BTW, put me down for Amy pushing up the daisies by Xmas.


  49. Awww, come on ya’ll, once someone gets to that point, it is almost impossible to turn back from it. I feel sorry for her. I don’t know what it is, but there is something I really like about this girl aside from all her problems. Hope she finds enough energy to clean herself up. A great talent is going to waste.

  50. M

    Amy, I hope You will be very well soon. Thank You for divine moments and hopes for your health.

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