Amy Winehouse denied U.S. visa

February 7th, 2008 // 72 Comments

Amy Winehouse won’t be performing at the Grammys after all. The U.S. Embassy turned down her request for a visa, according to the AP:

“Amy has been progressing well since entering a rehabilitation clinic two weeks ago and although disappointed with the decision has accepted the ruling and will be concentrating on her recovery,” The Outside Organization, which counts the troubled retro-soul sensation among its clients, said in a statement.

Apparently the U.S. feels we don’t need another manic celebrity on the loose terrorizing the countryside. Yeah, that’s right. I’m talking about you, Dakota Fanning. Please, for the sake of humanity, just eat all the papaya you want then fly off with your fellow bat-children. Don’t make me chase you with a broom. Oh God, she’s in my hair! Ew! Ew!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Maecy

    First! Go fuck yourself Amy.

  2. JoBOO


  3. Maecy


  4. Vert

    Obviously she spotted prey.

  5. JoBOO


  6. Austin

    That’s not your mother, it’s a man, baby!

  7. JoBOO


  8. syn13

    Couldn’t we just do an even swap for Britney? That way, no harm no foul for either side of the pond.

  9. Ike

    It’s cool. She would have just got HIGH while here….. Back stage smokin a fat one with Snoop Dogg.

  10. Does that mean Britney will not be allowed in the UK??

    Good, I want her here where I can keep an eye on her.

    One more thing….why is it the guy behind me in line at the grocery store always tries to follow me to my car? Is it because I’m so friendly to the checker, or because I’m buying beer and condoms??

  11. ellybell

    dakota fanning looks like a mini christopher walken

  12. @7 The troll is a fucking retard..

  13. Ted from LA

    I think it is wise for Miss Crackhouse to “accept” the decision. What’s her other option? Go to Cuba, buy a shit boat and paddle to the Grammys?

  14. Salesman Terry

    Ah, that’s a shame. She’s such an interesting gal. I’d love to meet her in the flesh.

  15. D. Richards

    It’s just too damn bad Amy Winehouse can’t be denied a visa by Planet Earth.

  16. JESSE


  17. Ted from LA

    You better hurry up Salesman Terry, because according to these pictures, that is all that’s left of her (that, and a bunch of black shit by her eyes). Does she have a seizure everytime she applies make-up? Seems like an odd affliction.

  18. @11 FRIST, my vote is for the beer and condoms.

  19. blondie

    Good Lord that’s an ugly she-male.

  20. hubbabuloo

    Don’t you mean Amy “Whinyhouse”, Fish? “neigh, whinnny, pffffttt”. She looks like a mare in heat with that horse face of hers…especially pic # 4

  21. @20, You really think she has a vagina??

  22. veggiwhore

    haha FRIST!! next time, grab a Twister game too..

  23. That would be a fun game. Naked twister and the last move is to put the comdom on with out falling over. And you have to chug a beer on each spin..

  24. mrs.t

    Can you imagine sitting next to her on a trans-Atlantic flight? I couldn’t carry on enough Ativan to get me through that scary shit. Rotten tooth-stank, twitchy-ass, pokey elbows the entire time….then you’d need a thorough de-lousing upon landing. And a rabies shot.

  25. Auntie Kryst

    Oi, gevalt! The meshugeneh jew broad looks pissed in these pics. I bet she’s yelling “Kish mir en toches!” Yiddish for kiss my ass. I looked it up, fun language.

  26. mrs.t

    …and did anyone else think, at first glance, that the post read “Amy Winehouse Died”?

  27. @25 No I can imagine that. But I could imagine sitting next to you on a trans-Alantic flight.., As long as you left Mr T at home.

    Yeah Mrs T, still perving over you!!!

  28. mrs.t

    Why, #28! Is it you? Could it be??? Is discretion a top priority at this juncture? What’s with the incognito?

  29. CougarTexas

    I still LOVE ‘Back to Black’ and ‘No Good’. Her music is the shit.

    She looks like a stinky person. You know?

  30. Juaquin Ingles

    #25, at least she’d fit in her own seat and not pour out of it and onto my lap like the fatasses I’ve had to sit next to.

  31. Yuristache

    Who the fuck is this hideous beast and why should I give a damn about what she (it?) does every day?

  32. mrs.t

    #31-True dat. There was a really fat woman in my Pilates class this morning who kept farting, then saying “Pardon ME!”. Funny, funny stuff.

  33. #31, plus she would have the best tranquilizers..

  34. @29, Trolls, I hate trolls. Descretion is not a top priority, but we don’t want Mr. T to find out. wink wink nuge nuge..

  35. You know what really SUCKS??? it is being caller 24 when they are looking for caller 25 on your local radio station for free concert tickets.. Bastards!!

  36. mrs.t

    McLoven-just go see the Hannah movie-it really is almost as good as the concert!

  37. No, it was fot Styx tickets. If I won Hannah Montana tickets I would sell that and make a lot of money..

  38. Victoria

    Great, now Europe is going to deny Britney entry and we’ll be stuck with her. And she was JUST learning to speak the native tongue of England.

  39. mrs.t

    Styx Cornerstone was my first album. Yes, I’m that old.

    And now I’m going to make dinner for my family.

    Good evening.

  40. woodhorse

    Six Pack your choice says Britney can take her in a game of Chicken.

  41. farming cacti

    I wonder when we’re all going to find out that she is actually a guy. I mean, look at that face…but be careful

  42. ipanema_girl_is_schuyler

    since when do brits need a visa for the us? O_o

  43. I Love the UK

    She is a misguided drug addict that has a lot of talent and I hope she gets well soon and can perform in the USA. I love the UK!

  44. Ugly howling cunt

    Please die soon Amy. God she is nasty. Picture that snatch will ya. C’mon, I dare you too. Imagine the smell and hair stubble and pussy pimples. And the taste of that meat.

  45. Doc

    I’d like to say that I have certain standards for TS… when your tag line is “because you’re ugly”, I expect to ONLY see good looking/attractive girls on this site… someone please tell me how Amy W gets so much pub on here? She is one of the ugliest women ive ever seen… i wouldnt let her within 100 yards of me… this needs to stop NOW, i dont care how big of a train wreck she is!!!

  46. syn13

    #43 – At the Grammys she’d technically be working, right? She’d probably need a work visa. I think Cat Stevens was denied a work visa once and couldn’t enter the states.

  47. hill

    That’s because Cat Stevens was Muslim? or Buddhist… either way, they considered him a terrorist. Fuckin weak.

  48. Dali Llama

    Buddist terrorists #48? Yeah um, naw too easy. Sure why not.

  49. hairdressertothestars

    She’s performing at the Grammys by satellite. I hope she sings the rehab song.

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