Amy Winehouse clearly can’t feel the nipples on those things

October 26th, 2009 // 131 Comments

I didn’t plan on writing two posts about Amy Winehouse today, but in my defense, who could’ve predicted she’d run around London tonight with her brand new bolt-ons hanging out? — Okay, I should’ve seen this coming. Lots more to come as soon as I finish starring all these nips and recover from PTSD.

Pics link to NSFW versions.

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  1. first


  2. CJ

    hahaha, awesome.

  3. ek


  4. gabe

    not bad not bad

  5. i like ugly chicks

    she may be raunchy and all that jazz…but, call me crazy, she has some nice nips!

  6. ek

    Oh god, I hadn’t seen her legs yet. No, not awkward. DISGUSTING.

  7. Athens

    God look at the stretch marks on her breasts.

  8. LEB

    Well, at least she’s looking a bit less like a crack whore these days.

  9. Can’t argue with the little guy. Approve.

  10. an improvement, if you ask me…

  11. ariel

    damn, that is one shitty boob job

  12. bob

    12. ariel – October 26, 2009 9:08 PM

    damn, that is one shitty boob job

    They are all shitty

  13. shes prob a great lay

    Take Fits!!!1

  14. Rough intentions

    Well if i was at a bar and it was last call, and desperate in a dry spell and had to choose between Winehouse and Brooke Hungry (Steve Phillips mistress) considering Winehouse just brushed her teeth I probably go with Winehouse…

  15. Duke, Raoul

    beautiful fucking tits man!

  16. Fredrick

    That’s what a crack whore’s boobs look like. How disappointing. She really is f’ng ugly after all those drugs.

    She looks like a living, walking skeletor with supernatural hypnotic splotch marks that reappear and disappear from all those drugs. And good lord, the SAGGING SKIN on her thighs is so gross. That’s what some 80 year olds do not even have.

    Her breath is bad, bad, bad. Lots of rotting teeth from the drugs.



    No really, she doesn’t even know its out.


  18. Ego

    it’s like my grandmother got implants and I’m still looking at the pics.
    I think I need therapy now

  19. Damarian


  20. ew

    How can she have such bad stretch marks on her breasts? It’s one thing if you’ve had kids, and had your tits swell up to the size of balloons. That’s hot, and who cares about stretch marks in that case. But she’s nothing but a junkie who has never had kids. That don’t make no sense!

  21. meh

    Ok Amy, you look super feminine. Now, do something about those weird legs. Waist down, you look like a starving kid.

  22. Ed Castillo

    Improvement for sure. She’s now fappable in that eastern european “cam girl” way.

  23. Ed Castillo

    Improvement for sure. She’s now fappable in that eastern european “cam girl” way.

  24. Good God

    I am going to have to sleep with the lights on for a while.

  25. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    Ugh. Zhe iz zo ugly. Ugly people zhould be zent to a camp zo we do not have to zee them. Oh no. Joe Jonaz and Sac Efron r fighting over me again. Sac! Put the knife knife down! Thiz iz inzane! Zigh……

  26. clarkehead

    I’d totally tap that. Eyes closed of course, but I’d totally tap that.

  27. Kick

    She was really good in Schindler’s list though.

  28. what what in the butt

    I had no idea Amy suffered from Dystonia

  29. VtFarmboy

    Shes ugly and she still cant perform. I dont know what all the fuss is about her. Shes a looser druggie. Just because she was doing retro music somone thought she had talent. if she disapeared tomorrow nobody would miss her.

  30. she is almost ready for porn!

  31. Turd the third

    I bet those puppies are full of vodka, the stretch marks are from overfilling from time to time…. She is an ugly bitch but I’d take a couple of pulls on those..

    Sing the following to the Pina Colada song!

    she likes penis alotta, getting seen with disdain, she is such a big douchebag, she is into cocaine….

    who is up to adding the next verse…

    original lyrics by:
    Turd (da song writer) the Third……

  32. edna

    At least they are no sagging anymore and stretch marks are a disgrace, they can appear anywhere, no need to have kids, if the skin is weak, there’s nothing to solve it.

  33. Sport

    Nope. I still wouldn’t.

  34. Happy_Time_Hank

    Meh…I’ve had worse…. C’mon everybody lets Jiggle!

  35. Jon


  36. JD

    You know, her tits really weren’t that bad before.

    No, seriously, they weren’t.

  37. farty mcshitface

    hey #7, her legs are just like those of any supermodel. stick-thin and awful.
    it looks like winehouse is trying to pull a trick to score some rock.

  38. I really like Amy Winehouse’s first debut cd! she has such a unique and smooth style! What a banging voice!

  39. arata mac

    Damn – she’s still homely as a mud fence even with the aftermarket tatas, but she’s got a great set of pipes… So what is that, the Bette Midler syndrome?

  40. arata mac

    Damn – she’s still homely as a mud fence even with the aftermarket tatas, but she’s got a great set of pipes… So what is that, the Bette Midler syndrome?

  41. Pantsman

    The following is a public service announcement.

    “Hey. Yeah, you. Wanna smoke crack? You do?

    Do you also want to look like you’re sixty-two when you’re only twenty-six? Do you want to smoke so much crack that your teeth fall out, all while your enabler boyfriend rots in prison? You do?

    Do you want to ‘get clean’ long enough for everyone to notice how haggard, used, and unattractive you’ve become, and then get breast implants that are so ridiculous they make your nipples look like two bruised buttholes on your chest? You do?

    C’mon, kid. Don’t be the next Amy Winehouse.”

    The More You Know…

  42. Damn, her getting new tits is like spraying perfume on a turd…

  43. not jk


  44. pseudopodia

    @ #43… The more you Kohl’s

  45. therusskie

    You know, in her defense, this is the best she looked in years. Face is improving w/out all the drugs scabs. Boobs will look better in a bit, after they settle in.

  46. TekMoney

    Oh great. I’m calling it now: this will be Fish’s newest celeb crush. She’s got all the requirements: No talent (seriously give me a break), attention whore, drug junkie, food starved, a fake and disproportioned body, and the face of a transexual. Sounds about right. Oh look, it this post managed to find it’s way on the So Freaking Hot galleries. Imagine that.

  47. So thats them. hmm. OK i guess

  48. yuki


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