Amy Winehouse charged with assault

The new, crack-free Amy Winehouse (above) has just been charged today with assault from an incident in September when she punched a fan in the eye, according to the AP:

The retro-soul singer was charged with assault Thursday for allegedly attacking a fan at an end-of-summer ball in London on Sept. 26, police and the singer’s representative said.
Dancer Sherene Flash had been quoted by tabloid newspapers as saying she was hit in the eye by the 25-year-old “Back to Black” singer after asking to take her picture at the Berkeley Ball, a charity function held in central London’s Berkeley Square.

I don’t really see how this woman can press charges. I mean, it’s pretty much a given there’s two crucial components to an Amy Winehouse performance:

1. Incoherent renditions of your favorite songs.
2. Physical assault for everyone!

To put things in perspective, that’d be like going to a Jessica Simpson concert and complaining it smells like bacon. It’s called common sense, people. Use it.

Photos: Splash News