UPDATE: Amy Winehouse caught on video smoking crack

January 22nd, 2008 // 106 Comments

Amy Winehouse is caught on video after smoking crack and admittedly taking six valium. The video was recorded Friday and released today by The Sun. Definitely scope it out. It shows Amy getting her crack on then crawling around barefoot on broken glass trying to find her cat. She’s heard saying:

“If I was that cat I’d leave on my own accord — I’d call a cab. It ain’t right. This ain’t Toys R Us. They took my cat.”

Because apparently to Amy Winehouse, Toys R Us is an appropriate place to smoke crack and leave broken glass lying around. I’ve been saying this for years, but it’s nice to hear someone else say it for once.

Fun Fact: Amy Winehouse once punched through a tank to get a McDonald’s caramel sundae. Also, yes, she is indeed sniffing her cleavage and then grimacing in the last two photos.

UPDATE: Amy Winehouse checked herself into rehab today, according to The Sun.

UPDATE: People reports Amy Winehouse is not in rehab. She was just seeing her regular physician.

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. Gerald_Tarrant

    Thank God, finally. This exposes the truth. No one would ever believe Wino was a crack head without this video. Also, I have video of the sun rising this morning in case anyone doesn’t believe that it did.

  2. amaia

    lol, crack like the poor people!

  3. grrr

    who cares fucking druggie

  4. DogNose

    She needs more eye makeup

  5. This girl is disgusting, utterly disgusting. She has one of the fugliest faces I’ve ever seen in my life, and she looks like she smells. Fucking trainwreck — I feel bad because she’s spiralling out of control and needs help.

  6. You can’t lose as much weight as she has and still function unless your running purely on crack or cocaine. She’s a living skeleton. Should have gone to rehab after all.


  7. tred

    Damn…This chick knows how to party.

  8. LL

    Has anyone considered that maybe Wino and Britney have changed bodies? You know, like in those shitty movies where people trade bodies? Maybe that’s why Britney started talking in that effed up “accent” and Wino is now blonde. Admittedly, there’s not much difference between the two now, but maybe a wacky movie can be salvaged from it. British nutjob trades bodies with a white trash American nutjob, hilarity, bad hair and filth ensue.

    I am totally willing to cross the picket line to pen this major motion picture event. Disney, MTV, whoever, call me.

  9. IKE

    Again I say…

    This is BILLIE HOLIDAY all over again.

    She needs help before she’s dead.

  10. deaconjones

    First you sucking pathetic losers.

  11. deaconjones

    This bitch needs to chill
    Just buy a huge bag of weed, blaze, and play Call of Duty on PS3. If I had millions Id be playing multiplayer for 14 hours a day

  12. blp

    She needs a permanent bag on that head, no one should have to look at that.

  13. I know I have said this before, but this is the uglist fucking bitch I have ever seen..

  14. Ript1&0

    I would not suggest crack smoking. You’re gonna need to just trust me on this one.

  15. deaconjones

    dammit. Thumb up my butt. Thumb up my butt.

  16. woodhorse

    Damn, the copy on Amy Winehouse justs writes itself, eh Fish? Between Amy and Britney, you’ll never have to work for a living.

  17. She gives crack addicts a bad name

  18. p0nk

    that’s a grimace in the last pic? she must grimace a lot because her face always looks like that.

  19. The Beer Baron

    Is that Dame Edna?

  20. Web-head

    Kinda reminds me of my ex, heh.

  21. Ted from LA

    I think she needs counseling from Britney or Dr. Phil. She looks fit and trim. In a Grim Reaper sort of way…

  22. aja

    # 11 – you retard!!!

  23. want meds

    she has a cat? for some reason, this one tidbit is far more unbelievable than anything else she’s supposedly done. but a pet? screams of domesticity–which Amy doesn’t. i think she just screams.

    apparently for her cat.

  24. @20, I would do Dame Edna before I would do Amy

  25. COCO

    very funny. Just saw her profile on millionaire dating site called millionairefriends.com last week.

  26. D. Richards (Whee.)

    That poor driver. He signs up for more hours of chauffeuring because he lives alone and hates himself. His thoughts are macabre, and terrifying; he hates to be alone; he panics. The stillness of his little flat forces him out. There’s no view other than a filthy alley and the people above him scream, and flush the toilet twenty-four hours a day.

    He works and works, and then he gets assigned to be Amy Winehouse’s personal driver. He thinks this may be kind of fun but, instead, becomes addicted to Crack after second hand huffing Amy’s blow-out day in, and day out.

  27. Cletus Kassidy

    Reminds me of my ex. ..heh.

  28. Natalie

    i cant find the video.. where can i watch it?

  29. @26 Hey Coco, I saw your profile on the Darwin awards. When are you going to die?

  30. The Office Whore

    This is completely unbelievable. Crack heads don’t eat ice cream….do they?
    hi p0nk!

  31. Chauncey Gardner


  32. The Beer Baron

    @25-I wouldn’t even do her with Bea Arthur’s dick.

  33. Riotboy

    That’s a man baby!


  34. Cap'n Pickles

    A REAL ROCK STAR! That’s what Daddy likes to see. Fill yourself with drugs until you’re found dead, drowned in a puddle of your own sick. Party and die young, before you become too old and irrevelant, and your legend lives on. Christ. Look at Rod Stewart and David Bowie. Laughable old farts.

  35. cap'n pickles

    @9. How ’bout “Fucktard Friday”.

  36. what is your sick obsession with this dirty crack whore, can’t you post more bikini photos of Jennifer Love Hugetits instead?? I would love to see a fat chick in a bikini than this skanky crack whore.

  37. PunkA

    She is plain old nasty. I mean, wow. how unattractive. Not even sure why she is considered a talent. Looks like a waster to me.

  38. Riotboy

    Bowie is not a laughable old fart he’s from space.

    /god is an American

  39. Lacy

    Sick….just plain sick…

  40. The Office Whore

    The Labyrinth. A fucking GREAT movie!

    Well, captain mentioned Bowie……..

  41. Amy Winehouse is to a healthy lifestyle what George W Bush is to peace mongering.

  42. Donkey Ass

    She’s dead within a year.

  43. whitney

    Crack is whack!

  44. TheSuperfish is an idiot

    Superficial, I love the website… but for the love of God could you PLEASE stop posting about Amy Winehouse. For fuck’s sake NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT HER. We are all tired of seeing her so is so fucking filthy looking and she’s a nobody. You are going to lose supporters if you don’t stop posting shitty Amy Winehouse blogs. I kinda think you have a thing for her, she’s on here EVERY FUCKING DAY. Seriously, you could be the big times superficial… but not doing these shitty posts. You are an amateur and you blow right now.

  45. fergernauster

    Amy seems like an assertive girl.

    Good for her!

  46. M

    Wow! Like watching an apple fall from a tree – you always knew it happened but you never really witnessed it. Fascinating! I can die happy now.

  47. Wish I could but I can't

    15 – I’m with you ript.

    I would not trade places with her, not even for a second, not a nanosecond, not….well….maybe in that split second when she hit’s it…..nah, nah….not even for that. Nothing there but long, drawn out, never-apprearing-at-the-right-time death.

  48. El-COyote

    Smoke that glass dick Amy… Be seeing you in my dead pool by March….

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