Amy Winehouse booed off stage


Amy Winehouse was booed off the stage during the first stop of her UK tour in Birmingham last night. She did her usual slurring and mumbling and then at one point dedicated a song to her husband Blake Fielder-Civil who is in prison for witness tampering. The crowd started booing which elicited a response from Amy before dropping the microphone and walking off stage, according to the BBC:

“To them people booing, wait ’til my husband gets out of incarceration. And I mean that.”
Some fans have contacted the BBC to say they would be seeking a refund.

If I was in the audience, I’d be stoked after a threat like that from Amy Winehouse. I’d even give her my name and address after the show to pass on to her husband. Then I’d just sit at home, biding my time until I finally get to battle a walking skeleton. I wonder if I should wear a Viking helmet. Or my Darth Vader mask. Shit, why not both? It’ll be just like that time the dude messed up my order at Burger King, but with less cops and only one skeleton lying on the ground afterwards. Hey, that SWAT team guy shouldn’t have gotten so close to the deep fryer. Especially when I’m wielding my Nordic lightsaber of doom (i.e. shower rod) like an epileptic kid at a rave.