Amy Winehouse arrested for ‘perverting’ justice

December 18th, 2007 // 90 Comments

Amy Winehouse was arrested this afternoon in London for perverting the course of justice, according to TMZ. She was scheduled to be questioned by police today about her husband’s trial-rigging scheme that has him currently locked in prison. Apparently things didn’t go well.

Granted, it’s common procedure to question the wife when her husband’s been arrested. But, honestly, what kind of information did police hope to garner from Amy Winehouse? She can’t even remember the words to her own music. It’d be like questioning a six-year-old but without the convenience of complete sentences.


  1. veggi

    She looks pretty hot here.

  2. veggi

    oh and btw, suck my hairy asscrack you fuckin non-FIRST losers.

  3. Pastafarian

    Man that Amy Winehouse is one fine woman. Like she stepped out of the pages of Vogue. I can get crack, will she sleep with me???? Please??????????

  4. Bag-o-fun

    What a hag – and I mean hag the definitional way:

    A hag, or “the Old Hag”, was a nightmare spirit in British and Anglophone North American folklore. According to folklore, the Old Hag sat on a sleeper’s chest and sent nightmares to him or her. When the subject awoke, he or she would be unable to breathe or even move for a short period of time.

    Yeah, sounds like Amy to me.

  5. Sophie

    She has more cocaine on her jeans than in her pocket i bet..

  6. theShizaan

    I see the goat’s ass is back. I swear this chick is such a beast.

  7. Jumpin_J

    Yay perverts!!!

  8. Joe C

    She is just filthy and nasty in so many ways and none of them good. I don’t even know where to begin. I will say that those pants look like they haven’t seen the inside of a washing machine in while.

  9. veggi (needs a drink)

    Her hair is full of secrets.. Or an Olsen Twin

    2 and 3. loser.

  10. deaconjones

    Nothing like the good ole black hair on the arms look to get a guy goin’

    I bet her puss smells like rotten chicken

  11. LayDeeBug

    Great, now she can clean up, even if it’s for one day.

  12. whoneedsenemies

    How many wigs does she have piled on her head????

  13. Here is a holiday-themed GushyGram made from (which anyone can make because it’s so easy!):

    I hope it helps you get better.

  14. Clem

    She shloulda been arrested for perverting the course of nature.

  15. Amy, please look at this. It will make you smile!

  16. Sophie

    Fuck off

  17. MushysucksCOCK

    In a few hours, when amy starts to get the shakes, and see’s pink elephants..those coppers are going to have a handfull….

  18. tommygun

    I wonder if they have detox-cells for toothless Vamires?

  19. tommygun

    I wonder if they have detox-cells for toothless Vampires?

  20. sla

    She should be arrested for perverting hair and eyeliner.

  21. this blows

    damn, i had RSVPed for Amy’s Holiday Crack Marathon.

  22. Bigheadmike

    What a waste of talent….

  23. Gerald_Tarrant

    Fuck, this headline could have been for perverting: Common Sense, Fashion, Make-up, humanity, the bible (she wasn’t made in _my_ God’s image), the universe.

  24. beeskneesa

    It’s about time! What took them so long?!

  25. beesknees

    It’s about time! What took them so long?!

  26. Texas Tranny

    I wonder if that’s the same bra from the other post were she was wandering around at night.

  27. buttinsky

    Am I the only one who noticed that her fly is unzipped?

    …and how many days in a row do you think she’s worn that red bra/rosary combination?

  28. mark

    Dear Amy,

    Please zip your pants, dear.


  29. Frank

    What I don’t understand… she can get up in the morning… take the time to put on THE EXACT SAME EYELINER SHE HAD ON YESTERDAY IN THE EXACT SAME WAY, but can’t drag out a clean pair of pants?

    But hey, she’s got a nice package.

  30. D. Richards (Rubbish.)

    Ladies, gentlemen.. You’re looking at hell-of life. We are watching to end-of a person’s life. I, for one, am having such a great time pushing Winehouse to the limit. We all are. We’re there. I want her to jump. I need her to overdose. Winehouse’s life doesn’t mean a fucking thing to me. I’m just an observer. Hell, if it wasn’t for the media I wouldn’t even know what the whore looks like. Amy’s a junky and junkies are dead bodies. The walking dead. Just trash. Hey, trashman? There’s a special little garbage bag waiting for you to haul it to the dump. Thanks.

  31. Donkey Ass

    She can’t pervert my pants

  32. DA

    Same bra, same panties, same pants, same eyeliner, same old shit.

  33. sad really

    i hope she was high when they took her in. if not, the detoxing is beginning earlier than she expected. she’s probably screaming like a tortured cat at thi point.

  34. emmyem

    Thirty fourth, I think.
    What’s the FIRST? Is is really cool to sit and wait for a new article and comment, and then write “FIRST?”
    What’s up with that?
    And Amy Winehouse is going to die. Sad, but she is. She’s literally dying while people look at these pictures.
    No one can help her, it’s just kinda…..sad.
    And yes, her jeans are unzipped. LEAST of her problems.

  35. emmyem

    Sorry DA, you are 34, I am 36. I mean, as in posting numbers. Heh.

  36. lock that kitty up

    Hey, Amy. XYZ!!!

  37. Mike

    She looks like she can take a 2 incher. I’m in!

  38. MMB

    I’d KILL to go to the New Year’s Snortin’ Eve Party she had in the works…hmmm, maybe I should keep up with the plans, just in case she gets out in time…i just haven’t heard the final word on how many gallons of vodka and kilos of coke we need…i’m thinking one of each…per person….

  39. p0nk

    i can’t even imagine the kind of talent it must take to intentionally make yourself look like that. And for xrist sake what kind of experimental project is Goodyear conducting on her head?

  40. Michael Vick must Die

    She’s Jewish why is she still wearing that fucking rosary – take it off. Shit I don’t walk around wearing a star of David, why the fuck does she walk around wearing a frigging Roman Catholic Rosary.

  41. @29 Buttinsky — No, I noticed it too and was wondering why everyone else let that one go….

  42. TS

    Easily the least attractive human being on the planet. She should just end it. There would be a lot more honor in killing herself immediately then dragging it out and putting her friends and family through this. Rip off the BandAid already, Jeez.

    Get it over with, Amy. The sooner you do, the sooner we all won’t have to look at your fucked up mug any more.

  43. Taylor

    You can definitely make out the hair net (it’s thick enough to be a knit cap) on top of that mess.

  44. Sheva

    Oh man, I’m so excited to nail her. Like if I was dying and hallucinating from hunger and she was in the same Soviet gulag concentration camp with me, she’d be the bomb.

    All the stark raving mad prisoners would be so into her.

  45. I think she and Pete Doherty would make a smashing couple!!! And smashing babies…ew, they probably would smash the babies..

  46. Ript1&0

    I’m gonna have to come out now and yell from rooftops how fucking AWESOME Amy Winehouse’s music is. She can seriously wail, people. Her album has been one I’ve worn out this year, memorized, and covered. And now I have her older one too.

    I don’t give a fuck about people drug problems, just their talent. This is one talented bitch.

  47. lindsay

    Hey! at least she’s got a bra on! Right? I love her music.. Too bad she’s… I’m not sure. Downward Spiral? I don’t know what it is.. I hope she pulls through. She is extremely talented! I dread reading the next headline. Fear she will end up Od’ing

  48. juliabella

    48-it doesn’t bother you to give your money to a low class fucking junkie??? encourage it and even show the younger that it’s ok, you’ll still make money???
    got some thinking to do baby!

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