Amy Winehouse arrested for Headbutt Fest ’08, but not before visiting a nearby school whoa WHAT?!

April 25th, 2008 // 110 Comments

Amy Winehouse was arrested today for assaulting a 38-year-old man at a bar on Wednesday. For those of you who missed yesterday’s post, Amy went on a drunk-as-shit headbutting bonanza. Which, if Amy didn’t look like, well, Amy, would be the hottest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. The BBC reports:

“A 24-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of assault after attending a central London police station by appointment,” said a Scotland Yard spokesman.
“She is currently in custody.”
Winehouse arrived at 1710 BST, more than two hours after she had been expected to be at the police station, and did not speak as she entered the building.

What was Amy doing beforehand? Oh, I dunno, maybe visiting her goddaughter’s school. Yeah, that’s right, Amy Winehouse was near children! And, judging by these pics, those kids will sleep with a light on until they’re 30. Also- wait, it looks like Snipes and I are getting a new cellmate. Amy Winehouse? What the double fuck? Aw man, Snipes ain’t happy. He just looked her in the eye and said “I’m gonna punch yo’ beehive.” Help.


  1. Sandy Bottoms

    NO WAY! I read about this 5 hours ago………

  2. Dick in a box

    Yo, Beotch. I WON a Grammy!!!!!

  3. Zanna

    Christ, you can see her meatcurtain swaying in the breeze…..

  4. Guy

    Maybe she will finally be with Ray

  5. Jeezy

    She looks like she already died. What an absolutely hideous excuse for a human being.

  6. buxelj

    fugliest bitch alive.

  7. Jimbo

    Rub rub rub one out
    Rub rub rub one out

  8. Jumpin_J

    Again, what’s with this Wesley Snipes talking like the Hulk in the third person? “Wesley like Amy. Amy bash things with head like Wesley. Wesley touch Amy hair. What? Amy no like touch? Amy make Wesley mad! Wesley smash!!!”.

  9. x

    It’s one thing to be superficial and make fun of a famous persons looks. But this is despicable. This is someone with a serious addiction and disease. She might die. It’s like making fun of your mother with breast cancer. Or your grandfather with alzheimers. Or how about your father getting into a car wreck and being paralyzed.

  10. j

    Someone needs to call the ASPCA to put this bitch down. She is a danger to others, herself, and, most importantly, to the aesthetic goodness of mankind. She is the poster child for what the British call “anti-social behaviour”. I don’t really understand why she gets such star treatment with these multiple arrests/drug use and no jail time. She has one album and one really annoying song that kind of blows cock. I’m pretty sure most people can write a song that rhymes “Noooo” with “Gooo”. Fucking twat.

  11. Hecubus

    It looks like they’re filming an Aphex Twin video.

  12. j

    X, no one chooses to get breast cancer or Alzheimer’s. She choose to be an addict. No one put the needle or pipe in her hand and forced her to use. I’m not saying she should be mocked ruthlessly, but she gets smallest amount of sympathy from me, if any at all. Everyone has hard times in their lives. Only a minority decide to wreck themselves and others with drugs and alcohol. It was her choice to be a degenerate, and she has to live with the consequences.

  13. Conor S

    She’d be a dead ringer for a zombie extra in the next Romero flick! Perfect decaying skin, teeth, the whole package!

  14. -M

    She’s wearing jeans in one of the pictures and that skirt in all the others.

  15. Uncle Eccoli

    What is WRONG with her?!

    #9 – Addiction is NOT a disease. Polio is a fucking disease. The “I’ve got a disease” nonsense is a load of bullshit designed to absolve an addict of personal responsibility. The only thing more pathetic than a drug addict is one who tries to blame his/her problem on anyone or anything other than themselves. I’d like to see Amy Winehouse visit your dying, cancer-stricken mother in hospital and tell her, “I understand how you feel because I’ve got a disease, too.” Don’t give us that shit. You choose to use every time.

  16. Who’s her stylist? Give him/her a raise so they’ll be motivated to work harder.

  17. deacon jones

    Wow, these pics dont even look real, she’s so shitty looking I dont think you could try to make a person look worse,
    God imagine how BAD her cooch smells. Is there something in the water in the UK that make your teeth grow on 45 degree angles and split?

  18. Those teeth need to be fixed. Pronto.

  19. Laura

    Instead of the Superficial, why do you read the blog, “my life sucks and Im a big doucebag who takes everything too seriously”

    Amy Winehouse is awesome to make fun of…. and thanks superficial, for making me LOL today!

  20. HAHAHAHAHA, I am laughing on the inside of course. To LOL would be to let my bosses know how drunk I am at work today……..

  21. Batman

    @11 Hecubus, You WIN Teh Internetz for the Aphex Twin reference– LOLObscurity.

    I was really hoping she’d pull out of this shit; I was just about certain she would. –Poof–.

  22. jason

    I think pic #6 really shows off her stunning beauty.

  23. roastbeef

    she’s the most disgusting woman ever, please put the heffer out of her misery, this whole display is an assault on my eyes.

  24. roastbeef

    X, since when has getting in a car accident and being paralyzed been considered a disease?? You’re comparing apples to oranges. Everyone is right, she chooses to be that way every time she puts a chemical in her body, it’s nobody’s fault but her own.

  25. Put Neve’s tits on Amy and you’ve got FRIST.

  26. rl

    Geez I hate watching someone slowly die…

  27. ToTellTheTruth

    WHAT an UGLY chick…but she can sing her ass off….

  28. In Awe

    I can’t help but laugh at this butt ugly tranny every time I see his/her picture !!

    Perfect proof that God has a sense of humor

    Yes kiddies – She’s the “Tooth Fairy” from the movie “Darkness Falls”

  29. In Awe

    I can’t help but laugh at this butt ugly tranny every time I see his/her picture !!

    Perfect proof that God has a sense of humor

    Yes kiddies – She’s the “Tooth Fairy” from the movie “Darkness Falls”

  30. Assmosis

    A perfect example of talent literally going to waste

  31. C4fracture

    #9. paralized people are fucking funny. Tell me you honestly don’t laugh inside when you see steven hawking.

  32. RENEE

    That main picture is cracking me up; she looks like a “special” person trying to get her groove on. Okay, that was mean; I’m a meanie, sorry. Don’t even start with all the “don’t make fun of special needs people” crap; refrickenlax.

  33. Sarah

    I would pay a lot of money to see you keep up the Wesley Snipes thing for the next three years.


  34. Harry Ballzack

    Hard for me to fathom, no matter how nasty she looks, every time I have seen her pictures she has always had one thing over Britney Spears. (the “Got-Milk” sponsor) …. she has always worn a bra.
    (Thank god for small favors. I don’t think my eyes could take a full body onslaught of Amys Winehouse)

  35. woodhorse

    @31 No! Stephen Hawking is a God! Do not laugh at him. What is with you bastards this week? Most of the time your imagination is very entertaining but first the collies and now Stephen Hawking? Andrew Dice Clay much?

  36. tylor

    noooo ooooone knooooows hooooow harrrrrrrrrrrrrrd i am laughing at her signing an autograph with a french fry sticking out of her mouth right now.
    fucking juggling sodas and ciggs, and doing a jig at that school.
    holy shit she’s bananas

  37. sigh

    for those of you who think addiction isn’t a disease, I pray to God someone close to you either gets hooked on heroin and steals all your things and dies, or robs you at gunpoint for their next fix. I hope your children, should you ever have any, take your unsympathetic, callous demeanor as a sign you don’t love them, and turn to drugs and die. Then you can spout off on how bad these people are. I pray to God this happens to you.

  38. spindoc

    I bet she smells like Dirty Scalp and Cavity Creeps.

  39. policegirl

    She looks more and more like Marilyn Manson’s ugly, bucktoothed twin everyday.

  40. Kayzar

    How is it possible this woman is allowed to walk on the streets with normals? If anyone should be in jail for the safety of others –> BINGO! Ever heard of a redeeming feature, lady? Ick. Fun time’s over; time to fall off the map.

  41. spindoc

    37. sigh – April 25, 2008 3:36 PM

    You wrote….”"for those of you who think addiction isn’t a disease, I pray to God someone close to you either gets hooked on heroin and steals all your things and dies, or robs you at gunpoint for their next fix. I hope your children, should you ever have any, take your unsympathetic, callous demeanor as a sign you don’t love them, and turn to drugs and die. Then you can spout off on how bad these people are. I pray to God this happens to you.”"

    Look, Sweetie, can I tell you something that pretty much everybody in the health industry knows??? Addiction was ONLY claimed to be a disease so companies insurance plans would pay for drug and alcohol rehab for company employees. Previously an employee was let go and if they couldn’t aford rehab they just never came back. Since some companies wanted to keep these employees but didn’t want to pay for rehab themselves they got the insurance companies to agree to class addiction as a disease. So it’s a fake scam. A disease is something that through no fault of your own you come down with…..a drug habit is something you can cure by…oh I don’t know….STOPPING putting the needle in your arm! Sympathy level for this chick? Zero!

  42. tabman

    I didnt know they were filming shaun of the dead 2

  43. annie m

    God, she REALLY needs to do something about that hair. She probably has a bird’s nest in there and would never realize it…

  44. theseanshow

    she even walks like a zombie, too!

  45. BunnyButt

    37, I would guess a lot of us here have addicts of one sort or another in our families, and we’ve witnessed and/or lived with those addictions and had our lives impacted by them, which just about guarantees we’ll have little sympathy for addicts, especially if we’ve tried to help those addicts time and again, only to be treated like we’re evil incarnate because we care and want them to live. Addicts choose to go down that path in the first place, and they know what the consequences of their actions will be. If you play with fire, you’re going to get burned.

  46. Hillie

    How can anyone say addiction is not a disease? That is plain stupidity. Disease is defined as any condition that causes pain, dysfunction, distress, social problems, and/or death to the person afflicted. I don’t see any specification there that requires the individual is blameless. Claiming someone has a disease doesn’t mean removing responsibility for his/her actions, it is a means of explaining his/her condition. Classifying addiction as a disease allows common treatment plans to be employed. Among these are numerous behavior therapies whereby the individual works to overcome the affliction, like many mental health diseases. There are contributing factors to many diseases, like the link between smoking and lung cancer, being overweight and type II diabetes, etc. Addiction is caused by factors outside of the person’s control. The root of the drug using behavior is the disease, not vice versa. Does this eliminate the individual’s responsibility for any number of bad decisions made while under the influence? NO! But an understanding of addiction as a disease does require some level of sympathy for individuals who suffer from it. Anyone who shouts so loudly that addicts are scum who don’t deserve treatment should consider the probability that they have a family member or friend who is probably an addict. Would you wish death on these people? Unbelievable! Join us in the 21st century, please.
    As to Amy, she is disgusting and appauling on so many levels. I could care less if she is ridiculed as an individual, but I think it is unnecessary to use one individual to make the point that addiction is an excuse for bad behavior.

  47. mrs.t

    #43-the hair’s got nothing on that fucking grill. And then there’s what I can only imagine to be an unholy stench wafting up from her nether regions.

  48. Slappy White

    This girl needs come Crest WhiteStrips…stat!

  49. I'd rather be at home with Ray

    I bet flies just fucking drop out of the sky when they get a sniff of that breath! I think I saw a tooth ready to commit suicide when she opened her mouth!

  50. Christopher

    I think I just figured out why everyone is so interested in the antics of Amy Wino: she perfectly fills the same role that chimps did on television in the `50s! She headbutts people, she bites people, and look at her smoking and drinking just like a real person!! LOL!! Aww, how cute…

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